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Last month, Mari asked members of the TRG community if there was anyone who would be willing to try something new while working together to create the next Serendipity Newsletter for the month of September.  The response was excellent simply because it didn't take long to obtain the names of members who were willing to help out with this form of service.
Listed below you will find the names and email addresses of the members who now make up the writing, reporting, and proof reading staff for Serendipity's monthly newsletter.  The reporters can be contacted at anytime if you feel you may have something you'd like to contribute to the newsletter.  We are always looking for submissions and ideas regarding future issues of Serendipity.  Please feel free to contact any of us, at anytime. We'd love to hear from you.          
We hope you enjoy our first Serendipity Newsletter.
Heidi L.
 Reporter ~ Develop Articles
Reporter ~ Recovery Stories
Reporter ~ Recovery Related Material
Sharon ~ 
Mary ~  mgreendale@YAHOO.COM
Proof Readers
September Editor
Serendipity Advisor: Mari
One of the things I love most about our community is that we have a time and a place for everything.   No one loves the 12 Step Program more than I do ... it's something that not only changes lives ... it saves lives.  The 12 Step Program gives hope to those of us who have been at the bottom of a hopeless well and no one need go much further than Step One to have that hope ignited again.  Overeaters Anonymous is a blessing to millions of men and women world-wide and there are reasons for every protocol found in 12 Step Meetings.  Nevertheless, there are some things, I think, compulsive eaters need to talk about ... but those are things that are never talked about in our OA Protocol f2f meetings or online support groups.  Food is one of those "things."
One doesn't get up in front of a group of OA members and salivate as they tell the group they binged on a hot fudge sundae dripping with whipped cream and almonds.  Nor do they finish a share at their local f2f meeting and tell the group how to make a low-fat casserole that tastes so good they want to make it three times a week.  If someone started sharing specific food plans in OAsis or OAOnline, half the members would start writing us letters letting us know that we were not "honoring the Traditions."  The truth of the matter is they would be correct. 
Fast forward to 2008 and The Recovery Group community.  Seeing the need for talking about food and other things one simply can't talk about in 12 Step groups, our community has established resources where non-protocol sharing is not only okay, but encouraged.  We have four Special Focus loops called Diabetes, GreySheet,  Abstinence and HOW.  Food is talked about on those four loops.  We have another loop in the Discovery Division called The Abstinent Kitchen.  Not only are specific foods and food plans discussed here, the members even share their recipes, food plans and trigger foods.  This is a good thing ... and even a fun thing.
From the very first time I admitted that I was powerless over food and learned that it was not a lack of willpower that made me a compulsive eater, I have been able to look at food differently.  It was as if a giant mental weight had been lifted from my soul.  In the OA 12&12, the Tradition Ten chapter states, "nutrition is an issue with which compulsive overeaters deal every day, and it may seem logical that this Fellowship should have as part of its program some very specific instructions on how each of us should be eating."   But it makes it very clear that OA has no opinion on things relating to specific foods.  TRG does.  Not in its 12 Step support groups ... but we have enlarged our community knowing that we need a safe place to bring all this out in the open.  
There is a time .... there is a place ... and we have found it.
And we are all better off because of it.
Love in recovery,

Monthly Happenings Around TRG

                   We hope you enjoy reading our news and stories below!              

My name is Dodee. Nancy and I are the administration office of TRG. We watch over The Recovery Group. Between the two of us, we are subscribed to almost all of the loops. We each get about 200 emails a day.
We answer questions -- sometimes the same one many times a day. We try to help everyone get to the place they want to go -- whether it's to a loop, an online meeting or to check on an online sponsor.
This week, we launched two new loops -- both on Yahoo. One is called TRGPhotos and is only for posting our favorite photos.
The other is called OANewcomer Talk. When new people join TRG, it is recommended they join the OANewcomers loop, which is an orientation to TRG and to learning about OA. When we first admit that we are compulsive eaters, we have lots of things to talk about. This loop is for doing just that.
We also try to fill all the trusted servant jobs in TRG (along with the help of the Executive Committee and other trusted servants). We all know that service is an important part of working the OA program. So if you are willing to do service for TRG, please email
TRG Administration
A friend told me about online recovery at a f2f meeting. I was thrilled to hear that there was online recovery for compulsive eaters. At that time, the problem was, I did not have a computer although I had the opportunity to go back to college and some of my classes would be online.  My husband went out and brought me a new computer.  

