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May 2003
Volume 5, Issue 5

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Greetings, Serendipity Readers!

Welcome to the May issue of Serendipity! Goodness; it seems like just yesterday that we were groaning over the cold and snowy winter we were having. And now the flowers and trees are in bloom and the weather is warming. What a beautiful time of year!

This issue brings you lots of inspiring and informational articles and columns; there's something for all ages this month! The Recovery Group has been blessed with two volunteers for "Kids and Discovery". After reading their column, maybe you'll be spurred to introduce a child you know to TRG, and encourage them to join this friendly, kid-oriented recovery loop. Teens, also, will find a meditation for them, and still others may be inspired by Dawn's Recovery Writing on Promise Two.

I hope you find something in this issue that inspires you, and I encourage you to write me anytime! I love saving contributions for future issues, and will more than gladly print any "Letters to the Editor" should you want to respond to something you read here, or perhaps want to express your opinion about an OA / TRG "issue" in general. This is your recovery newsletter, and I hope I'll be hearing from lots of you!

Happy reading, everyone!

Love in recovery,

     Editor, SERENDIPITY
     Newsletter of The Recovery Group


Dear Serendipity Readers ~

I've been given some second chances in my life. I was grateful at the time, and even more grateful now as I look back over events that could have sent me perilously close to the edge. Sometimes second chances require changes, and for me change has always been difficult.

Springtime is a time of renewal and I love to go around to our loops and read the hope I find among our loopies. It has been a bad winter for many and I like to believe that because of our love for the Twelve Steps, we have it a little easier than others. The letters being shared with one another right now seem to reflect that.

Here is a letter from one of our loop members that personifies what the renewal of Springtime and second chances are all about.

Dear Friends,

As I travel this country I've seen the changes from winter to spring; a change from drab to brilliant. Stopping at the rest areas the squirrels and rabbits are making hay jumping and running in chase of life. A second chance. A hawk sitting in the highest possible perch looking for a meal. A pack of dogs chasing across a field following something unseen but still on the trail, looking for the day's rations. All of this is a second chance, a time of renewal, of new beginnings. I look for second chances, to chase after life, to sustain my body with what it takes, to do the right thing, to run and not walk this trail that leads to recovery from addictions, and recovery working the 12 steps and reading Bill and Dr. Bob as I travel with my AABB. Thanks for listening.

Have a good day.

A Recovery Group Member

Happy Springtime All ~

Love in recovery,


Dear Members of The Recovery Group,

We want to thank you for all the service you give so willingly each and everyday. This has been a quiet month for us, mostly due to the fact that our trusted servants do their jobs so well and that members continue to share their experience, strength and hope with one another.

Our many loops and our online meeting room are tools that work well to assist newcomers and seasoned members alike in their journey of recovery.

We are grateful that we have this opportunity to be a part of this online recovery process.

With love and great JOY in recovery,

Cate and Patt, TRG Administrators



The ODAT/Discovery Loops

April at ODAT saw new coordinators for the Kids and Discovery loop. Deborah and Janie have agreed to coordinate, publicize and otherwise promote this very important loop.

We have a new co-coordinator for Strong Recovery, Pat. Thanks, Pat, for volunteering. Strong Recovery is for those who are abstinent and enjoying recovery on all three levels ~ physical, emotional and spiritual.

We had a sad loss this month. Barbara passed on at the age of 54 from congestive heart failure. She was the 12th Step Within for the Diabetes loop and will be greatly missed.

We also had one resignation, and therefore need a new coordinator for the Isolation and Homebound loop. If you feel you might fit the description and would like to volunteer for service, please write me and we can talk about it.

ODAT Adm was very quiet with no problems this past month. Three names were put on moderation for sending spam to the loops.

