A Wellspring of Hope
Newsletter of The Recovery Group

June 2000
Volume 2, Issue 6

ser*en*dip*i*ty ~ (noun) First appeared 1754:
the faculty or phenomenon of finding
valuable or agreeable things not sought for.


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Dear friends in recovery,

Welcome to a very special edition of Serendipity! This month we honor our Founder, the woman who is responsible for making recovery from compulsive eating available to all of us, no matter where we live. Mari has built the Recovery Group, this wonderful safe place of recovery in cyberspace, into a site that has helped thousands around the world find recovery from a dreadful disease. It was her dedication that kept the site alive and growing, until it has become the major force that it is today. But, because the Recovery Group has grown so large, it's become almost impossible for any one person to handle all of the issues that can crop up in a day. So, as of May 1, Mari is stepping back, slowly turning over direction of the Recovery Group to others, and letting her chick fly on its own. Anne and I decided, with John's wholehearted approval, that this was the right time to show our beloved Founder how much she has meant to all of us. Mari, this edition of Serendipity is dedicated to you!

I first came into contact with Mari about two months after I found the Recovery Group. She was looking for a coordinator for the Abuse and Recovery loop, and with some hesitation I offered my services to a loop that was my anchor, figuring that someone else with more experience out there would take over instead. Well, next thing I knew, I read an announcement to the loop that I was the new coordinator! Mari helped me to learn the ropes, and was always there when I had a question, or to catch me when I made a mistake.

Then, not learning from my first experience, I heard that Mari had asked Anne and Cheryl to put together a newsletter for the Recovery Group. I volunteered to help -- help!! -- in any way I could, and before I even knew what we were going to be doing, Mari named me the editor! Can anyone else relate? She is a leader and a delegator, and when she has a new idea for making the Recovery Group even better than it is, either duck or be ready to work your heart out!!

I say all of this with humor and love. Mari is also one of the kindest, most compassionate and loving persons I have ever been honored to know. No matter how busy she is, how overwhelmed she has been with administration and direction of the Recovery Group, with all the thousands of decisions and details that had to be made, she has always made the time to reach out on a personal level. She is the personification of recovery, and I feel blessed that she is in my life.

Thank you, Mari, for everything you have done for me personally, and for the Recovery Group. Read on, dear friend, and know that we love you!

Love in recovery,



Dear Serendipity Readers ~

In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul ... is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another.

My name is Mari and I am a compulsive eater and have been for most of my adult life. What I share with so many of you is a serious disease that often robs us of our spirit and sometimes our very soul. I know of nothing ... absolutely nothing ... that restores our spirit more than the Twelve Steps. When someone works the Twelve Steps, they are never the same again.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to know many compulsive eaters and hear their stories on our loops and in our meetings. No matter whether they're in relapse, squeaky clean abstinent or somewhere in between, it is very easy to spot someone who has claimed the Steps as their pathway to recovery. A certain something ... something that transcends mere words, seems to shine through anything they share. Be it a bad day or a good one, whether tragedy has befallen them or they have the world by the tail, that "something" resonates through their entire share. I call that "something" hope.

Finding other compulsive eaters who had found the peace resulting from having worked the Twelve Steps was the beginning of recovery for me. Just reading affirmations from them or short little stories of their life did more to inspire me to work the Steps than any other one thing in my life. Because of this, I wanted to be able to share their stories with compulsive eaters all over the world and we began something very special called Recovery Meditations ~ One Day at a Time. It is already a reality on our website and one day will be a beautiful 365 page book with a satin bookmark and leather-like cover. Others around the world will know what it is to be inspired by someone who has found the hope they may have been in search of for a very long time.

If you are a compulsive eater and have a story and would like to share that story with us, please send it to RecoveryMeditations@mail.com. It is the sharing of our souls that causes recovery to happen. It is finding one another that gives us the courage we might never have had before.

Love in recovery,
The Recovery Group


Working with Mari

Anyone who has been a Trusted Servant has worked some with Mari, and a few of us have held jobs that brought us into close and frequent contact with her. Each of us will have a story to tell. This is mine. I am not trying to praise Mari. It will sound laudatory simply because that's the only way it can come out. Mari is a great person, because she puts principles before personalities.

She can be hurt, but she can forgive.

She can laugh at a good story, and she cries when there is any pain.

She has the fierceness of a mama bear over her cubs about the loops, yet she has already planned for them to function with her in the background. Steps 1 - 3 writ very large.