I looked for the online recovery that my friend had talked about in our home meeting. I found the TRG web site and I loved it. At first I wanted to join every loop that was available and I did join a lot of them. I also printed lots of materials out from the website.  I had pages and pages of stuff; I guess you could
say I was a little compulsive.

I did not attend the online meetings at first since I was so excited to be on the loops. I found a lovely lady to be my online sponsor. She worked with me through the steps on WTS and helped me to get abstinent for the first time since I came into program. 

Some time later, I began to attend the online meetings. I was very busy with school, but I did attend about one a day. At first, I would just sit and listen to what people said. I know at that time there weren't meetings every three hours like we have today. I really do not even know how many meetings there were at the time but I believe there were two a day.

As time went on, I would become a little braver as I attended the online meetings; I was starting to share.  One night I asked one of the leaders if it was hard to lead a meeting. She told me no, that it was fairly easy. She told me that she would send me the meeting format and I could train with another leader. I began my training with a nice lady for about a month. In those days we did a lot more typing than we do for the meetings today.
So, I lead online meetings for a few years. In September of 2003, I took a break from leading for TRG(The Recovery Group). In January of 2004, I wrote Mari, our founder, and said I would like to lead again and that I had missed leading meetings. Mari wrote me back and told me I could lead again. 
About a week or two later Mari wrote me and asked me if I would like to be on a committee. I said yes, but I had no idea what the committee was.  She told me I could do service on the loops, meetings, or wherever else I would like to be of service within TRG.

I said my heart and passion has always been with the meetings. I never would have believed that this was my first step to becoming one of TRG's meeting coordinators. I have been blessed with doing this service now for 4 years.  People that I have done this service with have come and gone. But I have faithfully kept coming back and doing the service because I know that this is where my HP has placed me.
In good times and bad times, I was told to do service because I would be blessed and I have been blessed with so much.  Just helping people whom I talk to in meetings is a  blessing and those people help me so much.  They will never know just how much they really do help my own program of recovery.  I have a vast amount of beautiful friends that I have found in TRG.  I do not think I could ever repay the debt of gratitude I have found through OA and TRG.
In Loving Service,
Terri (TRG Meeting Coordinator)
Many times we are asked by newcomers to The Recovery Group ... "what is a loop?"  Loops are support groups and those who join them are called "loopies."  We have many loops of just about every kind imaginable.  If one can only join one loop, it should be a 12 Step General Sharing Loop.  Many prefer to be active in two loops, a general sharing one and another with a special focus in addition to their eating disorder.  A third type of loop isn't really a "loop loop" because it's not specifically for sharing ... it's a study, a workshop, an orientation.  You can find all our loops and their missions here.  By clicking RECOVERY and ODAT, you can find our general sharing loops and our special focus ones.
Recovery Meetings are held every three hours around the clock beginning at midnight Eastern time.  Dedicated meeting leaders volunteer to lead the meetings and many special focus and foreign language meetings are held.  All regularly scheduled meetings are registered by Overeaters Anonymous and reflected on the OA website at  If you would like more information about meetings or to volunteer to lead a one hour meeting each week, please contact Terri and/or Tracy, the Recovery Meeting Coordinators at  If you would like to attend a meeting, here's the doorway.
Midnight, 3, 6, 9 AM Eastern Time
Noon, 3, 6, 9 Eastern Time
Please arrive and leave on time.
OA Protocol Observed during the meeting.
Type * to share
Type "done" when finished
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(Recipes, food chat, food plans & friendly people)


Envision a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where we can sit with friends and discuss one of the most important things in a Compulsive Overeater's life.  What types of abstinent foods can we prepare that are healthy and tasty?


Some have mentioned that one of the most difficult things about following a specific food plan is eating the same old hum-drum foods, day in and day out.


Did you know there is actually a place where we can all go and meet to discuss these very issues? 


