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Volume Seven ~ Issue 10

October 2005




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Dear Readers,


Welcome to October's edition of Serendipity. Each

month we endeavour to provide you with information

about events taking place in our community. We

always value your input and invite you to let us

know what you think. Reader suggestions and articles

are encouraged and welcomed!  Each month, our TRG

administrators, coordinators and other trusted

servants report about what's occurring in our

various divisions, programs and loops. We want to

get our message of hope and recovery out to as many

people as possible, so we urge you to use our

newsletter as a personal resource and to share it

with others. Mail it to friend, or invite someone

to look at Serendipity on the website.


This month, along with our regular articles, we have

a brand new column called Newcomer's Corner wherein

each month we'll get to know a little about some of

the newcomers to Program. You'll also be hearing about


a new appointment to TRG Administration, a new WTS

Quarterly beginning October 1, as well as a new TRG

Program called the TRG Topic Team


I hope you have a wonderful October! Enjoy reading

this month's edition of the Serendipity newsletter.


Love in recovery,

The Serendipity Team








Sleep is the best meditation.


~ Dalia Lama ~




I wasn’t sleeping enough when I first came into

program. I had no idea that fatigue was one of

the sources of my unhappiness, grouchiness,

impatience, touchiness, sadness, procrastination,

desire for extra food, fear, and stress.


But as I got into recovery I began to see what a

threat fatigue is to abstinence. I discovered that

I needed an hour or two more of sleep per night than

I had been getting! I also discovered in myself a

lot of resistance to doing less and sleeping more.

Plenty of times it seemed impossible. I had set up

expectations in myself and others that made it



Now I know that if I want to be in a bad mood, see

my serenity crumble, struggle with my program, and

watch my effectiveness plummet, all I have to do is

start skimping on my sleep. It’s taken me years to

learn this, but getting enough sleep is now a

cornerstone of my self care.



One Day at a Time . . .


I will get an adequate amount of sleep to ensure I

can be at my best.


~ Artemis ~






To the mind that is still, the whole universe



~ Lao Tzu ~








"After all, our problems were of our own making.

Bottles (food) were only a symbol.  Besides, we

have stopped fighting anybody or anything.  We

have to.

          . . . . . . P. 103, The Big Book


If you truly have the disease of compulsive

eating and if you live long enough, you will lose

the fight.  COE is stronger than any ten men and

it will grab you by the shoulders, look you

squarely in the eye and shake you until you fall

to your knees.  If you've never been there, know

that it will happen.  Denial will keep you out

of reality for a few years or decades.


If you have an issue that you're intent on winning,

quit fighting it.  If there's an unreasonable person

in your life you're trying to deal with, quit trying

to reason with them.  If you think you can do

this alone, forget it.  It won't happen.  If you

believe a "good diet" is the answer, stop right

now and realize that no matter how "good" the

diet, it will take the weight off.  But the disease

will put it right back on.


Give it up.  You're not going to win.  Accept - it's

your only sensible choice. Admit powerlessness,

but do the footwork.  Take action and follow the

guidelines which will lead to the promises.


Love in recovery,








To submit your comments or letters to the editor,

please send an email to:

All comments and suggestions are welcome.




Dear Serendipity,


 I am a brand new sponsor. I would like to join the

sponsor email loop. How do I do this?






I have tried to join the WTS group. I got the email

with instructions and replied to it, but I lost the

web site link again and can find it. I'm not sure if

I actually am considered in the list. Please help

me to join the group , thanks.











Featuring Online Sponsors



The Recovery Group Administration is very pleased

to announce that Audrey

has joined us as an administrator, in training.


Audrey has been an integral part of Recovery for

the past six years.  She has held various service

positions during that time, but her greatest

passion has been our OA Online Meetings. She is

Co-Chair of the Meetings Division at present,and

trains the new leaders.  She also works closely

with StarChat Network, the hosts of our meetings.

