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Thank you for visiting the website of the Food for Recovery Loop. Here you will find a place for compulsive eaters in Twelve Step recovery to discuss their abstinent food plans. Sharing should focus on what is working with the food plan and how to plan abstinent meals and not on binge reports, repeated slips and relapses. There are other e-mail lists which address these aspects of recovery. Our emphasis in the FFR Loop is on what can be done to achieve continuous abstinence with one's food plan. Unlike other recovery loops where food is not mentioned, here it is mentioned openly in the context of food plans and abstinent living. How individuals remain abstinent by working the Twelve steps is also an appropriate topic for discussion on Food for Recovery.

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Abstinence is defined as the "action of refraining from compulsive eating" by individuals in recovery. Recovery is physical, emotional and spiritual and all are equally important. Everyone's health is different; therefore, NO one food plan is endorsed or recommended by our loop. ALL discussion of suggested food plans are welcome on this list and should be viewed as a resource only ... not as a suggested plan of eating.

Each member should consult with his/her doctor when planning what is nutritionally correct for their individual needs. No flames, put-downs or criticism will be allowed on this list. Each of our members is encouraged to share openly in an atmosphere of loving acceptance. Questions are encouraged by members and all list members are welcome to answer any queries. No one person is in charge of answering questions and responses should be taken as suggestions only.

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Please share what works for you so that others may be helped to attain lasting abstinence. Food for Recovery is part of the Twelve Step Recovery community of the Recovery Group. Our members are welcome to use all the extensive services and resources of Recovery as reflected on the Recovery website at

This list is not affiliated with Overeaters Anonymous; however, many of our members belong to that organization. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to having you join us.

Welcome to our site and our loop.

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