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February 2006
Volume 8, Issue 2

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ser*en*dip*i*ty ~ (noun) First appeared 1754:
the faculty or phenomenon of finding
valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our February 2006 edition of Serendipity! Serendipity is our community's newsletter. It is filled with information pertaining to you, our members. We love hearing about the things you do and having your input. Each month, TRG administrators, coordinators and other trusted servants tell you about events occurring here at The Recovery Group. You will also find Big Book articles, personal shares from fellow members,letters, comments from our readers, and much more. We hope you will use this as a resource and let us know what you'd like to see in future editions.

This month, along with our regular articles, Mari announces exciting new changes to TRG's administrative body. Lisa gives us insight into the Newcomer's Speaker Program. Lanaya provides us with an article inspired by the AA 12x12 entitled "Into the Action." "The Stages of Stinking Thinking" is Marilyn's contribution and Helen shares her feelings on the topic of gratitude.

I hope you enjoy reading this month's edition of Serendipity. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for subscribing to Serendipity newsletter.

Love in recovery,

Rob, Serendipity Editor & The Serendipity Team


"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every new wave, and find your eternity in each moment."
    . . . Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes in our quest to tackle life's challenges we can get so wrapped up in our goals that we can forget to pause and enjoy the little things in life. Setting goals and achieving them is important, particularly our recovery goals. But there's always the danger that we can become human "doings" instead of human "beings." We need to take time out periodically to just "be." Enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a baby's smile, birds singing, a gentle breeze, sand in our toes, a twinkle in the eye of a loved one - these are all ways of taking us temporarily out of the rat race mentality and reminding us of the beauty and simplicity of our Higher Power. We only have to pause and reflect a moment to realize it and appreciate the precious gift that we've been given. All that we need is already available to us - here and now - in abundance.

I will choose to live in the serenity of the present moment.


"Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into."

~ Mahatma Ghandi ~


Not too far behind love, which is the topic most will be writing about this month, is loyalty. I'd like to write about that in this issue because I've been thinking a lot about loyalty and disloyalty, and why they're so important to me.

An anonymous child, age 12 wrote this poem. It resonated with me.


"I feel the pain - it burns like a scar,
As people stare at me from where they are,
They whisper about me behind my back,
But it's okay ... because you are loyal to me.

I will come when everyone has gone,
And I will shield you when you are attacked;
I will comfort you when you are treated unjustly.
I will applaud you when others "boo."

If those you trusted turn their back on you,
They will have to turn their back on me.
That is just the way I am;
That is just the way it is.

This is respect.
This is friendship.
This is trust.
This is loyalty."

. . . . . Anonymous

Of all the things in the world that can hurt us, I believe disloyalty is one of the most emotionally painful. I don't know where or when commitment, loyalty, trust, love and tenacity became so much a part of my psyche ... but it did.

Disloyalty is not a pretty sight ... but when it does appear, I thank God for the freedom offered by the 12 Steps, the wisdom of the Big Book and and the comfort of the Serenity Prayer.

Happy February, Loopies.

Love in recovery,


Dear Serendipity Readers,

I take great pleasure in announcing the Recovery Group Executive Committee composed of all of our wonderful Adms and Division Chairs. Although, each will continue their same service as before and use the same administrative addresses, they will be working together in their Committee "office" as well.

The TRG EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is composed of the following loyal servants, who can be reached at:

  • ROB ~ Chairman, TRG Executive Committee
I am looking forward to an extended leave and feel very fortunate that we have the above team to steer us into the Recovery Group of the future, which looks very bright indeed.

In loving service,


To submit your comments or letters to the editor, simply send an email to:

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Dear Serendipity,

Could not get subscription to AA loop of The Recovery Group to work, tried twice, now blocked out. What should I do?


Dear Barry,

Please send a blank email to:
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If you need more help please write to:

Love in recovery,
Serendipity Editor

Dear Serendipity,

I am looking for an OA sponsor. I am a 39 year old female. I am in another 12 step program. Please help.