Love to all,
ODAT Committee Chairperson


Dear Members of our Community ~

When we build a house, we use tools. When we plant a garden, we use tools. If we cook a meal, there are kitchen tools we use. And when we work a recovery program we use tools. There are many tools ... but one of the most important by far is Sponsorship. When The Recovery Group started the TRG Sponsor Program, the goal then and is now to see that everyone working the 12 Step Program had a sponsor. You may ask ... "What IS a Sponsor and how do I get one?" Sponsors are Recovery Group members who are living the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions in their daily lives, who are willing to share recovery with other members of our Fellowship and are committed to abstinence.

There are a number of different ways to get a Sponsor. Here are some of them and we have put them in a reasonable order.

  1. Attend a face-to-face meeting of OA and find someone who has what you want.
  2. Join a TRG support loop and read the shares. As you find yourself looking forward to the shares of certain members, write him/her privately and establish a dialogue. It may be that you have found a match for a sponsor.
  3. After you have been on a home loop for a while, write the loop and let them know you are seeking a sponsor and let the members know what kind of sponsor you're looking for and what kind of sponsee you'll be. You will receive replies and you may find your sponsor among them.
  4. The Recovery Sponsor Coordinator regularly sends out the Sponsor Directory to all members of the Recovery Group. Look it over and write several and see if there's a match. There may be.
  5. Write to the Sponsor Coordinator at: Sponsors@TheRecoveryGroup.org and request a copy of the Directory and Biographies. Be sure that you let her know which home loop you're a member of. After you have had a chance to review the members of the directory and their biographies, write several and begin sharing back and forth with them.
  6. Attend online meetings on IRC in #Recovery and meet other compulsive eaters in real time. Perhaps you will meet your sponsor there.
  7. Write RecoverySponsors@YahooGroups.com and let them know you are seeking a sponsor. This is a restricted list and no one is on it except those TRG members who are actively taking sponsees. By sending a letter telling about your TRG loop membership and a little bit about yourself and your needs, you may receive several replies from sponsors and choose from among them. .
  8. Join WTS and begin working the "12-Steps-in-Step-Weeks" Step Study. These studies begin on the first day of January, April, July and October. We have a Sponsor Coordinator and you may write and request a temporary Step sponsor from the WTS Sponsor Coordinator or by directly writing the list of sponsors at WTSStepSponsors@yahoogroups.com. You do not have to be a member of this list to write them.
  9. If someone is seriously interested in getting a sponsor, one of the above ways will result in that. And even after that is done and you and your sponsor are developing this important relationship, The Recovery Group has a loop called Sponsors and Recovery available to discuss sponsor/sponsee issues. It may be that a Sponsor is having difficulty with a sponsee and needs to share anonymously about that with others. Receiving input representing the viewpoints of both sponsors and sponsees can help resolve issues. The same is true with a sponsee. Perhaps they need to ask a question about something their sponsor is doing and need to get the input from others. Sponsors and Recovery is the place to do that. To maintain anonymity, please do not use personal names of either sponsors or sponsees.

  10. Visit and bookmark the page: http://recovery.hiwaay.net/sponsors.html.

So what we have seen here is the Overview of the entire Recovery Sponsor Program. If condensed, it looks like this:
Good luck in finding your sponsor. It will be one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself ... and for your recovery.

In service to all,

The Recovery Group Sponsor Program Trusted Servants

www.The RecoveryGroup.org/sponsors.html




    Letters to the Editor are encouraged and welcomed. Please send your letter to SerendipityNewsletter@yahoo.com. Please put 'Letter to the Editor' in the subject line.



    Homebound ODAT is a TRG/ODAT group whose mission is to provide a safe place for discussions about eating disorders. Many compulsive eaters have found themselves isolating from the world. In some cases, this isolation has progressed until we are now homebound or have been at some time in the past.

    We have learned that some, but not all, of the causes of this disorder are weight-related. It is the mission of this loop to help us find out all we can about ourselves by exploring this topic in the loop's safety and privacy, with others who share this unkind disability. We didn't ask to be like this. We don't want to be like this. We intend not to be like this for the rest of our lives.