Mari always seems to know what is going on. I usually have a sense of it, but she can put it into words. Sometimes I write to her and ask what's going on. I seem to be aware that something is. She will tell me, and is usually right on target.

She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Administration of the loops is a wonderful job, but there are so many little things you need to know, and quite a few technical details. Gradually, I have learned many of these, and Mari has been the teacher. In my files I have numbers of letters from Mari that are replies to my requests, subject line: "How to ... (whatever). And so patient, too.

She has shared her dreams for the loops, and her life with us. She has had heartache and happiness, and through it all continued to function so we could.

She has trusted all of us often only knowing that we have said we were willing to do a certain job. I sure there have been disappointments, but largely, most of us have stretched to meet her expectations, because that was what we really wanted also, and she gave us that opportunity. Mari and I have had temporary misunderstandings, but I have never been subject to one word of vindictiveness from her. We have the greatest respect for each other. And we always ironed out the problem.

Few people not Southerners of our generation will understand the compliment I pay when I say that Mari is not a lady. Like my wife, Mari can bristle a bit at that title. You have to know what a lady was to Southerners when we were growing up. If you aren't a lady, you've managed to become a person. Mari has made that journey. And such a person, too.

When the truth is the finest tribute that can be made, when no flowery accolade can do better, there is not much to add. A person whom I have never met has become one of my dearest friends. And yet I am even more thankful for another thing, for these loops that are Mari's creation, and which have made more difference in my own recovery that I could ever say.

So I will conclude by saying, thank you, Mari, for being you, for being there, and for making all this happen through your vision, inspired, I have no doubt, by God. And thank you for being my friend and mentor. I know you will have a good cry over all these remarks (not just mine), and probably will have something to say about it all a little later. I know you didn't do it for the glory of yourself, but isn't it nice to know that so many of us love you?

Recovery Group Administrator


Dear Friends,

It was only a year ago, late one night when I was in a desparate state of giving up, that I came across this amazing website called the Recovery Group. My dietitian years ago had told me about OA but I had so much fear about sharing the real me with others, that I never had the courage to go to a meeting. The Recovery Group gave me that courage. That first night, I sat for hours mesmorised by the website, reading it, absorbing it and I knew for the first time in my life that I was safe, I was home. Everywhere I looked, I saw these amazing shares from Mari, deep, real shares about the struggles that I too was having and late that night those words touched my soul and gave me a true gift, the gift of hope.

After joining a few loops and going to many meetings, a month or so later I had my first real experience with Mari when I wrote to her asking for a meeting to suit those of us in the Australian timezone - next thing I know the meetings were a reality and I was leading them! Never in my wildest dreams, did I think that I was capable of leading a meeting, that I had enough recovery to do that, but Mari supported me every step of the way and gave me the courage to do what I could never do alone!

It has been an eventful year for me, and I have worked hand in hand with Mari on many different projects for the Recovery Group including developing new meetings, new loops and some new websites. To Mari, this is but another year of taking her vision and making it a reality. In the space of two years, Mari has taken the Recovery Group from having five loops with 18 Trusted Servants to having 64 loops and approximately 100 Trusted Servants, with 61 scheduled online meetings and chat sessions, a sponsor program, Steps and Big Book series, a huge website with amazing resources - the list just goes on and on.

This growth does not happen by chance. Mari has dedicated her days and nights to creating our home, creating this safe environment where we share openly and honestly and truly experience love, support and a safe haven from the disease. The time has come, when 12 hours a day is not enough to manage the Recovery Group and Mari, with the Intergroup, decided to develop a Board of Trustees to oversee the day to day management of the Recovery Group. It is a credit to Mari that we actually need 8 Trustees to do the work that she has been doing for the last few years. It shows the dedication that she has to the Recovery Group for the last few years and to each and every one of you reading this newsletter.

Dearest Mari, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your dedication, your friendship, your guidance, your love, your mentoring and your vision to create such an amazing safe haven of recovery. Thank you for letting me run free and for supporting my many crazy schemes and answering those never ending dumb questions! :o) I hope that the BOT allows your more time to sit on your treasured rock, looking out to sea, meditating on life and accepting the love from each and every one of us!

With love and deep appreciation,
Meetings Coordinator
The Recovery Group



I can't explain our recovery program. I'm not sure what happens when a group of addicts gets together. But I do know that it is meant to be. I do know that because of our common denominator, our compulsions, when we begin to love someone on our Recovery Loop, we are loving ourselves.

