A Wellspring of Hope
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September 2001
Volume 3, Issue 9

ser*en*dip*i*ty ~ (noun) First appeared 1754:
the faculty or phenomenon of finding
valuable or agreeable things not sought for.


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Dear friends in recovery,

Welcome to the September edition of Serendipity! I'm excited about this month's edition, because we have four letters to the editor to share with you. As we have said many times, Serendipity is nothing without your involvement, and we appreciate all of you who have heeded the call and contributed your experience, strength and hope to the newsletter. But we have a continuing need month after month, and we still need your help. Please keep your ESH shares and your letters to the editor coming in -- all written contributions to Serendipity and all Letters to the Editor can be sent to

In this month's edition, TRG founder Mari shares her thoughts on Tradition Eight, and The Recovery Group's tradition of serving because we care. Cate, on behalf of TRG's Administrators, talks about the change in seasons and welcoming "each fresh day of new beginnings as we live and share our recovery One Day at a Time." Next we have The Recovery Group's Help Wanted Ads. TRG's administrators have listed the service positions they need to fill, and ask for volunteers who want to aid their recovery through service to the group. Our loop spotlight of the month is Abstinence and Compulsive Spending, a loop whose mission is to provide a safe place for those of us who struggle with compulsive eating and compulsive spending to work the Twelve Steps of Recovery. Next is our newest feature, Letters to the Editor, in which our members share their reactions to members' shares. We hope that you will continue to take some time each month to let us know how we are doing! In the Tools of Recovery, an article reprinted from the July 2001 lifeline discusses service-enhanced recovery.

This month in Danny's Corner, in his conversation with God, Danny talks about time passing and summer fading. In the section dedicated to shares from Recovery Group members, Mawmaw and Jo both talk about working the steps. SueG writes about isolation, and contributes a poem entitled "The Binge." And Patt refers us to a web site about the history of the Big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the Literature section, we continue with 12 months of The Promises from the Big Book, as well as Step Nine from Reflections on the Twelve Steps of Recovery. This month's edition ends with directions to on-line meetings and a current list of the meetings, as well as contact information for the latest changes to the meetings list, OA and TRG contacts, and the Serenity Prayer.

Thanks to all of you for the many wonderful shares you have sent to Serendipity, and for your continued service to the newsletter. And, while you're at it, send us an original meditation for the Meditations Project to RecoveryMeditations@lists.TheRecoveryGroup.org!

Peace, my dear friends.

Love in recovery,
Suzanne, Editor




The Recovery Group should remain forever nonprofessional.


I tend to smile whenever I read Tradition Eight. "The Recovery Group should remain forever nonprofessional." We are certainly that. :-)

What we in the Recovery Group do best is to share our experience, strength and hope for the recovery from compulsive eating. We do this with groups large and small and with one another, and there is nothing more important than that. At the same time, we donate many hours in service to our community. We are paid in miracles ... not money. And what we give to TRG, to each other and to ourselves is priceless.

>From the very beginning, The Recovery Group has never had a profit motive, and as long as we remain nonprofessional we won't have to worry about that. Each of us has an equal opportunity to serve ~ we don't need degrees from major universities, although many of us have those. We don't need certification in a skill or a page full of credentials ... although many of us have those too. What we need is a love of our fellow man, the compassion to care for another human being and the desire to be the best we can be not only for ourselves but to carry the message to others who suffer.

Sometimes our members feel if they aren't a "named" Trusted Servant like a Coordinator or a Greeter or an Administrator that they aren't doing service. But this is misguided thinking because every single person who enters these rooms and shares with others is giving service. We never know when what we share will touch the heart of someone who has waited a lifetime to hear another COE express the very words uttered by a member expressing his/her own feelings. This is service ... and, although hours aren't spent on the job, the ESH that is spoken represents a lifetime.

We are not experts here in The Recovery Group, yet among us are doctors, teachers, attorneys, dentists, psychiatrists, bankers, therapists, musicians, teachers and so many other occupations. I guess the bottom line of all this would be ... "We serve because we care."

And for no other reason.