The Abstinent Kitchen is where we can share recipes, food plans and food ideas with those seeking recovery.   We have an opportunity to share on a daily basis by an email discussion or can even look up past recipes and food plans in the archives.  These items consist of foods from all food groups and may possibly be known as binge foods/ingredients to certain members with sensitivities.  So please keep this in mind when choosing a new recipe to try.


Dar and Tina are your friendly hosts of AK and they would be overjoyed to see you.  To join them and many others in the kitchen, click the strawberries.


To visit TRG's kitchen on the web and see thousands of low fat recipes and food links, click the salad bowl below:


A Place To Share Food Plans and Recipes
Did you know that there is a place in our community where you could talk about food from morning until night?  Suppose you found strawberries on sale and bought a bunch of them.  If you shared this with the members of the kitchen, you would probably receive a lot of hints about how to make healthy and delicious concoctions that would not play havoc on your food plan.  Do you want to have BCBs (boneless chicken breasts) but are tired of just nuking them and want to experiment?  Just mention that on the Abstinent Kitchen loop and ask if anyone has a recipe that will make those BCBs more "interesting."
Do you have a recipe that you'd like to share with hundreds of others and see if they enjoy it as much as you do?  Here's the place.  Your recipe becomes part of a searchable data base of delicious, low-fat, low calorie abstinent food.
You've joined OA.  Everyone is talking about "Dignity of Choice" and you know that your plan of eating must be an individual one.  But wouldn't it be fun to see what everyone else is doing?  In a 12 Step Protocol loop we don't talk specifics of our food plans.  In the Abstinent Kitchen we do!
The Abstinent Kitchen is accompanied by a home page on the Recovery Website with thousands of recipes.  It's possible that as time goes on that it may be a major resource full of searchable low fat recipes, diabetic recipes, hypoglycemic recipes, low calorie recipes and combinations of healthy foods tested by compulsive eaters who have included them in their weight loss food plans.
See what's in store for you by clicking the strawberries which will take you directly to our website.
If you'd like to join us and become part of the kitchen crew and share recipes, tips, food plans and much more, just click the link below. 
And if you have questions, suggestions or comments ... you can write directly to the coordinators below. 
Dar & Tina
Abstinent Kitchen Coordinators
Contact:  Tina at
               Dar at  snowbun111@COMCAST.NET
Berry Smoothie
1 Cup Strawberries
1 Cup Blueberries
1 Cup Peaches
3 Cups Ice
1 Cup Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
Splash of Skim Milk
Splenda (to taste, about 6 small packets will do)
Mix the fruit together in a blender; add ice, yogurt, milk & Splenda.  Turn blender on high and blend until smooth.  Pour in glass, top off with a fresh strawberry and sip away.  Healthy way to cool off on a hot summer day.
Fresh fruit is best, however frozen will work too.
Number of Servings:  4


Wild blueberries have many health benefits. With a high level of antioxidants and other nutrients, blueberries can help in anti-aging, cancer prevention, preventing urinary tract infection, vision health, and helping in the prevention or fighting of other diseases as well. The nutritional value of blueberries is increased in smoothies as no heat is added and nutrients are not removed. For more information on the health benefits of blueberries visit


            Singing the Praises of Smoothies 

I am a regular exerciser and practice a predominantly vegetarian way of eating. As such, I am often challenged as to how to take in enough protein to fuel my muscles adequately and replenish my stores after a workout. Enter smoothies! A smoothie can be made into a high-protein meal or snack through the addition of protein powder. With juice and fruit included, my body gets the vitamins it needs; and
a banana gives my body potassium which reduces muscle soreness. Protein powders come in forms to please every dietary need--from soy-based to wheat or rice or milk or egg-based!

I have found I can get the "ultimate" smoothness in texture by using strictly frozen fruit (except for the ubiquitous banana) instead of fresh fruit and ice. I also eliminate the yogurt, which can have a tangy taste, and instead use vanilla soymilk to create a sweet and refreshing drink/snack. Of course, regular milk or unsweetened soy can be added instead, and sweetened with Splenda.

