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September 2005








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The Serendipity Team






Dear Readers,


Welcome to September's edition of Serendipity. Each

month this newsletter provides you with information

about events taking place in our community. We

encourage the input of our readers and invite you

to let us know what you think. Your suggestions and

articles are always welcome! You will hear from our

TRG Administrators, Coordinators and other trusted

servants about what's occurring in our various

divisions, programs and loops. It's our mission to

get our message out to as many people as possible,

so we urge you to use our newsletter as a personal

resource and to share it with others. You can mail

it to friends or, perhaps, invite them to look at

Serendipity on the website.


This month, along with our regular articles, you'll

be hearing about a new appointment to our Programs

& Services Divison and about a new WTS Quarterly

Step Study beginning October 1. We'll explore two

new loops: Divorce and Cancer as well as learning

about a new TRG Program called 12 Step Anniversary. 


I hope you have a GREAT September and enjoy reading

this month's edition of the Serendipity newsletter.


Love in recovery,

The Serendipity Team








Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure,

pressed down, shaken together, and running over.


~ The Bible ~




An important lesson in life is that in order to get

something we need or want, we first have to give some

of it away. If we want friends, we have to be a

friend. If we want to be loved, we have to love. If

we want recovery, we have to help others recover.


Then we begin to "get it." The tingling excitement

of hope is aroused in us. A source of power to live is

discovered inside of ourselves.


Giving service is as important a part of recovery as

abstinence or working the Steps. It includes

everything from organizing materials at a face-to-face

meeting to hosting meetings online. It's sharing our

problems and our solutions on the loops as well as

sponsoring. Just as someone once said that love is

nothing until you give it away, it seems that recovery

is incomplete until it is shared by giving service to

the program or to individuals. It's remarkable how

service brings us closer together, allows us to make

friends, helps to end our isolation and gives that

feeling of self-worth and confidence that we so

desperately need. Simply put, service is as much a

lifesaver to us as it is to those we reach out and



I want to be a giver to the program so it is always

available to those who will come after seeking their

freedom from this dread disease.


One Day at a Time . . .

I strive to give love, support, comfort, cheer and

encouragement, knowing it will come back to me pressed

down, shaken together and running over.


~ Dottie ~






The best way to find yourself is lose yourself

in the service of others.

~ Mahatma Ghandi ~








"There can be no vulnerability without risk; there

can be no community without vulnerability;  there

can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without


   . . . . M. Scott Peck, "The  Road Less Traveled"


Dear Serendipity Readers,


I've been doing a lot of thinking about vulnerability

this week and how we as compulsive eaters share this

trait.  Time and again I have tried to measure my own

vulnerability with that of others and wondered if my

make-up was more sensitive in this regard than others.

I have decided that it isn't, and that vulnerability

itself is increased or decreased by one's life



In connection with vulnerability, I have also been

thinking a lot about the Coordinators of our support

groups ~  that dedicated group who serve you night and

day as you find your place  in our community. A

Coordinator has a personal life just like the rest

of us. A Coordinator has vulnerabilities. As I look

around at the remarkable men and women I work with

daily, I am in awe of how they can put  aside their

personal issues in order to do the best possible job

for you. 


I've seen devoutly religious coordinators go into a

loop not of their persuasion and handle an issue with

the love and  concern that they would a group of their

own religion. I have seen a Coordinator who suffers

from the worst possible issues of abuse,  pain,

isolation or illness and spend time with those who are

suffering from  the very same issues without even

mentioning their own problems. I have seen

Coordinators struggling with their own program taking

the hand of someone who comes into their loop close

to the disease's bottom and  giving them hope.  I

daily witness our Coordinators experiencing

heartbreak, loneliness, pain, ageing, debilitation,

anger, depression and  many other "life things"

without so much as thinking to put aside their

commitment to others in deference to themselves.

I have seen our Trusted Servants experience a

death or other loss and grieve while at the same

time giving comfort to others who may be experiencing

the same pain. 


Our Coordinators, Meeting Leaders and other Trusted

Servants take psychic risks for a greater good - the

greater good of the community they serve.  "Part of

the territory" is an expression I often hear.


