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Honesty, Openness and Willingness

If you are a compulsive eater who wishes to follow the H.O.W. program, we invite you to join our H.O.W. discussion loop.

HOW offers a disciplined and structured approach to compulsive overeaters who accept the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions as a program of recovery. The HOW concept is based in the belief that our disease is absolute, and therefore, only absolute acceptance of the HOW program will offer any sustained abstinence to those of us whose compulsion has reached a critical level.

Our meetings are dedicated to remaining honest, open-minded, and willing to listen. This is the H.O.W. of the program. We pray that the collective group conscience and love these ideals offer us will promote a strong sense of security, enabling us to experience a new unity and wholeness with all those around us. And, that the HOW ideal will help us to progress in our program of recovery on a daily basis.

To be certain, much of our strength is found in the structure of meetings and in the daily adherence to the program as it is written in our literature. We also firmly understand that, after our recovery has begun through abstinence and the taking of the first three steps, our further surrender to the additional steps of recovery offers us a promise of happiness, contentment, and achievement in all areas of our lives.

We insure our continued abstinence from compulsive overeating by being forever aware that God is doing for us what we have never been able to do for ourselves.




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