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Question Twenty-Six

Dear Web Visitors and Recovery Friends,

My name is Donna and I am a compulsive overeater. I am going to be sharing with you my own experience, strength and hope as it relates to Questions 20-30. I have been a member of OA for about 20 years now. The responses that I will give to the questions represent my own views ... they may or may not echo yours. I hope you will share your responses with your home loop. I am honored to share these words as my service. I pray you will find something useful in the words that I write.

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Question 26

Read pp 25-29 in the BB. Discuss and reflect upon the concept that recovery depends on huge emotional displacements and rearrangements.

I have found that the issues that surround my compulsive eating are very emotional. Sometimes I feel extreme sadness; sometimes anger; sometimes fear. I feel loneliness, depression, boredom. I feel many things, and I feel them very strongly. If I focus on the intensity of my feelings, I can be overwhelmed with them. As long as I continue to focus on the problem, my eyes are not on the solution.

For me, the true lessons of the Program deal with my daily choice of how to direct my energies. I can stay rooted in my problems, and be overwhelmed by the emotions that they inspire, or I can focus on the positive changes that my recovery work and HP are bringing about in my life. Even serious problems which demand my immediate attention can be handled by a shift in focus. I take a look at each situation, as it occurs and ask myself what I must do, for that present moment only. What feelings do I have? Can I talk about them? Journal about them? Tell my sponsor about them? I do not have to let them overwhelm me, any more than I should ignore them. Feelings are a valid human response to crisis - or even to everyday life. So feeling them is what we must do, but we can choose to feel them in the correct context. We can see them not as things which take away from the quality of our lives, but as challenges meant to be met by our own inner resources, as helped by our connection to our HP. Many of us addicts have highly emotional personalities, and I am no exception. But as I learn each day, to focus not on the problem but the solution, my HP is changing my viewpoint. I displace my negative emotions with positive emotions - and it can make a difference, for this 24 hours.

Blessings Donna - food addict


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