Happy September,  Loopies.



Love in recovery,







To submit your comments or letters to the editor,

please send an email to:

All comments and suggestions are welcome.




Dear Serendipity,


I've been abstinent for a few years and maintaining

my weight loss. I'm totally lonely and depressed. I

have friends in program but we don't do much together

outside of program. I'm just feeling very lonely so I

thought I'd post here. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.






Hello, I am having a very difficult time with the

whole process of listserv and joining the various

groups. I just need help with that. Also I am new

to the site and don't know where to begin. This is

very hard and would like some direction. Is there

any advice out there???













When we think of using the OA tools of Sponsors,

most of us think of getting and using a sponsor.

This is very important. But there is another side to

this tool - being a sponsor. The founders of AA

discovered that working with others was the best

way to maintain abstinence.


So are you qualified to be a sponsor? The program

says that you can sponsor up to the level of your

experience. If you have worked the first three Steps

and are abstinent, you may be ready to sponsor

newcomers. You can also ask your sponsor to tell you

if you are ready to take that step.


The Recovery Group (TRG) has a wonderful online

sponsors program. It is headed by Patt and Cate.

They work tirelessly to get the sponsor information

to all who ask. We'd like to recognize the service

that they do.


So if you see Patt or Cate around, thank them

for all their hard work, and please ask yourself if

you are willing to pass on the tradition of



Dodee and Nancy,

TRG Administrators




The Discovery Loops


This month we have added two new coordinators --

Myrlene in Cokids and Dar in Abstinent Kitchen.

We very much appreciate their service, and hope

those of you who haven't visited these two loops

will do so soon.


Our feature this month, The Yellow Brick

Road is a loop like no other. There are no

coordinators, guidelines, or restrictions on

membership.  This loop is spiritual but not

religious.  You may find yourself on a

spiritual journey with others that begins in

childhood or you may want to talk about

issues particularly intriguing to

you now.


As we proceed to the Emerald City of our

potential, we are free to argue, debate,

inspire one another, or learn new exciting

things. Our members, from all over the

world, will resemble The Tin Man, Glenda

the Good Witch of the North, or Dorothy. 

Maybe the Scarecrow, the Lion, the

Wicked Witch of the West.  You may

discover yourself here, as you really are.

Welcome to Oz, Fellow Traveller.  Come

and check out the Yellow Brick Road!



Discovery Division Chair






The ODAT Group Loops      


The ODAT groups are special-focus groups for

OA members who want to discuss their OA recovery

with those who share their special focus.  We

have groups for people who share a faith (Christian,

Latter Day Saints, Jewish, Pagan), groups for people

who share an age level (Teens, Silver), groups for

people who are challenged by their physical condition

(Disabilities, Pain, PMS, Depression, Diabetes) and

groups for people addicted to other substances

(AA, Drug Abuse, Sex & Love Addiction, Spending). 


Please go to the home page of the Recovery Group

( and check out our numerous

ODAT groups.  In these groups you will find people

with eating disorders, and who also share whatever

your special focus is. 


Submitted By: Donna, Odat Division Chairperson






The Recovery Loops Division is made up

of TRG's Twelve-step general sharing support

groups. Our common mission is to provide a

safe and supportive space for anyone who

wants to recover from the disease of compulsive

eating so they may share their experience, strength,

and hope with others. In addition, some of these

loops also have a special focus. The loops that

make up this Division are:  Anorexia and Bulimia,

The Big Book, 200 Plus, Journey to Recovery,

Meditations, OA Friends, OA Newcomers, OA Recovery,

Relapse, Sponsor-Sponsee-Talk, Working the Steps

(WTS), and WTS Weekly. As you know, the WTS loop

started a new in-depth study of the 12 Steps on

July 1. There was so much interest in doing this

quarter’s step study that the membership limit

for this loop had to be expanded. This has proven

to be an excellent series.


The majority of the loops in this Division are

doing very well with lots of members sharing

their experience, strength and hope on a daily

basis. There are two special purposes loops,

however, that could use a boost from existing

and new members. One of these is the Meditations

loop and the other is the Sponsor-Sponsee-Talk

loop.  Both of these loops need coordinators.

