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The Disabilities and Recovery Loop was created to address the needs of people with disabling or chronic conditions who also have compulsive behaviors with food. For many of us, our conditions are made worse by our eating disorders, and our compulsive eating is made worse by medications, limitations on activity, depression and emotional problems, or isolation that may stem from a disability. Here at Disabilities and Recovery are others who understand your needs and who have experienced similar problems. Here you will be accepted and loved just as you are, and you in time will be able to extend your hand to others who need the special understanding you can give them.

This loop was created to provide support and understanding concerning the difficulties created in life by having a disability or chronic condition, and especially the added difficulty compulsive eating places on our bodies. We are not here to provide medical advice or to replace your physician, but we are here to lend a supportive and understanding ear to your struggles.

We represent many types of disabilities and all are welcome. If you have any type of medical or emotional condition -- heart disease, lung problems, arthritis, vision loss, hearing impairment, MS, paraplegic, kidney failure, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, diabetes, bipolar, polio, depression -- ANY type of condition that affects your life and creates limitations, as well as a problem with food, you are welcome on this loop. There is no requirement for severity or extent of limitation. You, alone, are the judge. Some of us are still working, others have recently retired because of disability, and still others have been unable to work for some time. We are here to listen and provide support to anyone with a disability or chronic condition wishing to stop using food compulsively.

If you are here and reading this page, there is every probability that you have some sort of condition creating problems in your life. We invite you to join us, tell us who you are if you wish, and to participate in this loop as much or as little as you desire. Welcome to Disabilities and Recovery. Welcome Home.

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