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Question Twenty-Seven

Dear Web Visitors and Recovery Friends,

My name is Donna and I am a compulsive overeater. I am going to be sharing with you my own experience, strength and hope as it relates to Questions 20-30. I have been a member of OA for about 20 years now. The responses that I will give to the questions represent my own views ... they may or may not echo yours. I hope you will share your responses with your home loop. I am honored to share these words as my service. I pray you will find something useful in the words that I write.

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Dear Loop Friends: My name is Donna and I am a compulsive eater.

Question 27: Re-read pages 41-42 in 12/12. Discuss and reflect how we may go about bringing our will into arrangement with God's intention for us.

When we are in a place where we are considering surrender of the control of our lives to HP, it becomes evident to us that our own will sometimes conflicts with the aims of recovery. It is normal for food addicts and CEs to want a different food selection that what we have planned. It is normal for us to find fault with the way that our day unfolds, or to find dissatisfaction with our treatment by others. But we must reflect - as many times as is necessary - on how the First Step in the 12 prepared us for the daily acceptance of our lives and ourselves as being exactly the way they are planned, for this 24 hours, by HP. Does that mean it is perfect? No way! Does that mean there is no room for improvement? Don't we wish!! All it means is that every circumstance within this 24 hours is there because it was intended to be there. Every person is encountered, for a reason. Every food that I planned to eat will nourish me and provide what my body needs (as long as my food plan is a healthy one). So, if we start at this place of acceptance, we can again move toward surrendering control of these 24 hours to HP (who planned it all, with us in mind, in the first place!) Who IS our HP, to us? Is HP a being Whose Will brings about our benefit? Does HP intend our ultimate good? Does HP give us guidance through difficult times? If all these things are true, we must ask ourselves why we resist HP's Will, so often. If we doubt that HP has our ultimate good in mind, we should ask ourselves why we have chosen to believe in a Higher Power that does NOT have our ultimate Good, in mind. Sometimes, by coming into Program, we are forced to examine our religious beliefs. Sometimes, we must ask ourselves if we truly believe, in our hearts, what we have been taught by rote, about our theology. We must ask if the belief system we have grown up with is helping us to find peace and serenity, or if it is encasing us in guilt and self-doubt. I do not believe that our HP intended for us to see ourselves in a negative light. I believe that HP gives us this Program so we can begin to see, in ourselves, the goodness which is intrinsic in us all, and to be able, through the recovery process, to live as a fulfillment of that good. Whatever your doctrine, if your concept of HP leads you to anything except self-acceptance, I urge you to re-examine it, and to meditate on the ways in which HP can help you discover a vision of yourself which you can accept, with peace.

Once you begin to see that you are being led, by HP, into an acceptance of yourself and your daily circumstances, and being helped to find the best possible way to cope with those circumstances through His Will and through the Program, I believe that acceptance of His Will will become easier.

Each 24 hours we have a chance to allow HP to guide us through a day of recovery. How many of the benefits of that recovery you allow to work for you is based, (in my opinion), on your degree of acceptance of His Will and His Guidance.

Blessings Donna - food addict


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