If you are interested in becoming a coordinator

for one of them, please email me at


Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl S, Chair

The Recovery Group Loops Division





Meetings Around the World ~ Around the Clock


Seasons come, seasons go.  People change, lifestyles

differ.  But the one thing that is always there for

us - WITHOUT DOUBT - the most powerful force on this

earth - is our relationship with our Higher Power and

our amazing OA program.


It’s very heartening to see our leaders so willingly

giving their time to our meetings and following our

Program as written.  When our group is strong - our

recovery is strong. Our meeting leaders have

certainly contributed to that strength through their

willingness to regularly lead meetings, sometimes

more than one, and also in substituting for leaders

who cannot make their meetings, so that those who

suffer always have an opportunity to recover.


Thank you to all our leaders for your generous gift

of service to our wonderful fellowship and may you

be richly blessed in recovery by your willingness

to serve.


Submitted by: Terri, Barry, Christine and Audrey

TRG Meeting Division Co-Chairpersons





TRG Programs & Services Division  


The Programs & Special Services Division is a dynamic

wing of the Recovery Group and encompasses a diverse

number of OA areas and projects. Our mission is to

provide assistance for anyone wishing to recover from

an eating disorder. Thus far, the sphere of Programs &

Services  Division operations includes TRG Sponsor

Program, TRG Telephone Angels, Serendipity, Serenity,

Recovery Meditations, Recovery Meditations Book

Project, Recovery Message Board, Recovery Photo Album,

Recovery 12 Step Anniversaries, Recovery Talk Room on

Main Website, Recovery Guest Books and Counters,

Recovery Bravenet Features (Polls, FAQ, etc.), Outreach

Programs with other Online Groups, and the Writer's



Love in Recovery


Rob R

TRG Programs and Services Division Chair

The Recovery Group







A sponsor is a TRG member who is living the

12 steps and 12 traditions and is willing to

share their recovery with other members

of the recovery community.


Sponsors share their recovery up to their

own level of experience.  A sponsor can be

available to help you with all three areas of

recovery: spiritual, emotional and physical.


As you read to the shares of others through

the loops and online meetings, you may

find that someone has the recovery you

are seeking.  You are welcome to ask that

person if they are available to be your sponsor.


If you want to know more about The Recovery Group

Sponsor Program go to this link:


Cate and Patt







                                                            THE TELEPHONE TOOL


Most of you who have been in Twelve Step recovery

long enough are very familiar with the Tools of

Recovery. One of the most important of these Tools

is the telephone. Have you ever needed someone right

then? NOW?  Maybe there was no face-to-face meeting

in sight; perhaps even the expedient e-mail sharing with

your home loop was not quick enough for you. You simply

were in need of human contact as soon as you could possibly

get it!


The Recovery Group is blessed to have lots of angels who

do many different jobs.  Some of these angels have chosen

to given service by being available to talk with others by

phone. Their names and telephone numbers are found in the

Recovery Telephone Angel Directory.  We can't emphasize

emphatically enough that this is a very private directory

and available only to members of the Recovery Group.  When

you call someone in this directory, you should tell them

where you got their name and which loop you're a member of

- and that you are calling them because you saw their name

in our directory and needed some help.


Once a month you will be sent a copy of the directory.  If

you need it before then, it is available by writing January,

the Telephone Angel Coordinator at

If you would like to be a volunteer and have your name listed,

give her the information about yourself, your time zone, phone

number and if you have a private answering machine.  We don't

want our members pouring out their hearts to a machine that will

be heard by others.  You should also let us know the hours you

are available to receive calls. Simply by responding to a call

- you could make the difference between abstinence or relapse

for a  fellow COE in need. Become a Phone Angel today!






We take pleasure in announcing the appointment of Rob R as

our new TRG Programs And Services Division Chair. You may be

familiar with Rob from his service as TRG online meeting leader,

Strong Recovery Loop Coordinator, and OA Recovery Loop Coordinator.

Rob will be working alongside the other Division Chairs, Donna,

Cheryl, Athena as well as TRGAdm and Mari as part of the

Administrative Team. Thank you Rob - and thanks to ALL members

who provide time and effort in service.