    We look forward to having you join us. Please don't be shy. Each one of us is here because we isolate to the point of being homebound. Each one of us wants to rejoin the world that we live in, and become centered and at one with it. Each one of us, by listening to and sharing with one another, can resolve these issues that have plagued us for so very long.

    To find out more, please visit

    To join, please send a blank email to: Homebound_ODAT-subscribe-request@lists.therecoverygroup.org

    HOW (Honesty, Openness and Willingness) ODAT

    The HOW program was started in the Los Angeles area approximately 16 years ago to offer a structured approach to working the OA program. HOW was started when OA was selling the food plan booklet "The Dignity of Choice." The original HOW food plan was based on plan #3 in the Dignity of Choice (Grey Sheet). The structure of the HOW program is as follows:

    • Follow the HOW food plan
    • Make three calls per day, plus one to your sponsor
    • Answer daily questions (Note: The first 30 questions will take you through the first three steps in 30 days.)
    • Attend 3, or more, meetings per week
    Over time, the food plan has been modified to include grains and expanded the fruit and vegetable lists to include all fruits and vegetables. Also, all members are strongly encouraged to show the food plan to their doctor and nutritionist to obtain his/her approval. Any modifications made by your health care professional is accepted.

    Currently, there are OA groups that call themselves OA/HOW groups and they follow the above guidelines. Also, there is another food-related 12 step program that calls themselves CEA/HOW (Compulsive Eater's Anonymous). Both OA/HOW and CEA/HOW groups use the same questions, follow the same guidelines (telephone calls, meetings), and food plan. The only difference between OA/HOW and CEA/HOW is one sentence in the format.

    Many people in certain areas of the country attend both OA/HOW and CEA/HOW meetings. In addition, some OA sponsors use the HOW questions with their sponsees.

    To read more, please visit our webpage (http://recovery.hiwaay.net/odat/how/index.html).

    To join, please send a blank email to: HOW_ODAT-subscribe-request@lists.therecoverygroup.org.

    Love In recovery,
    Dennis (Coordinator, HOW_ODAT)


    This group might interest you if you are struggling with food issues and have become severely isolated. There is the possibility that you are in pain because you're sick and tired of blocking out the world by staying inside. And yet, you may not realize why you do it. If you're here, it may be that you are hurting so much that you're just about ready to give up.

    In the Isolation and Homebound ODAT group, we offer you solace and peace, as well as anonymity and safety. Our members have experienced life as both compulsive eaters and as isolators. We ask each member to introduce themselves and tell their stories upon arrival here. Newcomers should expect to hear back from some of the most wonderful human beings on Earth. Isolation ODAT members may use a program based upon the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Homebound ODAT is part of a larger group called The ODAT Group which encourages face-to-face meetings, but the nature of our disorder actually makes that impossible sometimes. We treat the food and weight problem, and at the same time acknowledge that the isolation issues are not a defect or due to a lack of willpower, but rather a disorder that can be arrested.

    The 12-step program offers recovery for the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of compulsive eating, while at the same time offering insight to our need to socially isolate. We are neither therapists nor a professional diet club. Our organization does not endorse specific food plans or diets, and there are no professionals among us. In our 3-D lives, we come from many places and life styles. But in our recovery home, here in cyberspace, we are bonded by the knowledge that we have a problem we did not ask for, and that we do not want. Our food problem is exacerbated by the shame and anxiety heaped on us as we live our lives isolated from those we love. But we also know deep in our hearts that we can, and will, get better.

    To read more, please visit our webpage:

    To join, please send a blank email to:

    The Jewish ODAT loop provides a place for men and women of the Jewish faith to come together to share their experience, strength and hope about various issues concerning eating disorders.

    Jewish ODAT provides a safe place to work a recovery program and often becomes a "second home" to its members. Lifelong friendships can happen here. Alternatively, you may choose to be alone; to reflect on your life and your eating disorder. We offer anonymity; you should feel free to use an e-mail alias here. Jewish ODAT offers serenity and peace as you work your personal program and gives you the opportunity to carry the message to others.

