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November 2001
Volume 3, Issue 11

ser*en*dip*i*ty ~ (noun) First appeared 1754:
the faculty or phenomenon of finding
valuable or agreeable things not sought for.


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Dear friends in recovery,

Welcome to the November edition of Serendipity! We are all slowly getting back to normal, and this edition of the newsletter is once again focused on recovery, the 12 Steps, and The Recovery Group. Keep those ESH shares coming - we always need more submissions!

In this edition of Serendipity, TRG founder Mari shares her thoughts on Tradition Ten, and cautions TRG members to avoid controversy on the loops and in meetings. Patt, writing on behalf of TRG's Administrators, updates us on what the Administrators have been working on in the last month. In the TRG's "want ads," the administrators tell us what service positions are open and ask for volunteers to fill those positions. Our loop spotlight of the month is French and Recovery, a Twelve Step email discussion loop for our French-speaking loopies. We have also included a description of the Meditations Project, and encourage all of you to contribute at least one meditation to this wonderful project. Next is our struggling new feature, Letters to the Editor, in which our members share their reactions to the newsletter. Unfortunately, none of our readers has been moved to share with us your thoughts on the last two editions of Serendipity, but we hope that you will eventually understand the value of this feature and begin sharing your thoughts with us. Then, in the Tools of Recovery, an article reprinted from the September 2001 lifeline discusses balance and moderation in recovery - what a concept!

This month in Danny's Corner, in his conversation with God, Danny talks about never growing up and shares a memorable quote, "This world is a pretty good thing, thanks." In the section dedicated to shares from TRG members, Claudia writes about taking recovery "one miracle at a time," Marjee discusses LOVE vs. FEAR, Bluerose shares an inspirational poem, and Marjee (again!) shares her notes on forgiveness. In the Literature section, we continue with 12 months of The Promises from the Big Book, as well as Step Eleven from Reflections on the Twelve Steps of Recovery. This month's edition ends with directions to on-line meetings and a current list of the meetings, as well as contact information for the latest changes to the meetings list, OA and TRG contacts, and the Serenity Prayer.

Each day I am grateful for The Recovery Group, and the safety and recovery I find here. This newsletter is such an important tool for sharing our ESH with other compulsive eaters world-wide. But we can't do this alone -- PLEASE help us to continue this newsletter by sending a share to
SerendipityNewsletter@yahoogroups.com. We are always in need of member shares of your experience, strength and hope. We also need letters to the editor to let us know your ideas on the newsletter and its member shares. We have thousands of members with so much ESH to share - if each of you would send just one share, on a topic of your choice, we would have enough ESH to last for a long time to come. This service would make my job so much easier, and would provide you with enormous benefits in your own recovery program. The December edition of Serendipity will mark our SECOND ANNIVERSARY -- help us celebrate by submitting a share for our anniversary edition TODAY!!!!!

Peace, my dear friends.

Love in recovery,
Suzanne, Editor



Dear Serendipity Readers,

Tradition Ten of the Recovery Guidelines tells us that "The Recovery Group has no opinion on outside issues; hence our name ought never be drawn into public controversy."

It is very difficult to live in this world of ours without controversy. Because we are a diverse group we come together with many different opinions, religions and political views. But when we enter these rooms we must leave those behind because of Tradition 10. We have one objective here and one objective only. And that is to concentrate so completely on the disease that brought us together and to do everything in our power to free us from compulsive eating.

Sometimes someone among us will get a little bored with recovery talk and bring up their favorite philosophical discussion with the hope that it might spur some sparks. Sometimes someone will say something about their religion and someone else will react to it and jump right in and before you know it we'll be in the middle of a religious discussion spurring more sparks. And sometimes someone will not like the way one of their fellow COEs did something and proceed to belabor it before the group, and controversy begins again.

Rozanne, the cofounder of OA, has written a beautiful piece inspired by the September 11th attacks. While it was not about Tradition 10, it certainly spoke to it. I've written Rozanne for permission to quote her comments to you and, hopefully, by the next issue of Serendipity I will be able to do that.

In the meantime, please remember that The Recovery Group, like OA, has absolutely no opinion on outside issues, and while we all love a good debate, let's make sure it's not in our precious support loops and meetings.