Do you remember the date when recovery

"happened"  for you?  Was it when you first

admitted you were a compulsive eater? 

Was it the day you became abstinent for the

very first time?  Walked into your first OA

meeting?  Finished the Steps? Was it when

you had a spiritual awakening?  Most of us

remember the exact moment when we finally

"got it"  and did something about it. When

that day arrives year after year, it is as

special to us as our birthday.


If you would like to be remembered on your

12 Step Anniversary Date, please send your

e-mail address and date to

Put "12 Step Anniversary" on the subject line.


If you would like to volunteer to help with the

project by keeping the directory or sending out

cards, let us know.






The Recovery Group is blessed to have a plethora

of support groups for compulsive eaters who want

to know the serenity and comfort of sharing with

others as they work their 12 Step Recovery Program.

Yet, we still are asked to begin more loops with a

special focus. 


We are currently studying four new special focus

needs and hope to launch two of them in the months

to come.  They will be for compulsive eaters who

are dealing with two major issues that can affect

recovery .... cancer and divorce.  This will give us

a total of 36 Twelve Step Special Focus ODAT Loops. 

Donna is Division Chairperson of these loops.






We welcome you to join the new WTS

Quarterly Step Study beginning October 1.

The WTS Study lasts for 12 weeks. Beginning

with the First Step each quarter, the

study continues with a new Step each week

for 12 weeks. Membership is open to

individuals with a desire to stop eating

compulsively and who wish to work the 12

Steps of OA as part of their Program. To

join or to receive more information, please







October 1, 2005 ~ TRG Coordinator Reports Due


October 1, 2005 ~ TRG Meeting Leaders Reports Due


October 1, 2005 ~ WTS 4th Quarter Step Study Begins.


January 1, 2006 ~ Recovery Group Slate of Trusted

Servants presented to Recovery Intergroup for vote

of acclamation.


May 1-6, 2006 OA World Service Business Conference

Albuquerque, New Mexico






"Practical experience shows that nothing will

so much insure immunity from drinking (COE) as

intensive work with other alcoholics. It works

when other activities fail. This is our twelfth

suggestion:  Carry this message to other

alcoholics (COES).  You can help when no one

else can.  You can secure their confidence when

others fail. Remember they are very ill.


Life will take on new meaning.  To watch people

recover, to see them help others, to watch

loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up

about you, to have a host of friends--this is an

experience you must not miss.  We know you will

not want to miss it.  Frequent contact with

newcomers and with each other is the bright spot

of our lives. (AABB, Page89)




I have been blessed every day for nearly four years

to meet and talk to newcomers and veterans of OA. 

It's been a very gratifying experience for me as I

gained computer skills and went online to meetings

to hear OA members share and tell stories which

sounded just like mine. I have found my niche.  


I decided to do service in the Big Book because I

love it so much.  It has saved so many lives for so

long.  I get a thrill every time I share a passage

from it, or my own share, and have someone write back

telling me it was just what they needed to hear, or

that they would never have thought of that particular

viewpoint and how helpful it was. What a blessing to

give service in an area where I love the work and

where I am helping someone else find the recovery and

serenity that I found several years ago. Service is

so rewarding. I plan to give service on Big Book as

long as my health holds out and I can do it.!! :)


Many blessings on your Path To Recovery,








For many more articles, recovery stories, poetry,

food tips and inspirational writings, please read

our new SERENITY MAGAZINE in your mailboxes

soon.  If you have 12-Step friends who would like

to subscribe, the address is:






God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.






Overeaters Anonymous

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"I put my hand in yours ...

and together we can do what we could never do alone."

Rozanne, OA Co-Founder






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"In the deepest part of the soul of a compulsive eater

... is the realization that recovery begins when we

find one another."




Best Wishes to all From the Serendipity Team,

the Recovery Administration, the Meeting Leaders

and the Trusted Servants of Our Community.


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Disclaimer ~

The Recovery Group and our newsletter has as its

mission that of carrying the message of recovery

to those who suffer from the disease of compulsive

eating. We are an anonymous organization and follow

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