I have also enjoyed exotic smoothies using sugar-free drink syrup. These syrups are often featured in coffee houses and smoothie shops and used to flavor everything from Italian sodas to coffees to yogurt
to smoothies and more. For example, I have made a "pina colada" smoothie with sugar-free coconut syrup, frozen mango and pineapple, and a banana (and a bit of soymilk and/or mango nectar). Also, I've
had caramel-apple smoothies with apple, sugar-free caramel syrup, banana, and soymilk. Chuck a couple pitted dates in the blender to add sweet, chewy surprises to your drink/snack.

Smoothies are a great solution for people who exercise as they can be a refreshing vehicle for vitamins and protein which are important after exercise. This way one can also avoid the danger of
candy-bar-like protein bars, which have been binge foods for me in the past.

Smooth sailing on the smoothie seas!

Carrie in California

Thoughts On Recovery from Compulsive Overeating
  • Food is just fuel for my body. It's important to enjoy the taste and celebrate the pleasures of eating.
  • I am not my dis-ease (an internal imbalance) of compulsive overeating, but I do have it. I can recover (change my deep patterns and conditioning).
  • I also have a way out--a release from the symptoms, a release to a fuller life through practicing the 12 Steps--a day at a time.
  • I need my abstinence (freedom from out-of-control eating) in order to really live my life! The practice of healthy eating is like making an amends to my body.
  • Have compassion for myself--ask Higher Power to do for me "what I can't do for myself."
    • In the morning: "Please take away my desire to overeat or eat compulsively. Higher Power, please keep me abstinent (in recovery) and away from the first compulsive bite today. I can't do it alone. I need help!
    • At night: Give thanks! If I lay my head on my pillow at night and I have abstained that day, then all else will work out.
    • But remember...compulsive overeating is cunning, baffling, and powerful.
  • Be willing to go to any lengths: Call O.A. members, call your sponsor (find one), go to meetings, read literature, take time for "Step 11", be willing to work other 12-Step programs as needed, be willing to perform service (practice Step 12).
  • Abstinence from compulsive eating is unconditional: Our recovery, it cannot be negotiated with emotions, environment, relationships, or stress. I must learn to see my inappropriate relationship with food as something really harmful to will damage my life and all of my potential unless I address day at a time.
  • Whatever I put ahead of my recovery (think is really important and take lots of time to make it happen), I will lose along with my recovery.
  • Consider discarding anything in your life that comes between you and other people in your life, and between you and your deepest spiritual connection with life.
  • Abstinence from compulsive eating is the discovery of the good things of life...freedom of and a different way to live your life!
My life was in shambles,
Addiction ran rampant in my mind,
Fear consumed my every action,
and faith was impossible to find.
Hope was nonexistent,
Despair was my domain,
Chaos was my lifestyle,
My motivation was pain.
My bottom was high,
My pain was extreme,
Insanity was my captor,
And happiness was a distant dream.

Then I stumbled upon life,
One that promised peace and serenity,
I learned that happiness is obtainable,
when I develop honesty and humility.

My soul has a vision,
And God has shown me the way,
Today I can find harmony in life,
It's only twelve steps away!! 

Author Unknown


            Get on the Bus: the Recovery Highway.

I have said and believe myself that recovery is a highway. It is not a difficult path to locate. It is a highway that all 12-steppers walk. When the voices of disease whisper to us from the surrounding forest, we are tempted to wander off the highway and sometimes do; especially if we aren't working the steps and using the tools (fueling our journey, getting directions, etc). If we realize we have wandered,
immediately we can cry out "help me!" and many travelers will call out to us and bring us back to the highway. However, if we try to find our way back alone, we will only wander further and further into the
darkness and end up bushwhacking unendingly! No matter what, we can always call out "help me!" and our fellow travellers will call out to us until we find our way back.

I told a friend of mine "this is the highway to Shangri-La!" Who knows what joys and experiences await us on this journey, and with what light and love we will eventually leave this world? Thanks to the 12
steps and OA, I am now living a life without regrets and I can't believe it can (and will) get better!

So as I'm on the highway myself, I acknowledge that I am still making side trips at times--sometimes changing compulsions--and it occurs to me that I would rather stay on the highway!