Contact Patt & Cate at Sponsors@TheRecoveryGroup.org
and they will assist you. You can also place an ad for a sponsor at a TRG loop or you can approach individuals about sponsoring at meetings. Congratulations on taking this important step on your road to recovery.

Love in recovery,
Serendipity Editor


I know from my own experience, and the countless thousands of times I have heard it from others, that getting "into action" works.

I was floundering and so - reverted to what I know to do: trust God, clean house and work with others - put the directions of the program into action. WOW! It worked immediately. Within one day I was feeling better and my relationships were improving, I felt more comfortable with food and the obsession was lessening. Within three days I was treating myself with a wonderful respect and feeling like I was pumping on all cylinders.

"Nothing short of continuous action upon these as a way of life can bring the much- desired result." P. 40, AA 12&12

After so many years, I am still blown away by the power of the program!

I love the 12 steps. They have saved me time and time again from myself.


~ TRG ADM ~ The Administrative Hub ~

Some of you have received mail from one or more of the adminstrators. There are two of us in the office - Nancy and Dodee.

What do the administrators do? Well, we watch over all of TRG -- the meetings, the loops, the special services. We get up to 250 emails a day. Each time someone addresses an email with owner in the title, it is forwarded to TRGAdm. We also check all the Yahoo and Hotmail addresses that TRG uses.

We answer questions about every phase of TRG from subscribing and unsubscribing, to how to post to a loop, and even what the meaning of OA acronyms such as ODAT and ESH are. We live in different US time zones so one of us is usually checking things out to make sure the loops and meetings are available for all that need them from early morning until late at night.

We check to see that announcements are received by each list and are always here for the coordinators and division heads if they need us.

If you haven't seen us around, I promise you will at some time.

In loving service to all,
Dodee, Nancy and Audrey, Administrators

Contact: TRGAdm@TheRecoveryGroup.org



The ODAT Group Loops

The ODAT groups are for people who are compulsive overeaters, and who share a common focus. In these groups, we talk about our common focus, and about how it impacts on our recovery. We have groups which focus on people of the same faith (LDS, Christian, Pagan, Jewish); groups for people of the same age group (Silver, Teens); groups for people with common physical/medical challenges (PMS, Pain, Diabetes); groups for people who are at various stages of their family life (Relationships, Parenting, Pregnancy & Motherhood); groups for people who are also addicted to other substances (AA, Drug Abuse, Spending, and S*xandLoveAddicts) and groups for people who love addicts (FFOA, OAAnon).

We also have two groups which focus on special food plans. Though neither OA (nor TRG) endorse specific food plans, many of the members of TRG loops follow these specific food plans, and find it helpful to discuss their food plans with others who do. We also welcome people who want to know more about the food plan, and would like to hear the ESH of those who follow them. Our HOW group and Grey Sheet group were created for this purpose.

Another special group in ODAT is the WLS group. This group is for those who have had, or who are seeking - information about weight loss surgery. Those of us who have had the surgery are still challenged by the same issues that were part of our lives pre-op, and it is good to have a place to discuss how to use the tool of WLS to help work our Program.

If you are interested in information on any of the ODAT groups, please contact ODATAdm (address below).

ODAT Division Chairperson

Web page: www.theRecoveryGroup.org/odat/index.html


The Recovery Loops Division is made up of TRG's Twelve-step general sharing support groups. Our common mission is to provide a safe and supportive space for anyone who wants to recover from the disease of compulsive eating where COE's can share their experience, strength, and hope with others. In addition, some of these loops also have a special focus. The loops that make up this Division are: Anorexia and Bulimia, The Big Book, 200 Plus, Journey to Recovery, Meditations, OA Friends, OA Newcomers, OA Recovery, Relapse, Sponsor-Sponsee-Talk, Working the Steps ("WTS"), and WTS Weekly.