From "Founder's Message to Newcomers"
The Recovery Group


My rose means "I love you." I used it when I simply could not say the words. My signature was just my name. Because I couldn't say the word "love," I just signed my name, Mari, and put a little cyber-rose above it. The rose meant love. And it still means that.

From "The Recovery Rose"
The Recovery Group

There is nothing in the world that tastes as good as abstinence feels. To awaken in the morning knowing that one has the entire new day to continue abstinence is the greatest feeling in the world. And to go to bed each night after having a day of abstinence makes one sleep better.

From "Reflections of Recovery: Abstinence"
The Recovery Group

Anger! This was a little thing. There is a way to be free of anger. And that is to accept the fact that both I and others have shortcomings. And that because we do .... it's just really not that big of a deal.

From "Reflections of Recovery: Anger"
The Recovery Group

The OA program is notorious for making us shatter illusions. For helping us to discern the authentic from the unauthentic. And doing so can be painful ... and makes us want to head back to that safe world of food. And to relapse. When an illusion is shattered, we have to question ourselves. What was it about us ... what defect did we have .... what were we lacking to make us have an illusion in the first place? And, if we can't stuff it, how do we deal with it?

From "Reflections of Recovery: Compulsions"
The Recovery Group

When I reached that stage of recovery that I simply accepted my disease for what it is and that I was powerless to do anything about it, something akin to magic happened to me. All of the theories, all of the questions, every single one of the whys were suddenly unimportant to me. They became moot. And what they were replaced with was the most important word I have in my vocabulary which relates to my disease ..... and that word is HOPE.

From "Reflections of Recovery: Hope"
The Recovery Group

In recovery we have learned that we don't have to be perfect. And our parents, our children, our friends, our spouse, our significant other .... they don't have to be either. Not any more.

From "Reflections of Recovery: Perfectly Imperfect"
The Recovery Group

WHERE I LIVE IS INSIDE MYSELF. And if that miserable disease is living in there with me, there is no way in God's heaven a simple geographical change is going to help make any substantial changes whatsoever. When one lives inside oneself, we must change from the inside out ... not the outside in.

It is my opinion based on living in this world for a long time that the only way a person can change emotionally, spiritually and physically is by living the Twelve Steps. And by being abstinent. And by loving oneself. They must all come together. And one of the reasons I write my journal and one of the reasons I am sharing it with you is so that some way, somehow, all of those things can come together.

The Twelve Steps of Recovery don't just plop down in your lap one day. Abstinence doesn't just hit you over the head. And looking in the mirror and saying "I love you" isn't going to MAKE you love you. It's going to require peeling the onion ... one layer at a time .... one day at a time.

From "Reflections of Recovery: Inside Myself"
The Recovery Group

It would be nice if we could make people into what we want them to be but we simply cannot. To know that I'm not all-powerful gives me a feeling of such freedom. And to know that I don't have to believe or accept or even listen to those who profess to know me and who want to do my inventory is even a greater freedom.

I thank God that living five decades and working my OA program has given me the strength to put up with those who make my life more difficult. I thank God that I have reached a point in my life that I trust my own instincts and follow my own drummer. I thank God that I have never reached the stage that I build myself up by tearing others down. And most of all, I thank God that I have learned that there is no finer way to treat people than to accept them as they are.

From "Reflections of Recovery: People Pleasing"
The Recovery Group

The greatest gift we can ever give to ourselves is to love us. By doing this, we give ourselves the ability to love others more. To love God more. To love those we have resentments toward more. And to love life more.

From "Ten Ways To Love Ourselves"
The Recovery Group



I met Mari for the first time over 3 years ago. Due to a trauma in my life, I was looking for OA. I decided to search the internet first as a means of gathering information. My search led me to the Oasis mail loop. I was a novice at computers, email, OA, having feelings... just about everything. Of course, being a newcomer, I sat back and read the letters that came every day. I began to sort out a few of the more prolific writers, and the name "Mari" with a @-}-}-} began to appear. She said things that pierced the armour I had built up over many, many years. She said things that made me laugh. And, she said things that made me cry. But, mostly, she said things that caused me to identify with her. We were very similar in many ways. I decided to do something very bold for me at that point.. I wrote her a letter. She answered me!! That began a relationship that I have said many times is a gift from God.