Love in recovery,


Dear Friends in Recovery ~

For many of us, September represents a time of new beginnings. We watch the neighborhood children wrapped in fresh new clothes waiting with anticipation for their bright yellow school bus to carry them into a new year of mystery and wonder. We think of new beginnings in our own lives, and remember moments of wonder and awe with deep gratitude.

At this specific time of year, we are reminded of the gifts we receive from our new members. They bring with them the fresh excitement of a new school year, receiving the invitation to walk into the mystery and wonder of recovery. Each new member is a loving reminder of the joy, gratitude, and transformation that can come to being through these twelve simple steps.

Our community is vast, and growing!! We recognize the wonder and mystery of this gathering, orchestrated by a Power greater than ourselves. We are blessed with so many dedicated people who share themselves through service. We are the grateful recipients of experience, strength and hope shared by our fellow loopies and meeting participants each day.

Our TRG administrative team is working with you to continue to carry the message of recovery to people all around the globe. We are available to receive your suggestions, answer your questions, and hear any feedback that you wish to share. We join with you in welcoming each fresh day of new beginnings as we live and share our recovery One Day at a Time.

Please contact us if we can be of service to you.



Opportunities to Share Your Recovery Through Service

If you are able to provide this service, please contact our Recovery Web Servant Coordinator,
Anne ~


  • Sundays 11:00 PM ~ OA Topic Leader Needed
  • Wednesdays 11:00PM ~ OA Topic Leader Needed
    Any person wanting to lead meetings, please contact
    Vicki: vickiw@gci.net for information on how to get started.

   for the following Special Interest Loops:
  • RECOVERY AND FFOA (Families and Friends of Alcoholics)

    To join our list of online sponsors, and to share your recovery through sponsoring, please contact:
    Sherry ~ jdwes@dtgnet.com.

    To join our list of telephone angels, and share your recovery with others through this service,
    please notify the Telephone Angels Coordinator:
    Jessica ~ jlevine@nyc.rr.com


~ Abstinence and Compulsive Spending ~

We are a Special Interest Loop of the Recovery Group and our mission is to provide a safe and peaceful place for you to share your experience, strength and hope with one another. Most of our members are also members of Overeaters Anonymous and, although we are not officially affiliated with that organization, we are a Twelve Step Loop.

Our group has a very special mission purpose. We provide a place to work our own recovery program and also to carry that message to others. All of us on this loop are compulsive eaters and compulsive spenders. This loop provides all of us with a safe place to talk about our problems with food and spending. We are here together to build one another up ... to accept each of us as we are ... to support each other ... and not to judge one another. We offer you safety and serenity.

Our loop is a place where 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will have a safe haven where you can interact with others who are suffering from compulsive eating and compulsive spending. Our loop does not just focus on our physical problems. We focus on our emotional and our spiritual needs as well. Our recovery home is a place where we hope you can experience growth spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our way of finding recovery is through the Twelve Steps. We have reached a place in our life where this may be the last stop on the bus ~ the last house on the block. And we have come to believe that there is a power greater than ourselves and that we cannot recover alone.

There is only one requirement for membership in our loop ~ the sincere desire to stop eating compulsively. If you have this desire and would like to become part of our recovery family, we welcome you with open arms. Our mission is firm ... our purpose is resolute ... our goal is to insure a better quality of life for compulsive eaters worldwide. Through the miracle of the Twelve Steps, tools to reach and maintain a state of abstinence, one on one sponsors, online recovery meetings, full service loops, study loops, other special interest loops, dedicated Trusted Servants and many other tools of recovery to offer you, we will accomplish our mission, achieve our purpose and exceed our goals.

To subscribe, please go to the loop's web page at
Or send a blank e-mail to AbstandCompSpending-subscribe-request@lists.therecoverygroup.org


~ Time ~

Dear God,

We are sharing my first mug of java this a.m. and I am grateful to be alive, abstinent and in Your care. It is chilly this morning, and I was wondering how this could be in the middle of summer. Here we go again, someone stole my entire summer and the chief suspect is time. Time is sort of like ice cream. The less there is, the faster it seems to disappear.