Happy November to all ~

Love in recovery,


Dear Members of The Recovery Group~

October was a busy month for TRGadm Committee.

We experienced some technical difficulties with Starchat Links to our Meeting Room and Cindy, our Recovery Tech was most helpful in putting up an alternative link. Thanks again Cindy for this and for all the service you give in helping so many of our members.

Cindy can be reached at:

Our founder is also working with the Administration Committee to combine a Sponsor Program so that every member who is seeking a sponsor will be helped.

To volunteer as a Sponsor send your name and a short biography to Maureen at: sarkarcableonda.net

Parlez-vous français? Then you may be interested in becoming a member of our newest Loop: FrenchAndRecovery. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to:


All General Coordinators, Loop Coordinators and Meeting Assistant Coordinators are now members of Recovery-Intergroup. We just concluded a Group Conscience to revise a portion of Guideline One of our Recovery Guidelines.

To read the Guidelines go to: http://www.therecoverygroup.org/support/guidelines.html

Most of all we want to thank all the Trusted Servants who are so willing to give service, and whose continued dedication make it possible for The Recovery Group to flourish.

Each member of The Recovery Group is free to write us at TRGAdm@TheRecoveryGroup.org as this Committee is here to serve you in any way we can.

With love and great JOY in service,
For The Recovery Group Administration Committee


    COORDINATORS for the following Special Interest Loops:

  • ICQ
  • AA and Recovery
  • Abstinent Kitchen
  • Co-Kids
  • Disabilities and Recovery
  • Food for Recovery
  • OA Anon
  • Recovery and FFOA (Family and Friends of Alcoholics)
    To offer your service or for more information ~ Please Contact

    MEETING LEADERS for the following weekly meetings:
  • 10:30 AM FRIDAY
Any person wanting to lead meetings please contact Vicki: vickiw@gci.net for information on how to get started.

    SPONSORS for our list of online sponsors

    To join, and to share your recovery through sponsoring - please contact:
    Maureen - sarkar@cableonda.net.


To join our list of telephone angels, and share your recovery with others through this service - please notify the Telephone Angels Coordinator, Jessica - jlevine19@nyc.rr.com.


~ French and Recovery ~

Chère Amie,
Cher Ami,

Bienvenue chez nous! Il nous fait plaisir de vous inviter à partager notre fraternité. Nous sommes un groupe d'entraide pour mangeurs compulsifs qui souhaitent résoudre ce problème. Nous accueillons tous ceux et celles qui souffrent de désordres alimentaires quels qu'ils soient. Nous communiquons entre nous par courrier électronique (email), et nos membres utilisen les 12 étapes des groupes anonimes.

Notre groupe de rétablissement n'est pas seulement une liste de courrier électronique. C'est aussi un endroit où nous qui souffrons de problèmes de compulsion alimentaire, pouvons nous réunir pour partager notre expérience personnelle, notre force, et notre espoir. Comme l'anonymat y est important, nous nous sentons chez nous, libres de nous confier sachant que nous serons écoutés et compris.

La seule condition pour faire partie de la Liste de Rétablissement est le désir d'arrêter de manger compulsivement. Croyons que ce que nous n'avons jamais pu faire seuls, nous pouvons le faire ensemble.

Une étape à la fois,
Une journée à la fois,

Bienvenue chez nous!

To subscribe, send a blank email to:


One Day at a Time

The members and trusted servants of the Recovery Group take pride in presenting to you their original recovery reflections and meditations relating to the 12 Steps. This is a work in progress and will be completed when the Committee reviews, edits and chooses 365 of what we hope will be the most inspired collection of the experience, strength and hope of compulsive eaters ever put together.

If you would like to take part in this collective effort, please send your submission to us at
RecoveryMeditations@lists.TheRecoveryGroup.org. As each completed entry is approved, it will find a resting place on our beautiful website until it's time to go to the publisher to be joined by 364 others.

PLEASE HELP US BY SUBMITTING A MEDITATION!!!!! If every member of TRG submits just one meditation, we will have enough to complete our work in progress and move on to another volume of love, experience, strength and hope!


