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Christian One Day at a Time is a loop for compulsive eaters who wish to work their program with others who profess a belief in Christ and rely on the scriptures for guidance. While we are not registered by Overeaters Anonymous many of our members belong to that group. Anyone who has a desire to no longer eat compulsively is welcome to join us.


The following is a Welcome Message to all new members which gives more detail about Christian and Recovery.

Dear New Member ~

Welcome to the Christian and Recovery loop. We're glad you're here. Please introduce yourself and share your experience, strength and hope with us .

The Mission Purpose of Christian ODAT is to work our OA program with other Christians who love OA. We are compulsive eaters who live one day at a time with the desire to quit eating compulsively and prepare ourselves for a life filled with the promises of our program.

We are one of the Special Focus loops of The Recovery Group and, as such, have access to all the services of that group, including online meetings, Big Book and 12 Step Studies, a Sponsor program, a 400 page website with our our own home page and the availability of many other discussion loops.

Welcome Home.
The Trusted Servants of Christian ~ One Day at a Time

To join our Christian Support Group, please send a blank email to:

When you share with the group, send your post to:

We hope you will introduce yourself to the other members and share regularly.


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