You know there was a time (there's that word again) when this would be enough to send me right to the food, but not today. My brain was also thinking, "How sad is the last forkful of food on my plate?" Is this what they call "stinking thinking?" The day will be full, and for this I am thankful. I await the arrival of Mary's new bed, an early Christmas present, lunch, a movie with the wise old man, a trip to "Tolbert House," and an A/A meeting. Perhaps there will be a meeting at 7 p.m., if any one comes. No one showed last night. My guess is that seven is not a good time.

There was only one mention of the WEDDING yesterday, and this man could have done without that one. I was invited to the bachelor party and was smart enough to decline, and not because I worried about being too stodgy. I'm afraid these kids won't be able to keep up with me. Besides that, the woman You sent to tell me what to do said, "No." She (the woman) said it's my mind making dates that my body won't keep. Very funny.

Please give my Michael some extra attention this weekend as he moves into his new home, where for the first time he will be alone. No mom, no frat brothers, just him. He will be too busy with a full time job and full time law school, so just be with him. I certainly could use another day of not stuffing myself, and thanks for yesterday. The knowledge of Your will and the wisdom and power to do same will be mine, I know. Your loving and watchful eye on all those who suffer, those who do and don't know it, and the people I don't like is requested.

Just for today allow me to be of some small service to You and whomever You send my way.

And Why Not?

Service-Enhanced Recovery

I have been in OA for nine years. I started doing service by setting up chairs. I'd arrive at the meeting early and talk with others who came early. I started feeling as if I belonged. Each week I offered a ride to a friend who doesn't drive. We've worked the program together for nine years and call each other regularly.

I've shared at meetings, marathons and conventions. I've called people I haven't seen recently. I've sent notes to members who were ill. I've written to members away on vacation and to those who have moved. All these actions have reinforced my commitment to program and my bond with other members. I've been a contact person for a meeting, kept my phone number on the hotline for people reaching out and recorded the hotline message. This service has reminded me daily to focus on recovery and give back what OA has given to me.

I do service at marathons and conventions to help provide these recovery events. I enjoy the results.

When I go to a doctor's office, I leave behind a copy of Lifeline or our intergroup newsletter to spread the message to those who still suffer. It takes no time or effort, and it may help someone find recovery.

I have learned to take care of my family, my community and myself. Once I had those priorities backwards, setting an unhealthy example for my children and burning myself out before I could do much good. From doing service in OA, I know I don't have to do everything. I keep myself healthy and stay aware of my family's needs, and I share service with OA out of love, not obligation.

I sponsor other OA members. My sponsorees are like an extended family to me. It is a great gift to enjoy these relationships based on love and trust as we share the road of recovery. I have not eaten compulsively during these nine years. I think you could say service has enhanced my recovery.

Reprinted from Lifeline, June 2001, Volume 29, No. 6, edited and reprinted from Sunsteps newsletter, Miami-Dade Intergroup, November l998


Working the Steps I

When I first walked through the doors of OA, I was scared. I was scared that it wouldn't work and then I was scared that it might work. I did not know what to expect or how to even accept it. I hid behind my layers of girth and it was a pretty good cover so that others couldn't see me the way I really was.

I knew that my life was unmanageable. I had resorted to "purging" myself with vomiting in order to stay thin. I knew that I was fighting a losing battle. I had began reading information about bulimia and how it affects us. How it destroys our teeth and injures our vital organs, could make our esophagus become disconnected and cause major problems there, so I had a desire to stop this practice.

I had always believed in God, and had dedicated my life to Him and His service when I was 17, so the Higher Power aspect of OA appealed to me. The only problem that I had in this area was making "letting go and letting God" work in my life. I had always been told by well meaning persons that if God took your hunger then you would be sick and lose it the wrong way. I believed it, so I was always on a "diet."

But there I was at the end of my rope, so to speak. I had heard someone say that when you "get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on," so that was what I was doing. Tying a knot in my lifeline by joining OA. I became abstinent immediately. I "white knuckled" it. I lost at least twenty pounds right away, so that was an encouragement for me to keep on program, but then a series of events happened, and I ended up having to move, so I lost out on my program and started eating again.