We're very glad to have you aboard, Audrey!


When we think of using the OA tools of Sponsors,

most of us think of getting and using a sponsor.

This is very important. But there is another side to

this tool - being a sponsor. The founders of AA

discovered that working with others was the best

way to maintain abstinence.


So are you qualified to be a sponsor? The program

says that you can sponsor up to the level of your

experience. If you have worked the first three Steps

and are abstinent, you may be ready to sponsor

newcomers. You can also ask your sponsor to tell you

if you are ready to take that step.


The Recovery Group (TRG) has a wonderful online

sponsors program. It is headed by Patt and Cate.

They work tirelessly to get the sponsor information

to all who ask. We'd like to recognize the service

that they do.


So if you see Patt or Cate around, thank them

for all their hard work, and please ask yourself if

you are willing to pass on the tradition of



Dodee and Nancy,

TRG Administrators






The Discovery Loops are part of the ODAT Group's

loops for men and women who have eating disorders

and a working a program of recovery. Two of our

loops are for children and the parents of children

who are struggling. We have a kitchen here, a

wonderful yellow brick road, and even a loop for

those who are exercisers. Are feature loop this

month is called COKids.


Are you a parent concerned that your child may

develop an eating disorder or may already have

an eating disorder?


Are you a teacher, therapist or physician who

works with a child who has an eating disorder?


Are you a parent with an eating disorder and

concerned about how your behaviour has affected

or may affect your children?


There is a support group available that can help

address all of these concerns. It is called COKids.

The purpose of the group is to determine ways to

help our children avoid or, if already affected,

recover from their eating disorders.


Members of the COKids community include parents,

grandparents, therapists, teachers, relatives and

close friends of these innocent victims of our

disease. We in COKids share with one another in

a private discussion group the problems children

encounter as a result of compulsive eating.  A

companion list called KIDS is also available for

the children themselves to interact with one

another in supervised discussion groups of their



For further information, or to join COKids, send a

blank email to:




Contact: (Myrlene)


Help your child and help yourself - join COKids today!



Discovery Division Chair








The ODAT groups is a division of TRG, with

many opportunities for people with specific

interests or challenges.  Everyone here is part

of OA, and has the disease of compulsive

overeating in common.


If you are a COE who has a specific physical

challenge, you might want to join our

Disabilities, PMS, or Pain loop.  If you

are addicted to other substances, you might

want to join our AA, Drug Abuse, Spending, or

Sex & Love Addiction loops. People who are

Jewish, Mormon, Christian, or Pagan can find

others of the same faith to share their recovery



Our featured group this month is Grey Sheet.

Many people are curious about the Grey Sheet

food program, and can take benefit from the

choices provided through its planned program of

eating. If you interested in following a food

plan, or want to talk with those who do,

our Grey Sheet group is for you. For further

information about any of these groups, please

contact our Donna at



Submitted By: Donna, Odat Division Chairperson






The Recovery Loops Division is made up of TRG's

Twelve-step general sharing support groups. Our

common mission is to provide a safe and supportive

space for anyone who wants to recover from the

disease of compulsive eating to share their

experience, strength, and hope with others. In

addition, some of these loops also have a special

focus. The loops that make up this Division are:

Anorexia and Bulimia, The Big Book, 200 Plus,

Journey to Recovery, Meditations, OA Friends,

OA Newcomers, OA Recovery, Relapse, Sponsor-

Sponsee-Talk, Working the Steps (“WTS”), and

WTS Weekly.


We welcome January (

as the new Coordinator-In-Training for the WTS

and WTS Weekly loops. The current WTS study is

getting ready to wind down and a new series

will be beginning next quarter starting on

October 1.


The majority of the loops in this Division are

doing very well with lots of members sharing their

experience, strength and hope on a daily basis. In

particular, the OA Recovery loop has really blossomed

under the care of its two dedicated coordinators.