As you may know, a new group of OA Newcomers graduated the general sharing loops in December where they will continue their recovery journey. The First Quarter Orientation of 2006 has begun. This is a Speaker Program with 12 "old-timers" sending shares to the newcomers weekly.

WTS and Newcomers will begin new Study's March 1.

Several of the Recovery Group Loops are in need of coordinators. I know that giving service by being a coordinator of a loop has added a lot to my own recovery and hope that you will consider this opportunity to give service. If you are interested in becoming a coordinator, please contact me at the address given below.

Respectfully submitted,

CherylS, Chair
The Recovery Group Loops Division

More details about these support groups can be found at:
Contact: recoveryloopsadm@yahoo.com


Hello, everyone.

For many of us the opposite of hope brought us into program. At step one, or pre-step one, we felt hopeless, dejected, defeated; for many of us program seemd a last resort, a final flickering ray of hope thrown out to us across a dark sea of the drowning and the lost.

For many of us, the New Year, just by being a New Year, offers hope - hope of a new beginning. We may enter program as we once started another diet. This time, this time, it'll work. Sometimes it does. The New Year's resolution to enter fully into program does keep us going, until it becomes a habit. And, as habits have a way of doing, our participation becomes a natural and wonderful thing.

But not all of us have this experience. Some of us quit, convinced program can't work for us. We don't see the immediate changes we hoped for. Or it takes longer to lose weight this time, or none comes off. Or our character defects seem insurmountable, or we can't possibly make amends to some of the people on our list.

Funny thing, though, about this strong and resilient program -- we can begin again, at any moment. No bit of recovery, however small, is lost. And no one gets more than 24 hours at a time. There is always hope, hope that in the next minute we can decide, again, to be abstinent, or pick up the 'phone for the first time and call another OA member, or ask some one f-t-f or online to be our sponsor. We don't have to wait 'til next Monday or next month, or the next New Year, to adopt a food plan, to begin an inventory or do a daily inventory, to make an amend, to talk with and listen to G-d as we understand G-d.

Hope never leaves the stage of our lives. The rooms, whether cyber or otherwise, brim over with hope -- in what we share. It is, after all, experience, strength, and hope (ESH) we are to share with one another. What a profound gift our ESH is! I see it everyday on these loops, in meetings, hear it on the phone, sense it in our hearts.

Like a brilliant beam of light in that dark sea of despair, hope calls us home, in program, one day, one hour, one minute at a time. We are never alone. The light of hope forever shines.

Everyone is invited to check out the Discovery Division. If you haven't visited, there are loops on exercise, archives of recipes, an abstinent kitchen, a loop for kids to share, and a loop for parents and other friends and relatives of kids with food issues. And there's the yellow brick road ..........come and find out by going to the web page address, below:

In love and gratitude for hope,

Discovery Division Chair

Web page:
Email: DiscoveryAdm@yahoo.com
or DiscoveryAdm@lists.TheRecoveryGroup.org

On-Line Meeting Division

Meetings Around the World ~ Around the Clock

One day at a time our meetings continue to spark recovery into those of us who really need this place of comfort and growth.

We still have some meetings without leaders and we would like to hear from anyone who is considering giving service and strengthening their own recovery in this way.

A little knowledge of mIRC and good keyboarding skills are an excellent start and training is provided for those who need it.

Please write to
mtgadm@lists.therecoverygroup.org and let us know you are ready to start!!

In loving service,
Terri and Christine
On-Line Meeting Co-Coordinators

Enquiries to: MtgAdm@lists.TheRecoveryGroup.org


Programs & Special Services Division has been bustling this month. We've had renewed interest in our Meditations Program and have completed another month's worth of posts for our Meditation Calendar. TRG Topics Team welcomed new writer, Janie, to its ranks. Cate and Patt have been busy finding temporary Sponsors for the WTS Quarterly and January has been hopping with the Telephone Angels Progam and handling subscriptions at Serendipity.