My journey with other OAers and my sponsor have been a huge help in opening my eyes to the reality of recovery. I will get out of it what I'm willing to put in, and if I only work on one facet of my "defects,"
problems, and "weaknesses," ... well, I'm traveling in the slow lane! I will only get the promises in that one area.

I'm shifting gears, and I won't be afraid to ask for directions if I get lost! 

In recovery, Carrie


From OA's Lifeline

Some time ago a neighboring OA group asked me to speak on the topic of abstinence. I accepted and found myself frowning mentally. I would rather share my feelings, my understanding of the steps, my awareness of character defects, my search for progress, my newfound self-esteem. I was not happy to be tied into abstinence.

How lucky for me that I didn't say No to that request! I am grateful that my eyes and ears have opened and allowed my attitude to change.

Our area recently abolished abstinence requirements for speaking at special events. Somehow, this group conscience decision brought to mind my previous reluctance to discuss abstinence. I realized I felt guilty about side stepping this issue. I don't like making anyone uncomfortable, especially those I love in this Fellowship. Sharing my views on some subjects may make some still suffering overeater even more uncomfortable, and then I may not get the love and approval I want so much.

Once I recognized this, I realized that I was willing to take the risk because I can't afford confusion about the role abstinence has in my recovery program. It is essential for my continued progress to remember the road I followed to get where I am today.

I have been listening to OA members explain what abstinence means to them. A number of those who are struggling with abstinence express the hope that concentration on the steps and working toward emotional and spiritual growth will give them the gift of abstinence.

I hope it happens on their terms.

I also hear recovering members with stable, contented abstinence speak of the gift of abstinence they receive as a result of working OA's twelve steps. When they talk about the gift of abstinence, I understand them to mean they have received freedom from their obsession with food.

We need to hear more about this treasured gift: freedom from obsession with food. It gives me faith and hope to hear that this program works.

I believe that abstinence from compulsive overeating and freedom from the obsession with food are two different experiences which are not necessarily simultaneous, though we can eventually enjoy both.

The dictionary defines abstinence as "staying away from something." My experience has been to follow OA's suggestion and use abstinence as a tool for my recovery. Abstinence for me, especially in the beginning, was not free of fear, hunger, craving and obsession. Abstinence is a conscious, daily action I take in order to recover from the physical part of my threefold illness. Following a food plan for physical recovery will not make me content unless I apply the rest of the OA program.

Practicing my program in one or two areas did not bring me freedom from my obsession. AA tells the alcoholic to stay dry (stop drinking) and practice the twelve steps. OA tells the overeater to abstain (stop overeating) and practice the twelve steps.

When we become willing to follow a threefold program, then we will receive the gifts that AA's Big Book promises. Sobriety contented abstinence and freedom from obsession can and will become a reality.

I will not argue that this freedom does not come at the outset for some; God works in many ways. But there are countless members, like myself, who first had to practice physical abstinence (staying away from excess food).

I was three years practicing recovery on an emotional and spiritual level through the Al-Anon twelve-step program when I attended my first OA meeting. My twofold program did not relieve my obsession with food. My weight continued to increase during these program years. I did not realize that healthy emotions and spiritual depth were impossible for me while still physically self-destructing.

That was six years ago. I came to OA at 220 pounds and was given the suggestion that I abstain from excess food through an eating plan of my choice to be followed one day at a time. I "white-knuckled" it for six weeks on this plan, experiencing fear, hunger, cravings and obsession with food; but I did not overeat.

My powerlessness became clearer. But I was promised that God could and would remove the obsession if God were sought. Food was no longer controlling me; I was ready to seek a closer, conscious contact with a God of my understanding.

As I stopped using excess food as a crutch, I confronted many hidden emotions. OA suggested the twelve steps as the way to face my feelings without overeating. The steps took on new meaning for me now. As I continued to abstain, my obsession became less acute. Abstinence was not always difficult; sometimes it was easy. I came to have faith that this program works.

I am now at goal weight, but I know that maintenance is not insurance against my disease. My path to recovery is through OA's twelve steps. I cannot practice the steps with honesty while acting out my compulsion. It is only through a willingness to abstain that I can apply the twelve steps effectively to those problems I once escaped by eating.

