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The Recovery Group



The Recovery Group is made up of
six large General Loops composed of :

Journey to Recovery
WTS ~ Working the Steps
HOTJ ~ Heavyweights on the Journey
COKids ~ A Child's Journey to Recovery
The Recovery Loop
OA Friends

In addition to the these larger Recovery
Homes, we have started smaller, more
intimate sharing groups which are
specialized groups for those with
eating disorders who also have
special needs.

Our Special Interests Loops are:

AA and Recovery
The Abstinent Kitchen
Abuse and Recovery
Adoption and Eating Disorders
Alanon and Recovery
Anorexia and Bulimia
Big Book and Recovery
Christian and Recovery
Disabled and Recovery
Drug Abuse and Recovery
Diabetes and Recovery
Exercise And Recovery
German and Recovery
H.O.W. and Recovery
OAAnon And Recovery
Italian Journey to Recovery
Kids and Recovery
Newcomers and Recovery
OA Friends Business
Pain and Recovery
Pregnancy and Recovery
Relapse and Recovery
Silver Recovery
Spanish Journey to Recovery
Sponsors and Recovery
Teens and Recovery

These Special Interests Loops
each have Coordinators and Trusted
Servants. Because they are affiliated
with the Recovery Group the members
have access to the online sponsors,
online meetings and other services
of the group. Unlike most little loops
these groups are each automated and
served by excellent list administrators
so that manual address books
will not have to be kept.

If you are interested in joining
please register by clicking below.

JOIN: PainandRecovery
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