There are two special purposes loops, however, that

could use a boost from existing and new members. One

of these is the Meditations loop and the other is

the Sponsor-Sponsee-Talk loop.  Both of these loops

need coordinators. If you are interested in becoming

a coordinator for one of them, please email me at



Respectfully submitted,


CherylS, Chair


The Recovery Group Loops Division






Meetings Around the World ~ Around the Clock



One of our recent meeting topics was, "If we are to

experience permanent recovery from compulsive eating,

we will have to repeat,day after day, the actions

that have already brought us so much healing."

(The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters

Anonymous p.83.)


One member shared that she "had been saved by the

power of habit’ of coming to meetings" and at the

conclusion of her share, other members responded with

"I REALLY needed your encouraging words tonight!"

"That was so good for we newer members to hear ...

Thank you for sharing such great experience, strength

and hope tonight." The message was clear - on line

meetings are a GREAT source of recovery - so keep

coming back!!


Thank you to all our great leaders who provide their

time and topics for our wonderful meetings - our

membership is expanding, recovery is strong and the

fellowship is awesome.


In loving service,


Terri, Barry, Audrey and Christine


On-Line Meeting Co-ordinators









 The Programs & Special Services Division is a dynamic

wing of the Recovery Group and encompasses a diverse

number of OA areas and projects. The sphere of

Programs & Services Division operations includes TRG

Sponsor Program, TRG Telephone Angels, Serendipity,

Serenity, Recovery Meditations, Recovery Meditations

Book Project, Recovery Message Board, Recovery Photo

Album, Recovery 12 Step Anniversaries, Recovery Talk

Room on Main Website, Recovery Guestbooks and

Counters, Recovery Bravenet Features (Polls, FAQ,

etc.),Outreach Programs with other Online Groups,

and the Writer's Series.


We also have a brand new brand called the TRG Topic

Team. The TRG Topic Team's mission is to help loops

enhance their sense of community, to model good

sharing skills, and to help get loop members

motivated and sharing. If you could use help in your

loop, have further questions or would like to become

part of TRG Topic Team please contact Rob at



Love in Recovery


Rob R

TRG Programs And Services Division Chair

The Recovery Group







People often ask, how do I learn to be a Sponsor?

The honest answer is, you learn by being sponsored!

Once you have been sponsored through the steps,

you have received the directions you need  to sponsor

another member through the steps!


Here are some other  helps that you may want to

use in sponsoring and being sponsored


If you go to   place your cursor at the top

of the page where it says:  'Online Store' and a menu

comes down click where it says 'Online Shopping'

and when that page comes up scroll down to where it



'Program Literature' and click there.


On this page you will find these listed:



A Guide for  Sponsors

When and how do you become a sponsor?  What are the

different styles of  sponsoring? What should you do if


you slip or relapse? Describes the many aspects  of




A Guide to  the Twelve Steps for You and Your Sponsor

An in-depth guide to each of the Twelve Steps and

instructions about how to use them in sponsorship. A

valuable resource forsponsors and sponsorees.


When you are ready to begin sponsoring, please write

to us and we will be happy to add your name to our

TRG sponsor List!


Cate and Patt






Dear Friend in Recovery,


There is an opportunity available for you all to give

back what you have been given by carrying the message

through the use of the telephone.  Simply by being

willing to accept phone calls from fellow members of

TRG,  you can have an impact on other COE's in

need and possibly help keep someone from that first

compulsive bite.


Our program can be very simple, yet just by a member

of a loop, reaching out, and making a phone call from

a list available to them, lives can be changed.  So

many times I have been going through a tough time and

picked up the phone and with the kind words spoken on

the other end I was able to express my pain thus

preserving my abstinence one more day.


And sometimes just the act of dialing the phone and

releasing the negative energy is enough, so even if

the person is not home, the negativity or obsession

becomes lifted and another tool can then be utilized.