Oasis at that time was not much of an oasis. It was more like guerilla warfare in many ways. Mari wrote quite often using the title "Journey to Recovery". She would start with a quote... much like the little white OA meditation book "For Today" does. Then, she would write 3 or 4 paragraphs on that quotation and send it to the loop. That began one of many fights over copyright laws, OA laws, loop laws... pretty much any law you could think of. I don't know if she'll remember this, but one day I wrote her and asked her why she couldn't start a small loop just for those of us who enjoyed her writing and would like to read her "Journey to Recovery" series. I'm sure she had already thought of that, but I always like to think I had a 1% part in the founding of JTR. From there, things took off with a life of their own, and as of today the Recovery Group is heading toward 70 loops.

Mari has been there from the beginning, from before conception, putting in long hours every day these last 3 years. I've watched her learn the "techie" stuff. I've watched her put out fires. I've watched her through the ups and downs of real life and internet life. Even though I cannot possibly say all the things I want to say, or say them as eloquently as I wish I could, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to say thank you. So, my dear friend Mari, my gift from God, sit back and enjoy... know how many people love you and wish only the best for you.

With love from,

@-}-}-}-----  MARI~VISION

a vision is ... a call from beyond

                    ... a gift of Spirit
                    ... a dedication of heart

@-}-}-}----- Mari~vision ... receiving the gift
                                                      ... responding with devotion
                                                      ... with love

@-}-}-}----- Mari~vision ... followed is mission
                                                      ... a faith-filled response
                                                      ... a divine intention

@-}-}-}----- Mari~vision ... nurturing
                                                      ... guiding
                                                      ... respecting the vision

            a vision alive ... contagious
                                                      ... offers hope to the broken
                                                      ... shines light into darkness

@-}-}-}----- Mari~vision ... connecting
                                                      ... healing
                                                      ... transforming lives

a vision shared ... IS .. @-}-}-}--  ... Mari~vision

                   we join hearts today
                   we share your vision
                   we give thanks.



I feel much like I did when I married Reinie. I was so thrilled to be looking to the future with him. I was anxious to get our house in order so it reflected us; I was anxious to love his children as if they were my own, and observe him doing the same with my precious daughters; I wanted to thank God over and over and over for this gift of his Love. But deep down, underneath all this happiness was a very sincere love and appreciation for the work Reinie's mother had done. She showed him how to love unconditionally and to always act in the best interest of others. Just like you have done with Recovery Groups. She knew when to let go and allow him to become a person in his own right, but she stayed very close to offer the safety net of her love while he learned to build his own home and raise his own family. Also like you have done with Recovery. She knitted gloves and hats and sweaters so grandchildren and great grandchildren would have a piece of her heart as well as be warm and satisfied. Much like you have done with creating Special Interest loops. When her children complained about the bakery business they had, she allowed them more responsibility and accountability. Similarly, you have allowed us to take part in service work, and to put our money where our mouth is.

I have thanked the God of my understanding over and over and over for using you as His messenger with the Recovery Groups. I can promise you this: I will work very hard to honor your faith in its Trusted Servants. I will protect and preserve its Guidelines. And, I shall always recall, with a great deal of love and admiration, all the millions of things you've done to keep us going ... things that many of us have taken for granted.

God bless you, dear heart. You leave a legacy of love and concern that is unmatched. Your are dearly and deeply loved. And, it is with much gratitude that I sign with my Trusted Servant title.

Shirley G
JTR Coordinator
The Recovery Group


My ears are closed because I'm deaf...
but there is a place I hear.
My heart was closed because of hurt
but there is a place I trust
My soul was closed because of anger
but there is a place I learn how to forgive
My mind was closed because of fear
but there is a place for learning faith
A gift to me, a gift to the world
a place where the message is clear
in a tiny spot that covers the globe
there is a room called Recovery.

Thank you so much for giving me my life.

Yours in recovery,


M is for the million things she does for each and every loop.
A means that she's always there for us (except when she's on vacation!)
R's the letter that stands for the Recovery Group.
I stands for Integrity, which she's got a lot of (sorry, I couldn't think of a good rhyme for vacation!)

Put them all together and they spell Mari...
a name that means the world to me. :-)

With much love in recovery,
Jeff, Coordinator


Words cannot express my gratitude to the Founder of the Recovery Group Online, Mari! Here is a gal who used her energy to carry the message that someday will reach millions.... Taking her insights into action is what makes all the difference. Anyone can receive an insight ... but Mari followed hers and I, for one, will be eternally grateful.

Thanks, Mari, for allowing me to actually experience the INNER/INTER~NET CONNECTEDNESS OF RECOVERY.

{{{{{{{{{{{Mari ~ friend & founder}}}}}}}}}}}

With all my love and great joy on this journey....


