GRIEF ~ One Day at a Time
A 12-Step Loop for Compulsive Eaters Experiencing Grief

Dove in flight

Welcome to our Grief home in the Recovery Group community. We are a 12-Step support group. The mission of this loop is to provide a serene place to share with others, and continue our program while grieving for a personal loss in our lives.

The dictionary defines grief as sorrow, a deep and poignant distress or unrelenting pain. The death of a loved one can cause the deepest emotional pain we've ever experienced. Watching someone we care about so much as they take their final journey can sometimes be excruciating. Loss of any kind is difficult, and we must be able to call on more resources than we ever thought possible as we experience it. Here you can find those resources. Here you can find others just like yourself who know so well how you are feeling.

Whatever your loss, be it the untimely death of a child, the withering away of an aged grandparent, losing a spouse to Alzheimer's knowing you will lose them again at death, holding a beloved pet as you say your final good-bye to it, or any of so many others ways to experience loss, we will be here for you.

Whatever your loss, we can't bring it back ... we are powerless over that. But what we can do is share that loss with others who understand and see how the Steps can be applied to it. We offer a haven here ... a safe environment for you to relive those moments you once shared, knowing that through your memories the strength and love you once felt is still there in your heart and can heal you.

Here at Grief, let us love you until you can feel warm and secure again. We are looking forward to you introducing yourself, and when you feel comfortable, to your telling us a little about your life, and your loss.

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