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Question Twenty-Nine

Dear Web Visitors and Recovery Friends,

My name is Donna and I am a compulsive overeater. I am going to be sharing with you my own experience, strength and hope as it relates to Questions 20-30. I have been a member of OA for about 20 years now. The responses that I will give to the questions represent my own views ... they may or may not echo yours. I hope you will share your responses with your home loop. I am honored to share these words as my service. I pray you will find something useful in the words that I write.

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Dear Loop Friends:

Read "A Vision For You" in the BB. Discuss and reflect upon the vision God has for you. Discuss at length what this concept means to you. Our answers will come if our own house is in order.


Reading about the early sharing in AA was very encouraging. The vision that the title refers to is the one shared by the founders and early members of AA, but the message of the Program is still the same. It works when we work it; one day at a time. And this chapter reminds us that one of the ways that it works best is to give away the gifts which we have been granted, so that we can continue to receive more gifts through the Program.

God has helped me through these many years, in Program. Even as someone currently in relapse with food, I can honestly say that my life is richer whenever I use the tools of the Program. The Program is a threefold path of recovery:physical, emotional and spiritual. When I have been unable to accept the gift of abstinence from overeating, I have worked the Program at an emotional and spiritual level, and my life has been much richer because of it. Every time I put Program principles to work in my life, I become more connected to my HP, and therefore more of the person I aspire to be.

Food is so cunning and baffling to me. I look at it and wonder why it dominates my life. Yet this can be futile. There is much to be experienced in the Program: the fellowship of meetings; the growth of working the steps; the lessons learned in the literature, and the peace gained when I work in step 11 and draw closer to God. Each day finds me with new opportunities to put Program into practice, and to spread the vision of OA to others who still suffer. Yes, I pray for willingness that I will return to abstinence from compulsive eating. But I am very grateful for the gifts that I am able to receieve and put into practice. And telling other COEs about this vision is what step 12 - and the survival of my own recovery - is all about.

Have a blessed 24 hours

Blessings Donna - food addict


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