We're ALWAYS on the hunt for new contributors! With another new WTS Quarterly coming up in March, TRG Sponsor Program requires an influx of new sponsors. Telephone Angels also has need of volunteers willing to give a few hours a week of their time to take phone calls from those in need. We also are currently looking for new submissions for Recovery Meditations for 2006 and for writers to help with the TRG Topic Team. If you interested in giving service in these areas - or are interested in ANY of our programs, please contact me.

Love in Recovery,
Rob R

TRG Programs And Services Division Chair
The Recovery Group


People often ask about the role of a sponsor in their recovery. The OA website states it so clearly in the tools when it says:

"Sponsors are OA members who are living the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to the best of their ability. They arewilling to share their recovery with other members of the Fellowship and are committed to abstinence."
The heart of recovery is found in this simple one-on-one sharing of the steps of recovery.

OA is based on these 12 steps, and those wonderful promises come as a result of taking these steps and living them out! When you are seriously ready to take the steps of recovery, it is time to find a sponsor!

The OA tools page says:
"Ours is a program of attraction: find a sponsor who has what you want, and ask that person how he or she is achieving it. "
Listen carefully to the shares of the members on your home loop. Perhaps you will find someone there who has what you are seeking!

Try posting a topic for sharing yourself, and listen to the responses of the members; perhaps you will find the sponsor you are seeking.

If you attend meetings, either f2f or online, again, listen to the sharing, ask questions after the meeting!

When you are ready, there will be a sponsor ready for you! And, when you really begin working these steps of recovery with a sponsor, you will begin to find the gifts of recovery!

If you are ready to serve as a sponsor, please write, and we will add you to the sponsor directory right away!

       Patt and Cate
       TRG Sponsor Coordinators

Contact: Sponsors@TheRecoveryGroup.org


     (\0/) (\0/) (\0/)
     / \   / \   / \


Dear Friend in Recovery,

There is an opportunity available for you all to give back what you have been given by carrying the message through the use of the telephone. By just being willing to accept phone calls from fellow members of TRG when you are available, you can impact so many and possibly help keep someone from that first compulsive bite.

Our program can be very simple. Just by a member of a loop reaching out and making a phone call from a list available to them, lives can be changed. So many times I have been going through a tough time and picked up the phone and with the kind words spoken on the other end I was able to express my pain - thus preserving my abstinence one more day.

And sometimes just the act of dialing the phone and releasing the negative energy is enough - so even if the person is not home - the negativity or obsession has begun to be lifted and another tool can then be utilized.

On the other side there have been so many times when I received a call and just the right thing was said. I know a lot of times I would thank the person for keeping me abstinent one more day. Simply listening to them got me out of my own head and kept me out of the fridge.

So please consider being a Telephone Angel. It is such an amazing way to give back and serve at the same time. I always love what Rozanne said in her promise: "I put my hand in yours and together we can do what we never could do alone......" We all share a common bond and need each other. Sometimes online email is enough and sometimes we need more like a telphone connection.

To join our list of telephone angels and share your recovery with others through this service please contact: Telephoneangels@yahoo.com. In your email please include the following information so that you may be properly listed in th directory:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Publish your email address? (Yes or No)
  • What State you live in (this way people can find someone closer to them)
  • Your phone number ~ area code and number
  • Your time zone (like Eastern Standard)
  • Best times to call?
  • Should folks leave a message or not?
  • And, any other info you want callers to know
  • We do not publish website mentions.
  • No advertisements or spam is allowed.
  • The Telephone Angel Directory is published as an outreach tool for our
    TRG Recovery Loop members ONLY and is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL!
  • Phone numbers should never be shared under any circumstances.
Thanks in advance for considering giving service.

In service,
January Keck
Coordinator, Telephone Angels Directory

The Recovery Telephone Angels Program


Newcomers meetings are Monday and Tuesday, 8PM EST and Thursday 10PM EST

~ MEET Elizabeth W.~

Elizabeth is the mother of 2 (ages 3 and 7), and comes to us from St. Paul, Minn.

