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Hi all,

The sun is just creeping up over the horizon, I actually saw it 'cuz I have been getting up earlier to go walking again as the weather here in Florida will be getting warmer sooner and I have a desire to get used to the earlier times I'll be walking, and as a result I have been falling asleep earlier in the evening... and for me that means around midnight - 1am... :-)

Brings to mind an old physics law, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. It means simply to me that every action has consequences. If I keep doing the same things, the results will be the same, if I change what I am doing, then the results will be different. Since I am forcing myself to get up earlier now, my sleep patterns have changed, simple huh?

Since I have eliminated my trigger foods, I have not had any cravings. Since I have been working the steps I have noticed my behaviors have changed, I'm not so irritable, more even in my responses to situations and people. Since I have adopted a food plan, I have not had to think about food during the day nearly as much, have not had to wonder what I'll "feel" like eating cause it doesn't matter how I feel anymore in order to decide what it is I'm going to fix for my meals. Our slogan or saying, "No change, no change" can be made positive by saying, "Change = change".. If I truly want things to change in my life, then "I" must take the first step and change what it is that I'm doing. If I want to get heat from my wood burning stove, I have to first put in the wood, I can't wait till the stove gives me heat and then say I'll put in the wood, I must do the work first, find the wood, chop the wood, put it in the stove, light it, and THEN I will get the result, then I will receive the gift of heat. I have tons of books in my house, but if I don't read them they are of no value to me, they are just potential which is not being used. If I never read the Big Book, or other OA literature I have, then what good is it to me?

So, I do the work, I read 15 minutes a day from our literature, I plan my meals, I make sure I have that food in my house, I walk to strengthen my body, I work the steps to improve my life experience. I do the work and then I do the work, and next I do the work...... and let the results happen when they will. I notice when they change most times, but not always. It takes the daily Step 10 to evaluate my day: What happened? - How could it have been better with regard my reactions to what happened to me that day? - How was it better than before? Then I ask my Higher Power to help me be more aware of the gifts I have received and the strength to do better in those areas that I feel I've come up short. It is a wonderful process. It is a glorious gift. Thanks for a new day, a new opportunity.

As my day begins I am grateful for this new beginning.

Time to walk! ;-)

Stay Strong!

love and hugs,

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