I found that I couldn't do without the Steps in my life. I didn't have an OA meeting to go, so I tried TOPS which didn't work for me, although I know it does for others. Then there was WW which did work as long as I could attend, but when I couldn't attend I again lost my way. And I am not putting these groups down, for I think that they are marvelous groups and are a wonderful help for people. It was just me and my compulsive nature which failed, not them.

Time after time I was subjected to failure. Trying and failing. Then trying again and failing again. But I continued working the Steps on my own and I read writings on the Twelve Steps and OA. Of course, I had my Big Book and kept my nose in it. One day, I accidentally found TRG and that was an answer to prayer. Overeaters just like me, isolated and confined. I could relate to them. I had friends. I didn't have to be "lost" anymore. I had come home.

Glad I found my answer one day at a time, one step at a time.

In Recovery,

Working the Steps II

The Recovery site has a lot a good places to look for help. I have been WORKING THE STEPS with many of you.

I have been in OA for many years and I have attended many meetings, I read "For Today" each morning. I read stories in the AABB. I attend Retreats and Recovery Days in local and regional areas. I wrote a 4th step and gave service. I have been sponsored and did sponsoring.

It is with some surprise I am finding that WORKING THE STEPS is a lot different that doing the rest of the things I have been doing. All these things are important to recovery.

The important part of the whole program is WORKING THE STEPS. If you are not WORKING THE STEPS you are not working the program. The program is the steps. It is important to know the difference between WORKING THE STEPS and everything else. It may seem like a small difference but it could be the difference between a broken life and recovery.

Yours in ESH,

~ Slice of Life ~ Isolation ~

"Isolation is but one thought away from solitude." ~ Sue Grace

Retreating from life to be alone with my feelings has been an age-old remedy for me when my life becomes unmanageable. In the peace I can hear my thoughts, in the calm I can see my goals, and in the tranquility I can pick my way through the mire that brought me to that point in the first place. Taking a step back from the roller coaster of life has always been my way of coping when I begin to realise I am not coping. For awhile I am comforted by the solitude.

To all intents and purposes I am still in the world at large, I go to work as normal, I perform my daily duties as expected and I live and breathe as always. I guess it is a couple of days before anyone really notices that I am not my "usual" self. I become quiet, unruffled, and generally disinterested in the politics of life. I withdraw into my own private world of thoughts. However, on the inside my mind is at first a battleground, trying to figure out where I went wrong. I am compulsive in trying to never make the same mistake twice; to my mind that is just down right foolish, once is enough for anyone! When the cause is identified, plans are formed and solutions found. You would think that having solved the dilemma, I would be ready to rejoin the world with my usual zest for life.

Oh no!

By this time I have realised that I am not missed, my words and ideas are not needed, and actually the world has trundled along quite nicely during my sojourn into myself. This is when the lethargy enters in; I see the gaps in conversations where once I would have leapt in with some self-inspired words. The silences to me are blatantly obvious; they have my name written all over them. However, I find that they soon pass without my needing to say a word.

I begin to question my part in life -- after all it moves ever onwards whether I play the game or not. I realise that I am not that important in the scheme of things. Moments come and go and still I choose not to utter a word, I choose not to emerge from the inner sanctum I have created, all the while feeling inwardly saddened by my apparent insignificance in the grand plan. Over-sensitivity begins to distort the reality of situations, common sense escapes, taking with it logic and any strength to pick up the tools and use facts that were once an essential element to living my life with good judgment. The lethargy grows ever more powerful until one day I realise I have not actually spoken to anyone in a week and I have become merely an observer of life.

With every day spent in isolation comes the challenge of trying to re-enter the game of life. Every day it becomes harder to take those few short steps towards freedom from the loneliness which slipped in through the back door. My self-esteem has plummeted to immeasurable depths and it is increasingly difficult to believe that I have anything of value to contribute. Feelings of unworthiness float around in my now empty mind. The original solutions to the original problems have long since expired and this new dilemma emerges.