~ Never Grow Up ~

Dear God,

Good morning! And it is a glorious morning with clear and crisp weather. The woman You sent to run my life and tell me what to do is in Pennsylvania for two days, and after my face to face meeting and lunch there is nothing for me to do but watch sports and play with the grand-kids. While I'm on the subject of little ones, they are now at the age where they prefer to play with other kids, and they are turning into flat leavers. See if You can scare up another baby or two or three. If needed, put more men on the job.

It's nine a.m. and I don't know where the time has gone. Can I have some back? I didn't think so, but it was worth a shot. This abstinence thing is working out pretty good. One of Your better gadgets, and I could use just one more day. The woman has left me some meals, but for today my heart is thinking limburger cheese sandwich with raw onion on black bread with Dr. Brown's Celery Tonic. All I need do is keep all windows and doors open till she comes home. Gee, I hate these weekends, tee-hee. Please don't ever make me grow up. Being an adult sucks. Let the ladies do that as they are so much better at it. Besides, someone has to raise us.

Time to take care of the three s's and get out. Take good care of my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer, and all the folks I don't like. Provide me with the power to do and the knowledge of Your will just for today. This world is a pretty good thing, thanks.

And Why Not?......Danny


Balance and moderation have been dirty words to me. My disease tells me I better grab all of anything that feels or tastes good. My disease tells me that life is either all good or all bad, depending on how I feel at this moment. My disease is a big, fat liar.

If I believe that I cannot bear one moment, maybe two, maybe 17 or 207 moments of discomfort, then I will eat everything I can get my hands on. "One day at a time" has no place in the life of someone actively in the disease. It cracks the light of day into the desperation and despair that support compulsive overeating. Making a phone call when I feel at the end of my rope or a little lonely or just because it feels good to reach out is death to the disease. I don't know where I would be without the tool of the telephone.

Sponsorship is another mighty weapon. I can talk with someone daily who has been where I am now. She will laugh with me, understand my tears and fears, even share her experience, strength and hope. If I'm lucky, she and I will guide each other back to the Steps, to deal with our problems and to stay in appreciative and loving contact with HP, one day at a time.

Service is magical that way. Almost any connection with another person in OA strengthens my program for this day. I don't have to run the show, or prostrate myself or come up with answers for other people. I only need to show up in some way. Sponsorship is service, as is unlocking the meeting place, calling another member or showing up for an intergroup meeting. I'm terrible at committees, so I'm taking a public service announcement to a TV station this week instead, and I'm writing this piece for Lifeline. The results of either of my efforts are out of my hands.

And who knew paper and pen or a keyboard could be so powerful? I'm sorry when I hear of people in program who haven't tried writing. I think they still have some critical authority standing behind them, and I hope they will replace that party pooper with HP. I am submitting this piece, but I never show my other writing to anyone. My writing is my private place to let it all spill, no matter how huge, painful, socially unacceptable or messy it is. My morning writing is my daily connection to my emotions and concerns, as well as a place to celebrate, pray and acknowledge progress. This may sound backward, but I often don't know what I'm feeling until I start writing.

That private writing is a personal expression of anonymity. More important is the trust I've developed by having my anonymity respected by those at meetings and by those I share with outside of meetings. I only know of once that someone violated my anonymity, and I'm glad to say that didn't stop me from coming back to meetings. It is a daily challenge for me to remember to respect others' anonymity, and doing so gives me self-respect.

I love meetings. I hated them at first, and I hated everyone there. The more I accept my illness, the more delighted I am to bring it to meetings. I have the most wonderful friends, and I found them there. At meetings, I identify and listen for solutions. If I show up and no one else does, then HP and I have some private time. I found the directions to my Higher Power through OA literature. I am not alone, and the literature tells me so. There is nothing as gentle and loving as the OA "Twelve and Twelve," nothing so invigorating or humorous as the AA "Big Book." For Today is well thumbed and scrawled upon. When I came into program, I tried to read everything and do everything at once. Now I can take a thought with me, roll it around my mouth and find out how it tastes: moderation.

If I don't have a plan of eating and don't know what it is for today, then how will I know whether I am abstinent? Maybe that's why many people put off using this tool. It is balance and moderation in a nutshell. Sure, it's scary. But a plan of eating is not a diet. You can't fail at it. A plan of eating is an invitation to HP to help. Making a plan of eating and sharing it with a sponsor or someone else is reaching out for help. Then it's up to me to accept that help.