On the other side, there have been many times when I

received a call and just the right thing was said.

I know a lot of times I would thank callers for

keeping ME abstinent because listening to them helped

keep me out of my own head and cravings.


So please consider being a Telephone Angel.  It is

such an amazing way to give back and serve at the

same time.  I always love what Rozanne said in her

promise:  "I put my hand in yours and together we

can do what we never could do alone......"  We all

share a common bond and need each other. Sometimes

online email is enough and sometimes we need something

more - like a telphone connection.


To join our list of telephone angels - and share your

recovery with others through this service -- please



In your email please include the following:

Email address ~ Your name


What State you live in

Your  ~ area code and number plus time zone

Best times to call

Leave message or not?


Thanks in advance for considering giving service.


In service,

January, Coordinator

The Recovery Telephone Angels






In early recovery, when we decide to serve,

we make a decision to help other compulsive

overeaters (COE) find and maintain recovery.

Most of us don't have a lot of experience, strength

and hope to share at 30 days abstinent. In fact

some old-timers will tell us in no uncertain

terms that what we can do best is listen.


But at 30 days, we do offer something to that COE

just coming into the rooms struggling to get that

first 24 hours of abstinence. That struggling COE,

whose only the desire is to stop eating compulsively

can hardly imagine anyone staying abstinent for a

year or two years or ten.  But he or she can relate

to those fellow COE's within a few days of abstinence.


Service is something that is our unique gift -

something that no one can take away from us. We give

and we get.  Through service, many of us start on the

long road to becoming whole human beings again.


I am happy to serve as the TRG Coordinator of Trusted

Servants and am asking you to step up to the plate

and share what you can. My personal experience tells

me that when I give service I remain focused on my

own Recovery and thus continue to grow physically,

spiritually and emotionally.


The Recovery Group reaches out to people all over the

world. To ably spread our Recovery message we require

people in many areas of service. I am asking you to

volunteer your time. Please respond and add a whole

new dimension to your own Recovery.



With love and joy.








Newcomers meeting are Monday and Tuesday 8 pm EST &

Thursday 10 pm EST



Heidi L. first heard about OA from a friend of hers

25 years ago. It was not until 2 months ago, however,

that Heidi felt ready enough to join in and start

attending meetings.


In her own words ".. everyone there was talking about

ME... they each were mirroring my problem.... and I

knew then that it was the right place to be."


Suddenly, Heidi started attending several meetings a



"Mostly I enjoy the meetings as I get something from

each meeting I go to... the honesty is so wonderful...


and I find OA to be an incredible equalizer... coe

knows no race, age, sex, income, religion, or any

other typical qualifiers".


"I need them... and since I am home a lot, I am drawn

to the fridge round the clock ...or else I go to my

computer and hit as many meetings as I need to...

thank God for the internet."


Usually when Heidi attends meetings, she has her

sidekick Tiago ( a chihuahua puppy) with her. "He

sits on my lap thru most of my meetings.. and lets

  me be ME... without any airs."


Heidi, do you have any advice for other newcomers

who are just getting started?


"Start sharing ASAP... because just by typing those

words onto a computer for someone else to read... it

makes you honest with yourself...... and... don't

beat yourself up expecting perfection... I keep

hearing over and over again that this is a program

of progress, not perfection.. and those words mean

so much to me."


Thank you so much, Heidi, for sharing your experience

and being such an active member of our OA online



Love in recovery


Marilyn (TRGMarils)

Newcomer's Meeting Leader








The WTS Step Study begins on October 1st and we

welcome all of you who want to experience working

the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous with the

group.  We are ending the Third Quarter Step Study

with Lawrie Cheriack as our Step Leader.  The

Fourth Quarter leader will be Auds, a long-time

member of the Recovery Group.


We encourage you to get a Step Sponsor to guide

you through the Steps.  We have them available.