"This year I knew I needed to find a different approach to controlling my weight. I had been on several diets over the years, but found that my weight still continued to climb despite my efforts."

"A friend of mine who is in AA told me about there being a 12 step program for people with eating disorders, and so I came online to learn more about it. That is how I found the Recovery Group."

"I was very intrigued by my first meeting. It was as if the people in the meeting had been reading my diary. I also found myself wanting to learn a lot more about how my thinking was tied in with my overeating. Before, I just thought of myself as a hog with no willpower."

"I found the shares of people in the meeting to be shocking in their honesty. I had never had the courage to speak frankly about how far out of control my eating gets sometimes, and I so related to those who felt ashamed afterwards."

In what ways, Elizabeth, do you feel that this program has had an impact on your recovery?

"I know that I am just getting started, but I am already beginning to feel differently... I now have peers that I can talk to who know the struggle of being obsessed with food. I am more forgiving of myself and learning to set smaller goals, rather than thinking about how my life will start once I am thin. I am concentrating on getting healthy, happy, and finding peace, rather than concentrating on weight."

"My family is very supportive, but does not really understand what the steps and meetings are all about if they are not about dieting and exchanging recipes. At this point I am still a little reluctant to say too much to them about the program, but that is ok, I am doing this just for me."

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Elizabeth. It is a pleasure to have you as a member of our group.

Love in recovery,
Marilyn (TRGMarils)
Newcomer's Meeting Leader



OANewcomers is a "hopping" loop with over 75% of its members actively sharing this month. The loop provides the Newcomers with a temporary haven before they move on to a permanent home loop. While at OA Newcomers, members participate in an Orientation Program in which they are introduced to The Recovery Group and OA program basics. The orientation period is approximately 12 weeks during which time the newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and are introduced to various topics.

We invite Guest Speakers to present the following topics; Basics; Netiquette, Subscriptions, tips, what to do first, etc., The Twelve Steps with focus on the first three steps and spirituality, the Twelve traditions, Sponsors, On-line and Face-to-Face meetings, The Recovery Group Loops, studies and services, Food Plans, The Three Legged Stool, Literature with a focus on the OA 12 & 12, Big Book and TRG writings, Recovery Topics on The Recovery Website, Service and How to Share appropriately at F2F and on Home Loop.

The speakers send their article that includes questions for review to the loop. The newcomers then post their answers to the loop, ask questions, discuss the topic, etc.

We have Guest speakers signed up for 10 of the 12 topics for all of 2006! (Speakers send their topic one time each quarter). We are presently in need of guest speakers for two topics, The Three Legged Stool and Recovery Topics on The Recovery Website. If you are interested in giving service as a speaker for one of these topics, please contact me at: LCaul@verizon.net

The Newcomers really enjoy having the Guest Speakers. And as they are very eager to learn, they take their topic work very seriously.

The second quarterly Newcomers Orientation Session will begin March 1-June 30. To join, e-mail:

Speaker Coordinator


Like a lot of COE's, I have my good days and bad days... even when my plan is going well, and even though I am abstinent.

What I have become aware of most recently is that my mind has different levels of "stinking thinking". It is in "disease mode" that I find myself where my mind should not dwell. Self-pity is a good example of that.

From self-pity it is just a little hop over to my mental theater, where I replay old mental movies of how someone or something did me wrong. I well-up with resentment, and I start to have "insane" thoughts that contradict everything that I have been hoping and working to achieve. I start to lose focus of things going on around me, lose strength, lose energy, lose confidence, and just wallow in those old thoughts and emotions.

If allowed to go unchecked, I can find my emotions rise up, grow, and I am past resentment and well on my way to anger. I breathe differently. My willfulness increases, my mind races,and I find that I want to head for the fridge out of a need to lash out... only instead of lashing out at someone or something, I curb those feelings of violence and stuff it down... as though the physical violence of stuffing myself is the only outlet for me to react physically to my emotions.