I've been asking for and receiving that help for more than 13 years. Perfection I have yet to achieve. A full, warm, challenging and abstinent life I have achieved.

Abstinence is a gift I receive from my HP, one day at a time. Now, that is balance and moderation.

Reprinted from Lifeline, September 2001, Volume 29, No. 9 (C.M., Bangor, Maine USA)


One Miracle at a Time

Here is a tiny ray of hope for those compulsive overeaters who are just starting on their journey of recovery. One of my most poignant memories of my disease was from when I was 18 years of age. I had just left home and was caught in a vicious cycle of bingeing, fasting, bingeing, obsessive sports to lose the weight, and then bingeing again. One foodstuff in particular was my big hangup, and try as I might, there was nothing I could do to stop bingeing on it. I used to wake up in the morning and cringe at the thought of going to my cupboard because I knew all my clothes would be too tight and I refused to buy bigger ones for fear of facing my true size. It hurt to wear clothes, cutting into my legs and making it difficult to walk and breathe. I tried every diet in the book and shamed myself publically, declining invitations to meals and then stealing food out of my host's fridge because I could not fast longer than 8 hours at a time.

I truly saw no hope at the end of the tunnel and with time became extremely depressive and self destructive, and felt like dying on a daily basis. What happened? The miracle of life. I met an alcoholic guy. Because I wanted to stop his drinking I joined Al Anon, and soon after joined Overeaters Anonymous. I started working the program. I made those phone calls after, during and then prior to my binges. I journaled. I went to meeting after meeting after meeting. And above all, I watched, listened and talked till tears came to my eyes. It was those tears that began a long journey of healing as the self destructive urges lessened and I learned to listen to what I was feeling and started accepting hugs on the road to healing.

I just want to say, to those among you who truly do not believe things will ever change, who are over 500 pounds and see no hope at the end of the tunnel, please don't give up. If someone had told me I would ever be where I am today, I would not have believed them. Life will help you. Have the courage to start again, every day, one day at a time. This program is truly worth it, if you work it.

Love, courage and just one miracle at a time to you all,

Love vs. Fear

One of the first things my first sponsor in O.A. told me was that fear was the biggest troublemaker I would ever encounter in my life. Knowing I am a religious person, she said something that rather shocked me at first, but then I came to realize how true this statement was. What she told me was, "If you have fear, you have no faith. If you have faith, you won't have fear. Have faith in your Higher Power." I have since always shared this with everyone I've sponsored, and often share it at meetings.

We may think that there are a heck of a lot of emotions flying around us, but, in reality, they all boil down to two: LOVE and FEAR. If you've ever noticed, whatever positive feelings we have seem to come our way because of love, and any negative ones reach us through fear. So we can safely say that all negative emotions come under the heading of FEAR and all positive ones under LOVE.

Fears are creations of the workings of our minds. When we are first born, we know only two fearful sensations: sudden loud noises, and the fear of falling. We come from our mothers' wombs where for nine months we floated in loving amniotic fluid. Our first feeling upon entry into this world is falling from that protective ambient into the unknown. This is "natural" fear ...... one that, through love, we overcome. No sooner do we leave the birth canal than we are besieged by loud sounds all around us: loud voices, tearful sounds of pain and joy, a loud smack and then our own previously non-existent voice, howling and heralding our arrival in this world. No wonder we're frightened! But, again, that's a "natural" fear. We soon become accustomed to the loud noises around us: blaring car horns, radios, televisions, household appliances, trains, planes, all of which become "the norm" in our quotidian existence, and so that second fear dissipates as well.

The fears that generate problems for us are those that we create ourselves .... and they can all be conquered by love. Loving life, loving others is one of the most potent weapons we can employ in order to psychologically destroy the anger, remorse, hatred, jealousy and greed that inflict our characters with negative aspects, all because of fear. We can destroy that fear through love. But first, before we can love life and love others, we have to feel love; we must HAVE it in order to GIVE it. But how is this accomplished? Here we are possibly in unhappy home lives; maybe we hate our jobs, or we can't stand the people we are exposed to on a daily basis; and, most of all, whether we realize it or not, we are so filled with SELF-HATE that we punish ourselves by gorging on too much food, which is, all too often, too much of the wrong kinds of foods, as well.