    We are here together to build one another up; to accept each other as we are. This is a place where we can focus on spiritual and emotional growth as well as physical.

    Thank you for reading about Jewish ODAT; we hope you will join us.

    To read more, please visit our webpage: http://recovery.hiwaay.net/special/jewishODAT.html.

    To join, please send a blank email to Jewish_ODAT-subscribe-request@lists.therecoverygroup.org.

    ~ KIDS' CORNER ~

    Many loops in TRG address Compulsive Overeaters who have special needs. One such loop is "Kids and Discovery", which is for children up to age 12 who think they may have problems with food. Most children don't know they have a problem with food. They may feel uncomfortable around food or may want to eat for reasons other than hunger, or they may sense something doesn't feel right. All of these may be manifestations of an eating disorder. Kids and Discovery now has two new co-coordinators, Deborah and Janie.

    Deborah tells us about her young nephew in his early teens, who is heavy because of his eating habits. He has had this problem since he was just a young boy, and she has seen how this disease can affect children. She is very compassionate and desires to help children begin their journey and find their way to recovery.

    Janie relates that her food issues began around puberty and escalated into her teens. She reached her top weight in high school and then lost 60 pounds, only to find her disease took on another form - bulimia. She has been in OA since 1987 - without purging - and she knows all too well the pain of youngsters who may be compulsively overeating.

    Deborah and Janie have been working together to rejuvenate the loop. They hope children to age 12 will join and share with the friends they make here.

    Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions or suggestions for spreading the word about this loop. Deborah's address is
    deesignswords@yahoo.com, and Janie's is nupshal@yahoo.com.

    You can find Kids and Discovery at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KidsAndDiscovery/ or at
    www.TheRecoveryGroup.org/discovery/kids. You can join from these pages, too!


    Teen Angel Meditation
    "I felt as if angels were pushing"
          Adolf Galland - on his first flight in a jet aircraft

    Sometimes I feel I really can't take any more, I really can't do it. I feel so alone. I feel no one cares. I just want to hide away, and eat and eat until I am so sick I can't eat anymore.

    A minute at a time I got through my day, and it was so hard. Didn't anyone understand how hard it is to get thru school with the teachers giving me a hard time? The other kids are laughing at me in a corner, I know they are; I can feel them. They don't know what it's like to be me. And when I get home, I get even more of a hard time.

    But sometimes I feel so bad, and I come here on my computer and share, or I go to an online meeting, and I know I'm not alone after all. Someone cares, they really do.

    I feel heaps better and suddenly realize that angels had pushed me through the day. And even though the day had been hard, I HAD gotten through it! I had had a whole day of abstinence!

    Suddenly, I feel so much better about myself, about you, and about the world in general.

    So I remember tonight: An angel walked with me today, and if I close my eyes and sleep, maybe, just maybe, an angel will walk with me in my dreams.

    [ Editor's note: For information, please see:
    http://recovery.hiwaay.net/special/teens.html. To join TeensODAT, send an empty email to: TeensODAT-subscribe-request@lists.therecoverygroup.org ]


    ~ 90 Meetings In 90 Days ~

    I am about to complete my second round of 90-90, and it has made all of the difference in the world in my recovery! There are no face-to-face OA meetings where I live and I have to drive a minimum of 45 minutes to get to the closest OA meeting. I try to do that once a week, but because of my work schedule and recent surgery, I can't always get to that meeting. Between online meetings at TRG, and a couple of open AA meetings here in town that I attend each week, I have been able to do a 90-90.

    There is nothing to substitute for going to a face to face meeting, but the online meetings here at TRG are what has made the difference for me. If you can imagine, I entered a "cyber room", just as I did my first face to face, and sat in the back hoping no one would speak to me. I hoped for a quick exit after the meeting. Didn't happen at either place, thank you, God! I met people who share my disease and more importantly, who share their experience, strength and hope in recovery with me. Program friendships have developed and I met my sponsor here at TRG.

