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If you are on this web page, there is every possibility that you are struggling with food issues and that you have become severely isolated and perhaps even homebound. There is the possibility that you are in pain because you're sick and tired of blocking out the world by staying inside ... yet you may not even realize why you do it. If you're here, it may be that you are hurting so much that you're just about ready to give up.

As a compulsive eater, you have lived through things many others can't begin to understand. We do. As someone who isolates, you may still be "in the closet" about this. We understand that too. For those of you who find yourselves homebound after a life of achieving, our members can empathize. Most of us have been there and done that.

Through our very private and special place, we offer you solace and peace. We offer you anonymity and safety. No one will be in this group unless they have experienced life as a compulsive eater and as an isolator. We ask each member to introduce themselves and tell their stories upon arrival here ... and newcomers should expect to hear back from some of the most wonderful human beings on Earth.

Isolation and Homebound uses a program based upon the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We belong to a group called Recovery and our mission is not to replace face-to-face meetings but the reality is that our disorders make that sometimes impossible. We treat the food and weight problem and we acknowledge the isolation issues not as a lack of willpower or a oral defect, but as a disorder that can be arrested.

The 12-step program offers recovery for the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of compulsive eating. This same program offers insight to the need to socially isolate. We are not therapists nor are we a professional diet club. Our organizations does not endorse specific food plans or diets and there are no professionals among us. In our 3D lives, we come from many places and life styles ... but in our recovery home here in cyberspace, we are bonded by the knowledge that, as COEs, we have a problem we did not ask for ... and that we do not want. Our food problem is exacerbated by the shame and anxiety heaped on us as we live our lives isolated from those we love. But we also know deep in our hearts that we will get better.

Our mantra is One Precious Day at a Time. And we affirm to ourselves daily that what we could never do alone, we can together.

If you have the courage to join us, we have the love to keep you here.




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