Today I have just two allies still standing in my corner, God and my extraordinary stubbornness to live my life to the full, until God takes me home. I have memories of how I used to be, of how I woke every morning ready to face my day with God at my side. I have memories of laughing with tears rolling down my face and not really knowing why I am doubled up, my stomach aching so. I have memories of the sheer satisfaction of working towards a solution or tackling a challenge, the joy of receiving strength and overcoming my fears. I have memories of the boldness it took to stand up and fight for my beliefs and my rights. I have memories of the pleasure of giving. Looking back over the past few years of my life, I have come to realise that I got out of life as much as I was prepared to put in, nothing more and nothing less!

"Feast, and your halls are crowded. Fast, and the world goes by." ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox


The Binge

They sat so innocent on the plate
These that I just this minute ate
Now inside they don't feel right
They don't sit well now out of sight

The guilt and shame swell within
As I grasp the meaning of another binge
I cannot cope with what I've done
I want rid of them every one

I've never done this but how I've tried
To rid myself of what sits inside
Maybe I will try once more
Oh how myself I do abhor

I am so weak, I should know better
How can I possibly write my letter
The loop is for those who want to beat
This disease of mine that makes me eat

I want a life and had a glimpse
But lost it all in a sickening wince
The tears I cried were not of pain
But of guilt and driving shame

The path has vanished from beneath my feet
And all because I had to eat
How many times must I pay the price
For ignoring words of sound advice

The pounds they build upon my frame
There'll come a day of bitter pain
Then death will deal its final blow
This disease wins once more and I shall go

It's not as if I enjoyed the bite
When all the time I knew what's right
But I chose to walk the line to hell
And felt them in my stomach swell

I don't want to know the reason why
I turn my back and choose to die
Right now I feel so very sick
And would wish it came perhaps more quick

But that's the point it never ends
Tomorrow will come and it begins again
I'm not sure I want to fight anymore
To struggle and watch a closing door

Oh how I weep to see the waste
That was brought on by a fleeting taste
Right now I know and can feel my fear
So far and yet so very near

God if you can hear my prose
Once of the ashes your phoenix rose
Give me the strength to rise again
To take the path, to heal the pain

I know you are strong and I am weak
I know it's you that I must seek
End this day and heal my pain
Tomorrow may we please begin again


Dear {{{{{Friends}}}}}}}

Here is a very interesting site I hope you will enjoy.


Click on "BILL W." and then click on Number 22. A very interesting talk about how the AABB was put together. :)

And for those of you who are interested, there are many other articles as well.

Sharing with love and continued joy in recovery,


The Promises from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.
We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.
We will comprehend the word serenity.
And we will know peace.
No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our
experience can benefit others.
That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.
We will lose interest in selfish things and gain insight in our fellows.
Self-seeking will slip away.
Our whole attitude and outlook will change.
Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us.
We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

~ Reflections on The Twelve Steps of Recovery ~

"Made direct amends to such people wherever possible,
except when to do so would injure them or others."


The Twelve Steps of Recovery

Each day this week, I have written about one of the Twelve Steps. There have been days with certain steps that I find myself hardly able to stop writing. But I know that one can only say so much in a journal page and my intention was just to briefly touch on each step. Curled up on my sofa with my keyboard in my lap right now, I'm writing for a different reason. I am writing because I literally HAVE to.

The purpose of Step Nine is to clear away all the guilt and bad feelings we have been left with so that we can start anew with the relationships in our life. Those of us who are addicts have problems with relationships. In addiction we need them so desperately; yet, when we're "in the disease" we seek comfort in our addiction because we don't want to be hurt yet again by another relationship gone wrong.

So, here we are. We've made that long, long list of people in Step Eight that we have harmed and we've told God that we are willing to make amends to them all ..... and yet we look at that list and say to ourselves .... "this is just impossible." I will spend the rest of my life working Step Nine.

The next time I decide to take a step a day in this Journal to Recovery, I want all of you to remind me not to do it. I barely have gotten started on what this step is all about .... only that it is so very important. It's all about relationships .... and I just hope most of you have the 12+12 and a sponsor and WTS and lots of good supportive relationships at work in your lives now.

