September 11, 2001

In Memory of Those Who Perished ... We Will Never Forget

Dear God Of Our Understanding ~

On a day like today ...
When the peace we hold so dear has been shattered ... please give us the knowledge that You are in control and that nothing is taking place in this world without a reason.

On a day like today ...
When insanity has replaced reason among men ... please give us the ability to understand that we must live in peace in a world of differences.

On a day like today ...
When we are praying with tens of thousands of others ... please let us link heart to heart ... mind to mind ... and spirit to spirit so that we may make our earth a better place.

We implore thee, our Greater Power ... to let your forgiving love set all nations free.

We ask thee, oh God of our Understanding ... To release us from the sins of our nation's past.

We beg you, dear God
To listen to us ...
To hear us ...
To bless us.

On a day like today ... In the safety of our beloved Recovery community we are here to do our part, one step at a time ~ one precious day at a time to fulfill our destiny in peace.


The members of The Recovery Group's worldwide
community with compassion for and devotion to their
fellowman respectfully dedicate this page to the victims
of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States of America.

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please click here: Message Board

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