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Question Twenty-Four

Dear Web Visitors and Recovery Friends,

My name is Donna and I am a compulsive overeater. I am going to be sharing with you my own experience, strength and hope as it relates to Questions 20-30. I have been a member of OA for about 20 years now. The responses that I will give to the questions represent my own views ... they may or may not echo yours. I hope you will share your responses with your home loop. I am honored to share these words as my service. I pray you will find something useful in the words that I write.

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Dear Friends,

I am Donna and am grateful to be a compulsive eater in recovery. The Thirty Questions are a tool for journaling and I am happy to send them to you each week.


Question 24.

Read pages 569-570 in BB. Discuss and reflect on the "God consciousness" you have experienced for yourself and have seen in other members of the fellowship.

To me, the most amazing thing about the OA program is how people from all faiths can help us to discover a new concept of spitituality, if we allow them to. At first, it was difficult for me to give creedence to the spiritual advice of people who had different doctrines or faiths. I thought they could not possibly explain to me how I can "let go and let God", because their concept of God was different. And to listen at all to atheists... why in the world should I do that??? But, as I began to listen, with my heart instead of my head, I saw that we are all on the same journey. We are all tapped into the same source of strength.. whatever we may choose to call it, and however we may choose to define it. All I can say is that it works when you work it... no matter what Source of Power that you allow to work it for you!

If I look with my heart, I can see and experience God within each person who shares my recovery journey. Because we are all attempting to tune into our Higher Power, our gatherings together can become a conduit toward that connection. Every person in an OA room - no matter their faith, or lack of it, is a shareholder in that power. Some choose to use it fully; some do not yet know how. Some are afraid to trust; some are raw and bruised from recent relapses, and are just beginning to connect again... but, within each truly willing spirit lies a source of connection to our Higher Power.

When I come to a meeting with a willing heart, I experience God in ways that may surprise me. When I sincerely seek God's voice, in a meeting, I will hear it .... in the speaker, or in the person next to me... or even in the person who is helping stack the chairs. There is power in recovery... and we find it when we seek it May you seek and find it, today.

Blessings in recovery


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