As a complete novice on the internet and lacking in any form of netiquette, my path led me to Mari on a number of occasions, all of which concerned her helping me as I tried to navigate this new toy of mine. I may have spoken of her help and graciousness a little too much as the woman God sent to run my life started to ask just who is this Mari person? Hmmm. It's good for a wife to worry a little. ;)

In early August of last year some busy body made the suggestion that we ought to have a group for folks over fifty. For the life of me I cannot remember who, but the chief suspect is Shirley. Did you know it is impossible to say no to Mari? Probably because she called me while I was hospitalized that July.... How comforting that call was is just amazing. We still did not know what was wrong with my blood, and some strange form of leukemia was suspected.

There is no way I can tell you who the other person or persons were on that line but I do remember those soft soothing words. Through all the political ins and outs with O/A WSO and our own birth as an independant entity, Mari was there in the middle with her own brand of serenity, most of the time. After all she is a woman and as such does get somewhat, well, cranky. Enough from me. Thanks, little lady, for all your help. YOUSE IS A GOOD BROAD.

Silver Recovery


Let me tell you my story. A few years ago I was diagnosed as having Social Phobia. That just simply means that I have trouble with strong anxiety when I get in social situations (an ordinary thing like a face to face Overeaters Anonymous meeting can make me have a panic attack!) Thus my life had become very isolated. I was turning to food for comfort and by the time I discovered the Recovery Group I already knew I had become addicted to eating. So I joined!

I was so glad there was something like this on-line, because for folks with social anxiety, sometimes a computer is your only link to the outside world. I began my journey at Recovery by joining the Newcomers Group.

After only two months there, Mari gave an announcement that Trusted Servants were badly needed. It sounded serious. But what was so amazing, it sounded like the "call" was being directed toward anyone, even me! So I sent a letter to Mari and ask, "What could I do? What could I possibly offer? I'm a newcomer who is new to 12 step recovery. What good am I at this point?" And Mari responded with a deeply kind, and encouraging letter that let me know I DID have something to offer, and that service was a part of 12 stepper's recovery.

She let me know I mattered here and had worth. She let me know I could do something important and meaningful to others. It had been so long since I had been asked to do anything, because of my isolation. Could I do it? I didn't know, but it seemed so WONDERFUL to be asked and believed in by someone.

So here I was, a social phobic, afraid sometimes to venture out of his world, being asked to help. I hesistated. But then came another e-annoucement, that a coordinator was needed for the Abstinent Gay and Lesbian Loop. I was familiar with this territory! I could offer something here. So I signed on.

I think back now to how Mari helped me "come out of my isolated world" just a bit by taking on a responsibility toward serving others. It has been nothing but a positive experience for me, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Yes, it's been scary at times (I'm very computer illiterate) and some of the "techno-work" involved in being a coordinator hasn't always come naturally. But Mari and the others in the Intergroup have always been ready and able to help me.

My dream is to one day create a face to face meeting of Overeaters Anonymous in my community (thus fighting my social phobia as well as my food addiction). I feel I am getting much needed "training" here at Recovery. I wonder sometimes how many lives Mari is changing. I wonder sometimes if Overeaters Anonymous finally recognized this "lady warrior's" potential, if they wouldn't hire her to revolutionize the internet for O.A. But they don't have her. We do!!!!!!

We love you Mari!!!!!
Coordinator of Abstinent and Gay/Lesbian Loop


I just want to say thank you, dear Mari, for giving us these recovery loops. Also thank you for the online meetings. I know how hard you worked to get these meetings and these loops going and to keep them afloat. I know that there have been many days that I would have fallen off the wagon and back into the food had it not been for these loops and the meetings that I can come to any time of the day or night. Dear Mari, I am but one of the COEs that you have helped over these past three years. Every time I needed help you were always there to help me. When I began to host online meetings, you were there to give me my Ops back each time something went wrong. You were there once when I got so angry that I was going to leave the JTR loop and you sent me a note and told me how much help I was to others, so I stayed on the loop. I have to thank you, Mari, for being here for me when I needed you. I am grateful for you each and every day. Even if you don't hear from me, remember I am always thinking about you, and remembering all the times that you gave so much of yourself to these loops and the meetings.

You are number one in my book, and in my heart. I send you hugs and love, sweet Mari, just know that you are always loved. You have such a big heart, I pray that I can reach out to others as kindly as you have always reached out to me. Thanks so very very much, Mari.

With love, Blue Rose


Hi, my name is Sharon T and I am the Coordinator of AAandRecovery. It's hard to believe I have been online for over two years. Time has flown. When I first came to the recovery site, Mari's words of hope made me realize once again that there is recovery from our dreaded disease and that I was home.

