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Dear Friends and Web Visitors,

My name is Shana and I am a compulsive overeater. I am grateful to have found the OA program of recovery and part of my program is sharing it with others.

Over the next eight months (approximately) I will be sharing with you 30 Questions as given to me in years past. These questions helped introduce me to the first 3 steps of OA, and helped me name...and claim my feelings about myself and my disease of coe. As I post these weekly shares, I hope that they will bring responses from YOU and that you will share your answers to these questions here on the loops.


A.)Why do you need to stop overeating in your life right now?
B.)Why did you come to OA/12 step recovery loops (or both)?
C.)Is slimness the most important thing?

A.) Though I have been abstinent since October, 1998, (and a member of OA since 1973), I by no means consider myself cured of this disease, and feel quite able to answer this question even today. Health problems are certainly a part of my daily life, and I know that many of my problems are not weight related, but there is no way that I could believe that losing at least 50 lbs. would not make my health issues "lighter". Also, I can still remember how I felt back in August, 98 when I first wrote to Journey to Recovery. I was at the end of my rope mentally; I had come to believe that there were no more chances for me to live a sane and happy life. At 52 (at that time), I believed that my life as a confident, happy, and free individual had come to a close. The future looked bleak...but somehow HP showed me to the light at the end of the tunnel...and, well, here I am. :-)

B.)I came to the Twelve Step rooms because of a show I saw on television many, many years ago. It was the first time that Rozanne and others of a founding group of OA came on TV to talk about their recovery using the Twelve Steps. I was immediately electrified! I knew that I had found my contemporaries. That month I heard from an old friend; someone I rarely heard from. She was telling me about OA and did I ever hear of it. YES, I said, I did hear of it. She told me that there were meetings in a nearby town. I went that week...and never looked back. I came to OA because my life was full of humiliation and shame and my life had become unmanageable.

C.) Years ago, slimness meant much more than it does now. Of course, I still want to look better, prettier, less awkward when I get up from a chair. But, I really want the serenity, closeness to HP, love in my heart, reminder of giving, less ego...and more focus on others, pride that isn't false, and so much more. Yeah, I want to be slim-mer too, but I don't have to be a size "whatever" to feel that glorious feeling already. Oddly enough, and I think this is so funny, I feel as "mentally slim" as I did when I was a lot smaller, yet I weigh more now than when I first came into the OA doors. They say "everything is relative" . . . well I'm glad of that for today.

Love in recovery,





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