How can we get out of this trap that fear has put us into? Simply by loving ourselves. If we love ourselves, we'll love others; and everyone will love us, too. This is evident in the expressions "smile and the world smiles with you" and "everybody loves a lover." We LEARNED to hate ourselves ..... we weren't born with that ..... and we can learn to love ourselves, too. Any one of us can delve back into the past and find an unpleasant situation, person or event that negatively influenced our lives, some more tragically than others. But instead of walking away from that unpleasantness, instead of turning our backs on it and ridding ourselves of those thoughts, somewhere along the line ..... through fear ..... we grasped at the unpleasant memory and hung on to it for dear life by way of resentment. So the first thing we must do is let go of the past and leave behind whatever resentment lies there. To do this, we must learn to forgive.

We can never achieve happiness or experience mental, physical and spiritual good health until we learn the art of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not just something we're doing for someone else ... its principal component is aimed at ourselves. Now, it's not easy to pardon someone who has done us wrong. Our instinct tells us to resent that person because he or she has treated us badly. But no one treats us as badly as we treat ourselves when we harbor resentment over a long period of time ... weeks, months, even years ... creating an acid inside ourselves which decays our very being on all three levels, mental, physical and spiritual. Resentment opens the door to all those nasty internal chemicals that can destroy us and remove our positive thoughts and actions. Every living cell is affected by resentment, including our immune systems. After we have faced the memory of an ugly situation and realize where our resentments lie, we can forgive those involved and go on our way towards a good recovery. By forgiving, we are releasing the worry, tension, anxiety and depression that accompany resentment, and we can thereby get on with the business of forgiving ourselves for having abused our bodies through lack of love.

It is our natural right to love ourselves. But somewhere along the line, when we were growing up, the message may have been transmitted to us by our teachers, parents or religious leaders that it is wrong to put ourselves in first place. We were told we were egotistical, selfish or self-centered if we thought of ourselves as No. 1. But if we don't place ourselves first in the love department, we won't be much good to others who need our love. If we don't take care of our mental, physical and spiritual needs, we won't be able to take care of others who may need our help. So we must learn to love ourselves unconditionally. We must teach ourselves to think positively about the situations that confront us. So, we don't like our jobs? Perhaps we should try being thankful that we have those jobs when others are jobless. Our relationships aren't up to par? Well, nothing is perfect, and we should make sure we're not looking for a non-existent TV sitcom-type of relationship. On the other hand, if there is absolutely nothing good about a relationship and it is doing us more harm than good, perhaps it's time to assert the courage to either change that situation or leave the relationship. We don't like our co-workers ..... our neighbors ..... our spouse's relatives? Let's try smiling at them anyway. Kill them with kindness, because kindness (just like unpleasantness) is contagious.

So, here we are now, loving ourselves, loving others, loving life, thinking positively, and actually being happy. Now what happens? Fear flies out the window. We put ourselves in our Higher Power's hands. We let Him handle things, and boy, do things improve! Because, as my first sponsor taught me, if we have faith in our Higher Power, there's no more room for FEAR. There's only room for LOVE. And love makes us feel good all over. It helps us with our abstinence. It helps us with our lives and our relationships. It helps us to help others and so helps us to help ourselves.

LOVE vs FEAR?? What a contest! Only we can decide who'll win. Which will YOU choose?

Thanks for letting me share with you.
Love, MARJEE, OA, Palermo, Sicily

All Aboard the Soul Train

Come, come, I'm waiting to see, the freshness of a world to be.

Speak, speak so sweet and gentle of songs yet to be put to symphony.

Sing the songs known only in worlds beyond these earthly reality.

Come, speak, sing, for all are one in the awakening mind's imagery.

-- Bluerose

Notes on Forgiveness

"I'm so angry, I'll NEVER forgive him/her!!" How often in our lives have we said those words? But blessed are we when we come to realize that those we hurt the most, by not forgiving, are none other than ourselves.

Years ago, I was quite angry with my husband's family for something they had done. I found it very difficult to forgive them, and I stopped going to see them or having any contact with them for quite a while. During this period, whenever any of their names were mentioned, I was livid inside of me, and the anger made me re-live the original hurt every time.