The Big Book promises that God will do for us what we could not do for ourselves. To me that means there are some things I must do for myself, beginning with abstaining from excess food. The obsession with food can be removed. It does happen.

I pray to remember the essential part abstinence has in my recovery. Sharing these thoughts helps me understand that "Abstinence is the most important thing in my life without exception."

Lifeline ~ March 1980 ~ Lifeline Sampler ~ Page 9

.... Lifetime is published by Overeaters Anonymous and subscriptions are available directly from OA at


A Private Album For TRG Members
Located at  All members of TRG may have one album and place as many photos as you like in that album.  Please do not use photos of your young children.  Just click the album and follow the instructions below.
Instructions To Create Your Personal album
  • Click the above album or link
  • Do not sign in with YOUR Email address; Use the one below.
  • Sign in with trgphotos (password recovery)
  • Click "Create Album" and follow instructions
Thanks to those who have successfully started their albums.  Your beautiful smiles are wonderful to look at.  Also "thank you",Bill, for your sense of humor.  It's firmly implanted in your album.  :-)
Enjoy!  And please don't share this album or its password with anyone.
Mari & TRGAdm

Recovery Inspirations

Living in the Moment

This morning I am taking Harley, our puppy dog, to Happy Tails. Happy Tails is a "doggie daycare" type of place. They have play equipment for the dogs. They romp and play and pee all over the place. Between 11 and 1, they have "siesta" time. They get a snack, the lights are dimmed and classical music is played. We take him once a month when it isn't too hot outside. He absolutely loves it and we do that because we love him.

This got me to thinking about how much Harley lives in the moment. He eats when he is hungry. He drinks when he is thirsty. He pees when he has to pee. He plays when he is playful. He rests when he is tired. The thing he does the best is to give love and joy to whomever he comes in contact with. Well, with the exception of the cat across the road or the squirrels that sometimes wander into our yard. He loves to bark and chase them.

This weekend I experienced a panic attack. I don't get them much any more, but occasionally one will creep up on me. I thought I was going to get sick or pass out right in the middle of Juanita K. Hammonds Center. Because of where I was at, I felt penned in. The tools I learned at a panic attack seminar weren't working for me. I did the deep breathing. I prayed about it. I just couldn't get the picture out of my mind though of how embarrassed I would be if I puked right there in front of people I knew and a whole lot of strangers.

As I thought of the panic attack and Harley going to Happy Tails, I was aware of how Harley lives in the moment and how I didn't live in the moment during my panic attack. I was worried about "what if" and Harley simply enjoys "what is".

I don't think Harley feels fear very often. He gets a little nervous when there is loud thunder. When that happens, he finds Mike or I and gets close. We pet him and he quiets down. Other than that, there is little that scares Harley. He's living in the moment too much.

As I thought of that, I realized that Mike and I are kind of like Harley's "Higher Power". He knows we will take care of him. He knows we have always made sure he's fed and taken care of. I know he feels our love. We are his source for everything. I know Mike and I would do anything to make sure he is protected and taken care of because we love him so much.

With that thought in mind, how much more must our Higher Power love us? My God loves me so much that he wants to make sure I am protected and taken care of because He loves me so much. God is my source. Sometimes I forget and try to make "me" my source. That's what happened on Saturday. Should I have actually gotten sick in front of everyone, God would have still taken care of me. There would have been a lesson in it for me.

Today, I will work on living in the moment. Most days and moments I do that well. I will learn from Harley today. I will eat when I am hungry. I will drink when I am thirsty, I will pee when I need to. I will show love when I feel it. The only thing different that I will do is to smile instead of wag my tail when I am happy and drink out of a glass instead of the toilet!

Have a great "living in the moment" kind of day, unless of course you have other plans!


