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The purpose of the Adoption and Eating Disorder Loop is to provide support to anyone in the Adoption Triad (adoptee, birthparent, and adoptive parent) who is a complusive eater. Our vision is to explore the relationship between adoption issues and food issues. We seek to learn, discover, and recover by sharing the experiences, difficulties, and joys around the issues of adoption and eating disorders.

My name is Melanie ~ and I am the Coordinator of Adoption and Eating Disorders. I've been in OA since May 1993 and am maintaining over a 100 pound weight loss. It's because of OA and some great support in my life that I am able to look at this issue directly. I am an adoptee, who was adopted illegally before birth. I have not found my birthfamily yet. The pain and anger around this issue has been the deepest core issue in my family, and my life, always turning to food for solace since the age of 8.

I started this loop in June of 1998 with the hope of finding others who experience pain similar to mine. It was my desire to learn personally from adoptive parents how they are raising their adoptive children, how birth families deal with their grief and loss, how adoptees handle their issues, and how this all has affected our use of food, and recovery from our addiction.

Since then I have found great strength in the experience of the people that have come and gone on this loop, and have had an incredible amount of healing....something I pray and wish for all of us recovering from any addiction, especially compulsive eating.

Together we can heal all of our fears!!

My motto: If you risk nothing, you will get nothing.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please do so privately at

Love and light in recovery.......

Coordinator A&ED
The Recovery Group

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