    It took a little getting used to the protocol of an online meeting, but it's really no different than a face to face meeting. We all arrive a little early and stay a little late after the meeting and the sharing continues, friendships develop and recovery happens. As I write this, I am coming up on six months of recovery, and I have been blessed with abstinence for that entire time. In those six months, I have gone from the person cowering in the back of the room, to one of the meeting partners and now a meeting leader. What a transformation it has been for me!

    So, 90 meetings in 90 days, comes highly recommended from me. If you live an area where you are blessed to have face to face meetings everyday, get to them every day--especially if you are a newcomer. What a wonderful way to indoctrinate yourself to this new way of living and thinking. If you are like me and don't have meetings in your town, or you have to travel too far to go every day, join us online every evening at 9:30 (EST). And if you join us, my nickname in the room is Sandbagger--introduce yourself to me.

    In recovery,
    Pat B.

    ~ Kind Words ~

    How many times are we gifted with newcomers to our meetings? They are so easy to see as they huddle in the back of the room, usually as close to the exit as possible. The large or oversized coat is a good giveaway, especially in July. Their eyes also show the fear and anxiety which we all felt. Sure, we made it, and so can they.

    I remember the elder who first said those magical words to me, those two simple words, "Welcome home." The warmth and safety those words held were immense. I felt that my body was huge, and I was embarrassed in a room full of people who looked very similar to me, but my eyes could not see that. They were filled with tears because of those two words. Welcome home. Whoever that person was, I have two words for you, "Thank you", whereever this finds you.

    What do you do to make a newcomer feel welcome to your meeting? Let us not forget that all important first hug. I remember mine; do you? It felt good, I'll bet. So, welcome the newcomer and let them know they are home. I will do my part to welcome the newcomer into our fellowship, one day at a time....




    In this column we bring you shares from Recovery Meditations, Odyssey, Danny's Letters To God, Journey to Recovery, Reflections, The Promises and many others. This month we continue with Dawn's series, "The Promises."


    "We will not regret the past
    nor wish to shut the door on it."

    In the last part of this series on the Promises, I talked about how they begin to come true after doing Step Seven. Although it's true that they begin to come true then, they blossom forth after the completion of Step Nine. What comes before that is just a sample of what will happen after Step Nine; "Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others." Like Steps Four - Seven, this sounds much harder than it really is. It must be done carefully, however, with help from a sponsor and with a lot of introspection.

    In doing Steps Eight & Nine, I uncovered a lot of guilt about things I had done in the past; things I had forgotten about, but which were causes of a vague sense of guilt. I had been feeling this guilt for so long that it was like a natural part of me. I felt like there was something basically wrong with me that made me feel so much guilt. I actually felt guilty about existing in this world, since I wasn't really aware of what the cause of this vague sense of guilt was. These feelings of guilt and worthlessness affected all areas of my life, especially those concerning people.

    But, as soon as I began to make my amends in Step Nine, I felt the release of the guilt. I felt SO much more comfortable. I could be more open with my fellows, both in and out of OA. I had nothing to hide any more.

    The second Promise is: "We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it." Like a lot of us, I had many feelings of guilt and anger about things that had happened in my past. This anger was eating away at the inside of me. The person I was the most angry with was my mother.

    I had to forgive her for the many times she showered me with verbal abuse. That was the most difficult amends of all. Why had she felt the necessity of treating me this way? What was my part in it? Where had this pattern of abuse come from? I had to learn a lot about my mother's past in order to forgive her. I learned that she had many of the same feelings of inadequacy that I was carrying around. She had learned it from her parents, who had learned it from their parents. Part of my amends has been to put an end to this chain of abuse. I think that having gone through this abuse, although it hurt me a lot, also helped me to be sensitive to verbal abuse in general.

    That was the biggest amends I had to make. I didn't make it directly, by discussing it in detail. I just told her several times - that she had been the best parent she was able to be.

    Other amends were much easier - things like clearing up debts, changing my behavior towards others, returning things I had borrowed, apologizing for things I had done, etc. Doing these things set me free from the guilt that had been keeping me chained and had affected all of my interactions with other people for most of my life. It had mostly affected my relationship with myself.