I was talking with a friend earlier. I'm really frightened about a lot of things right now. I'm not a person who reaches out easily but I am feeling very powerless with just about everything in my life. I mentioned to my friend that probably one of the reasons I'm in this place today is because of the problems within my recovery loop. I never realized how much I depended on my recovery loop .... I told her it was "the wind beneath my wings" and as long as I had that and God, I was armed to do battle with this disease we all share. Perhaps this is the reason I got down on my knees earlier and with the door closed talked out loud to my Higher Power and told Him that I am totally powerless ... and not just with my addiction ... but with everything in my life. It was a powerful few minutes .... the strongest first step I've ever taken. I suspect there will be another tomorrow.

Dear God,
I'm frightened. I am at
loose ends today. I'm trying
to make amends to myself so
that I can move forward with the best
Step Nine I've ever done. But my support
systems are not supporting. And I feel very
much alone.


Dear Serendipity:

It was great to read Jeff's share about "Are you afraid of getting thin?" in this month's Serendipity because I could relate to most of the 10 reasons for remaining fat. But I must admit that I could not ALWAYS relate to them -- at least not before OA and recovery. I always blamed my being overweight on something and someone else, for example, my parents made me this way, I just enjoy food too much, I have low self-esteem, etc. etc. etc., when the truth is -- I was using my weight as an excuse.

I still didn't really 'get it' though, until one day I heard on the Oprah show that we need to address what GOOD our fat is doing for us. "Good?" I asked the television, "What possible good could I be getting from being fat?" I wondered. However, as I thought about it more and more, I realized that indeed, I had been slowly putting up this shield -- of body armor -- literally, to protect myself from hurt, pain, love, hate and a whole pile of other emotions that I was afraid to express and experience. For instance, I found that I used this 'body armor' as a defense against unwanted attention from men. It made me feel strong, and it increased the distance between me (my heart and soul) and the rest of the world. So once I was able to determine what good my fat was doing for me, I've been slowly able to release it -- and at the same time, I am learning other coping mechanisms that do not involve my stuffing down my emotions and thoughts with food.

It's not always that easy, however. The closer I get to 'goal' weight, the more the emotions and fears I have been protecting myself against seem to want to surface. But now I have different tools for coping with them: I can get online and vent to my loop and get wonderful support and suggestions; I can call an understanding program friend; I can read the literature or do some writings, etc. -- it's all there. When my sponsor first told me that this program works if you work it, I really had no clue what he meant, but by the grace of my Higher Power, I am finding that it truly does work -- and I'm working it!! And although I am still a little nervous about confronting some of my fears, I can honestly now say: I'm not afraid of getting thin! I have my program; my Higher Power and a whole bunch of new friends who like me -- no matter how I look!

Thanks for letting me share -- and thanks all for being there for me!

Luv Lorraine <3

Dear Serendipity:

Wow, Sue G. What an amazing share on sponsorship. It makes me feel like I might be ready to get one. Sponsorship is one area I have never moved forward in. I simply don't like anyone telling me what to do, OR telling me things I do not want to hear. Because deep down, I know the truth... but do not always want to hear it!


Dear Serendipity:

Just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love the Serendipity Newsletter. Just wish it came more often.

Thanks for all your hard work . . .

Vicki B.

Dear Serendipity:

I have just got around to reading Serendipity and I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a fantastic edition - there are some really powerful shares which hit home with me!

And I LOVE this quote!

"The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other one higher."

And I could so relate to the share on "Are You Afraid of Becoming Thin?" because deep down I have a lot of fear around this!

So thank you for your amazing service!


Dear Members of The Recovery Group,

We invite all of you to attend our online meetings. We have many dedicated meeting leaders and we have several meetings each day. The simplest way to enter the #Recovery Room is to go to:
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  • -- On the Nick Name line, type in a nickname you want to use, or your first name. (Just type right over the word "Recovery" )
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Telephone 505-891-2664
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"I put my hand in yours ...
and together we can do what we could never do alone."
~ Rozanne, OA CoFounder ~


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"In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul . . .
Is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another."
~ Mari, Recovery Group Founder ~

Grant us the SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change;
The COURAGE to change the things we can;
And the WISDOM to know the difference.

What we could never do alone ~
We can do together.

One day at a time ~
One step at a time.



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