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The AA and Recovery discussion group is more than just a private and safe list in cyberspace. It is a place where those of us with food compulsions who are also cross addicted to alcohol can meet with others who suffer and share our experience, strength and hope with one another. It is a place where we can feel at home, it can become our cyberspace family and where we know that we will be heard and not judged. A place where we can be anonymous ... and safe ... and accepted ... and loved. A place where we all speak the same language ~ the language of recovery. And a place, as the poet said, "where, when we have to go there, they have to take us in."


AA and Recovery is not affiliated with Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. or Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. Nevertheless, many of our members belong to OA and AA and we have the Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous as our guidelines. An important part of our recovery program are the Twelve Steps of OA and AA and we encourage the use of OA and AA literature. The Recovery Group has online meetings which adhere strictly to OA. There is no crosstalk and we share our experience, strength and hope with one another there just as we do 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our loop. There is no requirement to be a member of OA or AA to join our group although many of our members begin attending face-to-face OA and AA meetings after doing so. The only requirement for membership in AA and Recovery is the sincere desire to stop drinking and compulsive overeating.

Members of this list find much emphasis on the Twelve Steps. The Twelve Traditions of OA and AA are the guidelines of this group along with several others which are geared mainly to Netiquette and cyberspace. Copies of the Twelve Steps and our Guidelines will be sent to you separately.


Because this list is composed primarily of members of anonymous groups, it is not a public medium of communication and thus members may use their last names if they desire. Pseudonyms are also acceptable. Readers of this list are urged to respect the anonymity of the users of this list. What you read here, what you see here, let it stay here. Please do not pass on the messages that are posted to this list without first getting the permission of the person who originally posted the message. You have the option of sending messages to the entire list or to individuals privately. It is always a joy for the group to see the posting of a new member and you will probably receive lots of letters back welcoming you when you decide you would like to introduce yourself.

Anything that one would share at a recovery meeting is welcome here. Users are particularly encouraged to share their own recovery stories knowing that no matter how insignificant the share might be to a person not deep in our disease, our words can be life saving to one who is. Information that one might share individually with another OA or AA member at coffee after a recovery meeting is also welcome here as long as it is of general interest to the rest of the list. Discussions of other programs are best left to other forums. Personal attacks and flames (scathing comments) are not welcome here. Commercial messages are not welcome. There will be no disruptions of the flow of this group. If someone persists in doing that, they will be asked not to.

In accordance with the Twelve Traditions, a loving Higher Power (as we understand Him) as expressed in our group conscience is our ultimate authority.

Our list has volunteer Trusted Servants who join together with all the Trusted Servants of the Recovery Intergroup who work in behalf of our members. We have access to online sponsors, online recovery meetings, and other services that make this journey that we are on more meaningful and more hopeful. We are also have a 100-page Web Site called RECOVERY located at

Welcome to AA and Recovery ~ a part of the RECOVERY GROUP FAMILY.

Welcome Home!

Love in recovery ~
The Trusted Servants
AA & Recovery and The Recovery Group



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Again ~ Welcome Home!
The Trusted Servants of AA & Recovery


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