If you begin the WTS Step Study, make a commitment

to yourself that you will finish the study.  Make it

a priority in your life and don't let a day go by

that you don't work on this commitment.


WTS is not a general sharing support group.  The

mission is to share only about the Twelve Steps.

Anything other than this is cross-talk.  It is

inappropriate to write the list for subscription

information ... we have an address set up for that.

WTS is restricted to 600 members and all posts

to WTS are subject to review.


Membership is extended to all and not restricted to

just Recovery Group members.


If you are a newcomer, please join our OANewcomer's

list before registering for the Step Study.


Here are some addresses ... please bookmark them.


To join WTS:








To write the list:




To get a sponsor:


To unsubscribe from the list:










The Recovery Group Administration is very pleased

to announce that Audrey

has joined us as an administrator, in training.


October 1, 2005 ~ WTS 4th Quarter Step Study Begins.


November 1, 2005 ~ TRG Coordinator Reports Due


November 1, 2005 ~ TRG Meeting Leaders Reports Due


January 1, 2006 ~ Recovery Group Slate of Trusted

Servants presented to Recovery Intergroup for vote

of acclamation.


May 1-6, 2006 OA World Service Business Conference

Albuquerque, New Mexico






"We do not like to pronounce any individual as

alcoholic/ COE but you can quickly diagnose  yourself.


Step over to the nearest barroom/fastfood drive-thru

and try some controlled drinking/ eating.......

Try a drink/ trigger and stop abruptly!! Try it more

than once.


It will not take long for you to decide, if you are

honest with yourself about  it!! It may be worth a

case of the jitters if you get a  full knowledge of

your condition."

c. 1976, Alcoholics Anonymous, pp.  31-2


Thought to Consider . . .

I have learned  that I did not get here a day early

or a drink/ binge  short.




Y A N A  =  You Are Not  Alone




I especially liked this Big Book passage because it

tells it EXACTLY like it is. I know I could not go

through a Fast Food restaurant and not order my

favourite "unhealthy and forbidden" food. It is simply


not possible for me. So I have to stay completely away


from them!


Once I have tasted this food, I am gone and will not

be able to resist for a long time.  We all have our

own triggers and know what we can or cannot eat!!

In fact, I can't even go to our County Fair anymore

because it instantly brings up the memory of long,

lost days when I used to partake and wasn't in the

condition I'm in now.


Heart problems and overweight go hand in  hand.  It

isn't a fun exchange, believe me!  But nothing is

worth my going through what I went through last time

in the ER - I wouldn't repeat it for any of my

favourite foods in the whole world!  If you ever

have the "Paddles" for  life-saving, you will NOT

forget that experience. Once is quite enough -

thank you!!


I learned my lesson and I just pray that you have too

and can stay abstinent with the help of your Higher

Power! We are never alone with our HP, loopies and

cyberfriends walking alongside us. :)


Much love and many hugs on your Journey to Recovery,











God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.






Overeaters Anonymous

World Service Office (WSO)

PO Box 44020

Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA


Telephone 505-891-2664

Fax: 505-891-4320

E-Mail Address ~


"I put my hand in yours ...

and together we can do what we could never do alone."

Rozanne, OA Co-Founder






Visit our beautiful scene for October.


To receive the daily meditations, send a blank email to:






Serendipity Team ~



Recovery Group Administrators:


Technical Support:




"In the deepest part of the soul of a compulsive eater is the

  realization that recovery begins when we find one another.”




Best Wishes to all From the Serendipity Team,

the Recovery Administration, the Meeting Leaders

and the Trusted Servants of Our Community.


Contact Address:




Disclaimer ~

The Recovery Group and our newsletter has as its

mission that of carrying the message of recovery

to those who suffer from the disease of compulsive

eating. We are an anonymous organization and follow

the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters

Anonymous. Your articles and announcements are

welcome. All opinions in this newsletter represent

only the opinions of the writers and not those of the

Recovery Group or Overeaters Anonymous.