When the AAandRecovery loop was first begun, we went through a few coordinators and Mari graciously asked me if I would like to take over the new loop. She certainly gave meaning in my recovery when I needed it, and I am sure I have never truly said thank you to Mari for asking me to look after the loop.

Thank you, Mari. I don't write to you as much as I should but I do truly think you were led by our HP to persevere in getting these loops growing.

With Love


I am writing to you from Indiana to give you thanks for all that you have done to connect us. With gratitude. You don't know how many times I found comfort and strength in the recovery site that you built. Thank you for giving me hope and freedom from the isolation that comes from being an OA in a town where OA isn't a big deal, as it needs to be. I was told to hang with the winners, and I found them here online!

Thank you


To Mari,

As a latecomer to the loops, my sincere gratitude goes to anyone who has given 3 years of dedicated service. So many people speak of your dedication; I echo their words. I am glad that I found these loops, and glad for "sisters" like you.



I met Mari on Journey to Recovery, long before the Recovery Group was born. Her shares were always full of experience, strength and hope. Her recovery was a beacon of hope for those of us who were struggling with abstinence and the 12 step way of life.

I've enjoyed watching as Mari birthed this baby called The Recovery Group, nurtured it as it has grown, and now is allowing it to try to stand .... perhaps wobbly at first .... on its own. In a day and time when keeping commitments is not the norm, I applaud her for making a huge commitment to online recovery, and then keeping that commitment. She is one of the most responsible and dependable people I know.

Roses to you, Mari!


I would never have gone to an OA live meeting if I had not first subscribed to the recovery loops. I went from the loops to the online meetings to face to face meetings. I believe it is the first step for many people, and without Mari it would not exist. Mari, thank you from the bottom on my heart.

Chris L.


For years of service -- a Well Done!!!

Love, prayers and hugs


Hi Serendipity readers!

As you know, one of the best ways to keep your recovery is to give it away. Well, here's your chance to give away some of your experience, strength and hope to fellow compulsive eaters worldwide.

The Recovery Group is writing our very own meditations book, called "One Day At A Time," and we need your help. We're looking for submissions for the book. You don't have to be a great author to participate, so don't let that stop you! In case you haven't seen what we've gotten so far, check it out on the web at http://recovery.hiwaay.net/meditations/index.html

It's very simple. Here's what to include in your submission:

1. A quote and who said it.
2. Your own ESH concerning the quote. Please try to keep it between 150 and 300 words.
3. A brief meditation beginning with the words "One day at a time..." relating to the quote and your ESH.
4. Let us know whether you want your first name and last initial, just your initials, or "anonymous" used at the end of your piece.
5. Send your submission to the Recovery Meditations committee for evaluation at RecoveryMeditations@egroups.com

We'll edit only for length and clarity, keeping the spirit of your submission intact. All work becomes the property of the Recovery Group and may be used in the book, on our website, or both.

Speaking of the book, we're also looking for a publisher, so if you're in the publishing business (or happen to know one who'd be willing to work with us) please contact us at the above address.

Thank you, and remember, you may not think you have anything important to say, but your ESH could save the life of a fellow compulsive eater.

Love in recovery,
Recovery Meditations Committee



Dear God,
I am ready for Your help in removing from me
the defects of character which I now realize are
an obstacle to my recovery.
Help me to continue being honest with myself
and guide me toward spiritual and mental health.


We have emphasized willingness as being essential.
Are we now ready to let God remove from us all the things
which we have admitted are objectionable?
Can He now take them all -- every one?
If we still cling to something we will not let go,
we ask God to help us be willing.

c. 1976, Alcoholics Anonymous, page 76


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7:00 AM IRC Recovery Talk ~ Informal
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Recovery Roundup 2000
August 3 - 6, 2000
Dallas, Texas
Information about the convention is available at
All are welcome to attend!!

A special room will be set aside at the OA WSO Convention for Recovery Group members who wish to have a special meeting together. Danny (Big Bird), the Recovery Group Coordinator for the OA WSO Convention, has set up an e-mail address for questions and comments about this event. Please contact Danny at AndWhyNot37@webtv.net


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In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul
Is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another.

Mari, Recovery Group Founder

Grant us the SERENITY
To accept the things we cannot change;
The COURAGE to change the things we can;
And the WISDOM to know the difference.

What we could never do alone ~
We can do together.

One day at a time ~
One step at a time.



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