All Coordinators and/or Meeting Leaders of The Recovery Group shall :
  • Be working and living a 12 Step program.
  • Have been a member of TRG for a period of no less than 3 months.
  • Read and commit to TRG's Guidelines and Traditions.
  • Read and understand the Trusted Servants' Training and Sharing pages.
  • Coordinators shall read their loops' mission statement and the Coordinators' Website.
  • Mentor with an experienced Meeting Leader and/or Coordinator.
  • Commit to serving until the end of the term, which currently is December 31 of each year.
  • Leave their Trusted Servant position mid-term only in the event of an emergency.
  • Have access to a personal computer.
  • Be personally responsible for all services needed by their support group or delegate others. Commit to recruiting, training and supervising them. (Please ask Mtg. Adm. or TRGAdm. for a list of specific duties expected of our Meeting Leaders and Coordinators.
  • Please communicate with MTGAdm (Meeting Leaders) or TRGAdm (Coordinators) immediately when a member requires moderating.  TRG Coordinators and Meeting Leaders shall be patient and correct people regarding inappropriate sharing privately and in kind, gentle and loving ways.  In the event of blatant spam, porn or misconduct, Coordinators and Meeting Leaders should take immediate action.  Meeting leaders shall remove such members from the meeting, while coordinators are to contact TRGAdm and report that a member needs  moderated. Both Coordinators and Meeting Leaders shall send a detailed report to their respective administrators once the emergency has been attended to.
  • Be an example for others by sharing personally in a 12 Step Way, not using inappropriate signatures on TRG communications, and, if at all possible, writing your members individually and privately as your time permits when you think a note would be appreciated.
The 2008 Coordinators & Meeting Leaders
TRG has six divisions and our support groups each fall in one of
these divisions: Recovery, ODAT, Discovery, Special, Meetings and Business.
   (12 Step Protocol Sharing Support Loops)

200 PLUS
Coordinator ~ Tina ~
Coordinator ~ Bill ~
Coordinator ~ Shlomo ~
Coordinator ~
Coordinator ~
Coordinator ~ Gianna ~
Coordinator ~ To be appointed.
Coordinator ~ To be appointed. (Advisor - Lolly)
Coordinator ~ Sharon ~
Coordinator ~ Amanda ~
Coordinator ~ Lisa ~ 
Coordinator ~ Dodee ~ (Pro Tem)
Coordinator ~ Nancy ~ 
missust@PEOPLEPC.COM (Pro Tem)
Coordinator ~ Shlomo ~
Coordinator ~ Heidi ~
Coordinator ~ Cyndi ~
Coordinator ~ Lisa ~
Coordinator ~
Coordinator ~ To Be Announced
Coordinator ~ Linda ~
Coordinator ~ Gracie ~
Coordinator ~ Sandra F ~
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.

(12 Step Special Focus Support Loops With OA Protocol Sharing - Okay To Share 2nd Focus)
Coordinator ~ Terrie ~
Coordinator ~ Tracey C. ~
Coordinator ~ Kathy
Coordinator ~ Cate
Coordinator ~ Judy
Coordinator ~ Lisa
Coordinator ~ Janet
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ Marg ~
Coordinator ~ Q ~ 
Coordinator ~ Sharon ~
Coordinator ~ David ~
Coordinator ~ Sharon H. ~
Coordinator ~ Marian ~
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ Terrie ~
FFOA (Family & Friends of Compulsive Eaters)
Coordinator ~ Alice ~
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed
Coordinator ~ Lisa ~
Coordinator ~ Kathy
Coordinator ~ Max
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ Tricia
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ Shlomo
Coordinator ~ Vickie 
Coordinator ~ Brenda
Coordinator ~ Judy ~
Coordinator ~ Amanda ~
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed
Coordinator ~ Nina ~
Coordinator ~ Dressy ~
Coordinator ~ Nancy Pro Tem
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~