When I immersed myself in the program, I began to experience a very strong anti-binge dialogue going on in my head.

This is what allows me to maintain my abstinence. Still, with practice and working on my relationship with my HP, things continue to get better... and my relationship with food has totally changed.

I still find, however, that unless I interrupt the negative thought process, my mind wants to escalate to the next level. I have begun to see these levels as red flags in which I know I need to take action and head negative thinking off at the pass. For example, I remind myself that there is no such thing as a right to self-pity, and that if I continue to wallow in it, I will become an emotional addict, becoming stuck, and losing my recovery.

Love in recovery,
Marilyn (TRGMarils)


To submit an article to Serendipity Newsletter, simply send an email to:


Most of the time when I sit down to write my shares the very first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude that I CAN write them because I am working the Program I am writing about.

I remember the years upon years when my life was such a mess in so many ways and I didn't really know why. I could point to turning points where it certainly appeared I had taken the wrong way, but why I had turned was a mystery to me. I knew I was eating compulsively again and I started many diets, food plans and ways of living that were calculated to fix that problem. Surprisingly to me, although many of them were rooted and grounded in good common sense and good spiritual principles, none of them worked.

This week I can write the topic with more informed gratitude because, thanks to the ongoing WTS workshop, I finally know what was wrong with my life. I have a physical, mental and spiritual disease...the spiritual manifestation of which is an unmanageable life! This is wisdom from our WTS leader, but we've had two weeks to work on checking out whether his wisdom jives with what we have proved in our own life. The homework is voluminous, comprehensive and searching. At the end we receive, not a continuing education credit but a new understanding of our disease and most important, our recovery.

I had never thought of step one as being divided into physical and spiritual aspects, but thinking of it thusly brings easy comprehension where only questions used to lurk. To paraphrase, I have a physical addiction to certain substances over which I am powerless to control my physical reaction which will result (sooner or later) in cravings. I have a spiritual disease which manifests itself in the behavior of compulsive overeating which is a character defect. Like all character defects, it is instinct gone wild and although this was not covered in class, I believe that character defects, at their heart, are an attempt to circumvent the action of HP in our lives..to use some way to comfort ourselves other than turning to our Creator for help.

So today, at long last, I understand what was going on during those years of chaos. I was looking for a substitute god, even willing to play God myself. It didn't work and I am glad it didn't because the pain of failure brought me back to sanity. I gratefully plan to work the Program one day at a time in order to maintain this sanity. Recovery blossoms in our lives as we become open to the nuances and depths of its wisdom.

Joy and peace,




"We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity. And we will know peace.

No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.

That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear. We will lose interest in selfish things and gain insight in our fellows. Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook will change.

Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us. We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us. We will suddenly realize that

God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves."
    c. 2001, AABB, pp 83-4


We are definitely going to find a new happiness and a new peace, at least I know I did! All of us have been down in the bitter hole many times and back out, only to fall in again, unexpectedly!! This is because our disease is so Cunning and Powerful! No amount of willpower can last long enough to stop this deadly disease from attacking us (usually when we confident and least expect it)!

The cycle of this disease must be stopped! We HAVE to find a Higher Power to give us the strength and guidance every day. We have to be willing to let HP lead us and show us the right Path.

As we begin this NEW YEAR, I do pray that HP will help ALL of us to reach the goals we want ONE DAY AT A TIME. I feel that I am at the bottom again and as I'm suffering with the effects of COE, I humbly offer myself to HIM to please help me.!!

Many Blessings on your Path To Recovery,

Much Love in Recovery,
    Myrlene (Big Book and Recovery Group)


God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Overeaters Anonymous
World Service Office (WSO)
PO Box 44020
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA

Telephone 505-891-2664
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"I put my hand in yours ...
and together we can do what we could never do alone."
~ Rozanne, OA CoFounder ~


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"In the deepest part of a compulsive eater's soul . . .
Is the realization that recovery begins when we find one another."


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