    Miraculously, the second Promise began to come true - I could think about my past in more positive terms. I could use the past to make my present life more positive towards both myself and others. I could use it as a tool to make my present relationships more satisfying. I know now that the way others treated me, or didn't treat me, had more to do with them than with me. They had their own burdens to carry.



    We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.
    We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.
    We will comprehend the word serenity.
    And we will know peace.

    No matter how far down the scale we have gone,
    we will see how our experience can benefit others.

    That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.
    We will lose interest in selfish things and gain insight in our fellows.
    Self-seeking will slip away.
    Our whole attitude and outlook will change.
    Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us.
    We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

    We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.



    Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs.BR>


    Each group has but one primary purpose-to carry its message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

    ~~ BIG BOOK QUOTE ~~
    "They knew they had a host of new friends; it seemed they had known these strangers always. They had seen miracles, and one was to come to them. They had visioned the Great Reality - their loving and All Powerful Creator."

    Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book - Pages 160-161


    May Meditations Calendar ~


    Online Meetings Update

    Our Recovery Group meetings are the BEST! Recovery is shared. The members are accepting, loving and supportive.

    Meetings are held each day at 9:30 PM (EDT) in #Recovery. Note that we will soon be starting a new block of meetings at 12:00 Noon (EDT).

    We have a FANTASTIC slate of dedicated meeting leaders:

    • SUNDAY--Terri & Pat & Janie
    • MONDAY--Daniele & Cindy & Brian
    • TUESDAY--Brandy & Patd
    • WEDNESDAY--Catie
    • THURSDAY--Vicki & Katie
    • FRIDAY--Norma & Pat
    • SATURDAY--Cindy & Daniele
    If you are interested in being a meeting leader in #Recovery, please write:

    You are invited to go to the Recovery Group website at www.therecoverygroup.org. Click on the "Recovery Meetings" icon and check out the "Meeting" pages, OR go directly to the meeting webpage at http://therecoverygroup.org/meetings/index.html.

    NOTE For AOL members: Here is the direct link to #Recovery: #Recovery on StarChat.Network. AOL users need to first go to the Meeting website and look at the special instructions for AOL users before they can fully participate in the meetings. Alternatively, they can go to http://www.starchat.net/aol.php.

    #Recovery is the meeting room for Recovery Group. To get to #Recovery, there is a doorway from the website, or you can go to: http://www.starchat.net/recovery or http://www.starchat.net/chat/?chan=recovery. You can find other helpful information (including on-line meeting protocols) at: http://recovery.hiwaay.net/support/meetings.html. Again, if you have any further questions or we can help you in any way, please write: MtgAdm@lists.TheRecoveryGroup.org.


    Overeaters Anonymous
    World Service Office (WSO)
    6075 Zenith Ct. NE
    PO Box 44020
    Rio Rancho, NM 87124

    Telephone 505-891-2664
    Fax: 505-891-4320
    E-Mail Address ~ info@overeatersanonymous.org

    "I put my hand in yours ...
    and together we can do what we could never do alone."
    ~ Rozanne, OA CoFounder ~


    Newsletter Editor ~ SerendipityNewsletter@yahoo.com ~ Marty
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    Recovery Group Founder ~ Mari

    "In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul . . .
    Is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another."

    ~~ The Serenity Prayer ~~

    Grant us the SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change;
    The COURAGE to change the things we can;
    And the WISDOM to know the difference.

    What we could never do alone ~
    We can do together.

    One day at a time, ~
    One step at a time.


    The Recovery Group and our newsletter has as its mission and purpose that of carrying the message of recovery to those who suffer from the disease of compulsive eating. We are an anonymous organization and follow the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous; however, we are not affiliated with that group. Your articles, announcements and information are welcome. All opinions in this newsletter represent only the opinions of the writers and not necessarily that of The Recovery Group or OA, Inc.
    The Trusted Servants of Recovery

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