When someone inflicts hurt on us, it can take ages to overcome. First we're hurt, then angry. We hold a grudge and want revenge. But this resentment that we carry over, long after the hurt would have faded, is only handcuffing us emotionally to the person who did us wrong in the first place.

We all have the power to choose. If we choose resentment, we remain filled with anger ... an anger that often hurts us more than those we don't want to forgive. Ironically, sometimes people who have hurt us are not even aware that they have done us wrong or that we haven't ever forgiven them. But when we are able to forgive, we can get relief through the freedom from resentment.

It's not important whether the person or persons we forgive deserve to be forgiven or not ... but WE deserve to be free from the damaging anger and hurt that we are harboring down deep in the core of our hearts and souls. Forgiveness isn't really letting the guilty guy off the proverbial hook ... it's letting us remove the knife that's stabbing us in the heart through our own grudge-holding resentment.

But how can we forget what happened, you ask? Well, we probably can't, and maybe we shouldn't. Our past is, after all, part of our lives and we can't always forget having been hurt. But bad experiences, unpleasant though they may be, are instructive as they teach us to not allow ourselves to be hurt again in the same way. Those experiences can also teach us a good lesson about not hurting others.

It's not always possible to forgive someone in person ... sometimes that person isn't even alive anymore ... but we can forgive in our minds, hearts and souls and free ourselves from the hurt within. The funny part is that often the person who inflicted the hurt is not even aware of our suffering, and so, while we are corroding our insides with bitter resentment, THEY don't feel a thing. Meanwhile, we're actually destroying our health on all three levels, spiritual, emotional and physical. All that re-living of a hurt over and over again each time we think of it can be very stressful on the heart and can bring us into a state of depression. So we need to forgive in order to get well and stay well.

When I finally realized this, I prayed for help. And when I gave in to the prospect of forgiving them, it was like being released from a heavy burden, for I had dragged this resentment around with me for almost two years.

Sometimes the act of forgiving someone who has hurt us can be difficult for us to handle on our own, but spiritually, prayer and meditation can help. We've all got a Higher Power in our corner ready and willing to help us in every way. All we need do is knock on His door, seek His intervention, and ask Him to help us forgive. This leads to inner peace, and once we have forgiven someone, we will be even further on the road to greater recovery.

Thanks for letting me share,
Love, MARJEE, Palermo, Sicily


The Promises from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.
We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.
We will comprehend the word serenity.
And we will know peace.
No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our
experience can benefit others.
That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.
We will lose interest in selfish things and gain insight in our fellows.
Self-seeking will slip away.
Our whole attitude and outlook will change.
Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us.
We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

~ Reflections on The Twelve Steps of Recovery ~

"Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with GOD AS WE UNDERSTOOD HIM, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out."

~~THE Eleventh STEP~~

The Twelve Steps of Recovery

I find myself doing a lot more praying than I used to. I've always prayed ... what changed over the years is HOW I've prayed ... and what I said in my prayers. Most of my life I believe my prayers were just "thank yous" to God unless it was a serious event taking place in my life. Now, I have serious talks with God ... getting down on my knees type talks ... when I express powerlessness and beg for Him to just tell me how to handle certain situations in my life. During these times I am asking for the knowledge of His will.

God must be looking down on me with amazement now. I've always been a woman who was determined and who knew exactly what she wanted out of life. A woman who worked very hard to solve problems and took pride in that. Now I go to God with utter powerlessness, not knowing which step to take next and not at all sure if the direction I am heading is the right one.

Meditation and prayer are very important to me. I do a lot of both. I look upon prayer as talking to God. And I look upon meditation as God talking back to me. The Eleventh Step is wonderful ... so comforting. To know that someone accepts me and loves me unconditionally is the biggest miracle of my already full of miracles program.

Dear God, Help me to continue talking to you by praying... And to keep listening to you by meditating.


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11:00 PM IRC OA Topic-Leader Needed!

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9:00 PM AOL How It Works

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"I put my hand in yours ...
and together we can do what we could never do alone."
~ Rozanne, OA CoFounder ~


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"In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul . . .
Is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another."
~ Mari, Recovery Group Founder ~

Grant us the SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change;
The COURAGE to change the things we can;
And the WISDOM to know the difference.

What we could never do alone ~
We can do together.

One day at a time ~
One step at a time.



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