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The Recovery Intergroup is composed of more than four dozen Trusted Servants who guide the Overeaters Online Recovery Group daily and help create a world-wide community of support services for men and women who struggle with a variety of eating disorders. Trusted Servants work as a committee and rotate their volunteer service each year. They are composed of Loop Coordinators, Loop CoCoordinators, Webmasters, Webservants, Sponsor and Meeting Coordinators, Special Interest Loop Coordinators, Meeting Leaders, Greeters, Writers, Twelfth Step Within, Technical Support and other dedicated volunteers. The mission of the Recovery Intergroup is to see that The Recovery Group is running smoothly and efficiently twenty four hours a day ... seven days a week.

Any member of our more than 50 loops and meetings may volunteer to be a Trusted Servant of the Recovery Intergroup. The procedure for a Trusted Servant is to serve out their term to the best of their ability and, in the event they must leave before their term is up, to recruit and train their replacement so that the continuity of their office can be uninterupted. All Trusted Servants send in regular reports of their jobs and use the Recovery-Intergroup as a gathering place to seek ideas and share experience with other Trusted Servants.

The Recovery-Intergroup is served by an Internet list service with Recovery-Intergroup@ONEList.com as the e-mail address. The group is restricted to Trusted Servants of Recovery.

The following Groups are served by the Recovery Intergroup:

Journey to Recovery

WTS ~ Working the Steps

HOTJ ~ Heavyweights on the Journey

COKids ~ A Child's Journey to Recovery

The Recovery Loop

AA and Recovery

The Abstinent Kitchen

Abuse and Recovery

Adoption and Eating Disorders

Anorexia and Bulimia

Big Book and Recovery

Christian and Recovery

Disabled and Recovery

Drug Abuse and Recovery

Diabetes and Recovery

Exercise And Recovery

German and Recovery

H.O.W. and Recovery

OAAnon And Recovery

Italian Journey to Recovery

Kids and Recovery

Newcomers and Recovery


Spanish Journey to Recovery

Sponsors and Recovery

Teens and Recovery

OA Friends Business

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