I want to share some definitions of this word, taken from

1. To consent to the fulfillment of: grant a request.
2. To accord as a favor, prerogative, or privilege
3. To give funds for a specific purpose.

When we pray this prayer, we are asking HP to grant us the gift(s) of serenity. I think the word is very significant, and that it means more than just "give". If we look at the first definition, we can imagine a dialog with our HP; where we ask and HP says yes. It is an agreement, that, yes, we do need serenity, and that it will be sent. I especially like the inclusion of the word: fulfillment. Because I believe it is a wonderful thing, to be fulfilled by serenity. I think that is an ideal, which we can all aspire to. Instead of being fulfilled by a substance, such as food or alcohol, we ask to be fulfilled by serenity. What a wonderful image! It is as if serenity was being ingested, instead of food; and it lets us be satisfied with whatever our daily situation may be.

The second definition is also very interesting. With this, we can view serenity (and its by-products) as a favor (something that HP will do for us; but which HP is not obligated to do) or a privilege (something which is in addition to what we would have earned, by our own efforts. We can also choose the middle word, and take it to mean that serenity is given as an option. Having it as a prerogative would mean it is given; and then we can choose to use it.

The final definition given here is also thought-provoking. To me, this is similar to thinking of serenity as our source of fulfillment. Because, although serenity is not "funds", and we cannot use it to purchase things, it can be seen as the provision of what we need, by HP. In my opinion, the gift(s) of serenity are provided for us, in the same way that HP's other blessings are allocated: for the purpose of helping us to acheive the destiny that God has planned for us.

I believe each of us has a purpose, and that our Recovery Journey can be the journey to discovering what that purpose is. I further believe that it is through connection with HP; that this purpose can best be discovered. When we ask God to grant us serenity, it is so that the insanity of our own lives will be quelled, and so that the sanity of HP's guidance, strength, comfort, mercy and joy can best be experienced.

~ Donna


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