 (Informal Support Groups For Those With Eating Disorders)
Discovery Division Chair ~ Athena ~
Coordinator ~ Athena ~ (Pro Tem)
Coordinator ~ Athena ~ (Pro Tem)
Coordinator ~ Georgia
Coordinator ~ Melissa
Coordinator ~ Linda,
Coordinator ~ Elana ~
Advisor ~ Athena ~ (Pro Tem)
Coordinator ~
Coordinator ~ To Be Appointed.
Coordinator ~ Georgia ~
Coordinator ~ (Pro Tem)
No Coordinators By design.
Informal Discussion of Business Matters For Trusted Servants of The Recovery Group)
The Business Division of The Recovery Group is not for general sharing groups, although each includes specific kinds of sharing.  This division includes TRG's many groups designed to conduct business matters related to the management of our groups and, as such, works closely with the respective Trusted Servants of each group.
alice_catlady@YAHOO.COM   (Alice)
Annieflorance@HOTMAIL.COM  (Annie)
asnow3@TAMPABAY.RR.COM  (Amanda)
Athena1480@AOL.COM   (Athena)
captainfisherman1055@YAHOO.COM (Kathy)
cardiotricia@YAHOO.COM  (Tricia)
CateNdes@GRICS.NET  (Cate)
Cathystarr67@YAHOO.CO.UK  (Cathy)
crystalrclass@YAHOO.COM (Crystal)
DressyFemme@AOL.COM  (Dressy) 
jjhayden2@SBCGLOBAL.NET (Janice)  
judyco65@EARTHLINK.NET  (Judy)
lawann94@YAHOO.COM  (Ann) 
lfwatson@WINDSTREAM.NET (Linda)
lklingman@STNY.RR.COM  (Linda) 
lvillesvik@HOTMAIL.COM  (Lisa)
madcapmaggie@YAHOO.COM   (Cate)
missust@PEOPLEPC.COM  (Nancy)
ODAT0487@AOL.COM (Dodee)
plomba3200@AOL.COM  (Patt) 
sharon_s@TELKOMSA.NET  (Sharon)
shlomosh@BEZEQINT.NET  (Shlomo) 
tgrtym@HOTMAIL.COM  (Cynthia)
tlinza@COMCAST.NET  (Tracy)     
trgadm@HOTMAIL.COM  (TRGAdm)
twansitler1854@YAHOO.COM (Terri)
vlsmith9292@SBCGLOBAL.NET (VLS)
Committee Member, Athena1480@AOL.COM  (Athena)
Committee Member, (Dodee)
Committee Member,
lklingman@STNY.RR.COM (Linda)
Committee Member,
missust@PEOPLEPC.COM (Nancy)
Committee Member, (Patt)
Committee Member,
shlomosh@BEZEQINT.NET (Shlomo)
Committee Member,
twansitler1854@YAHOO.COM (Terri) 
Committee Member,
tlinza@COMCAST.NET (Tracy)
Contact: (Mari) 
Administrator ~ Dodee ~
Administrator ~ Nancy ~ missust@PEOPLEPC.COM
Coordinator ~ Terri ~
Coordinator ~ Tracy ~
Coordinator ~ Linda ~
Mari ~
(Support Groups, Studies and Projects Geared To The 12 Steps of Overeaters Anonymous)
The loops in the Special Division of The Recovery Group are not general sharing groups, although each includes specific kinds of sharing.  This division includes TRG's studies, workshops, orientation groups, etc.
Coordinator ~ Linda ~
Coordinator ~ 
Coordinator ~ Linda ~
Coordinator ~ Gracie ~ 
Coordinator ~ Sandra F ~
Coordinator ~ (Pro Tem)
Coordinator ~ (Pro Tem)

(TRG OA Registered Meetings Around the World Around the Clock)
TRG OA Online Meetings Coordinator ~ Terri ~ 
TRG OA Online Meetings Coordinator ~ Tracy ~
Mark H. ~
Tina ~ oarecovery@YAHOO.COM
Terri -
MaryAnnR -
LinS -
Sam -
Calixto -
Gianna - 
Sandra R. -
Meter ~
Francecso -
Guilia -
Lellina -
Margherita -
Joanne ~
Tracy ~
Lin ~
Britten -
AnneMaj - 


Recovery Tech ~ Audrey, TRGAdm, MtgAdm, OutreachAdm
Coordinator ~ Patt
Coordinator ~ Cate
Coordinator ~ Shlomo
rainbowsend45@YAHOO.CO.UK (Kathy)
Coordinator ~ Linda ~
Distributor ~ Todd ~
Weekend Distributor ~ Tricia ~ cardiotricia@YAHOO.COM
Coordinator ~ Patt ~ 
Gary ~
God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change;
The courage to change the things we can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.
"In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul
is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another."


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