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Hi all,

Today is a very special occasion for me, lots of people have offered me congratulations, and urged me to indulge myself today. It is the anniversary of my arrival to this existence, it is a time of traditional partying, relaxing of restrictions from the normal everyday events. It is a time when normal people allow themselves to overindulge in food and drink, and you get a kiss from everyone! Some people even sent money so that I can have things I wouldn't normally be able to have. It is a great festive occasion.

My mind has told me that since I've been doing so well I should "let myself go", just for today, I DESERVE IT!!!

I don't have to do my walk today, I don't have to plan my meals today, I can do whatever I want to! Yay!!

What a great day today is, TODAY, I must be Normal!!!!!!!!!!

(sigh) alas, if only it were true, but it's not. My body doesn't know today is a special day, it doesn't know it is suppose to behave differently today. The laws that have governed my life to date won't be suspended because today is a special day. The chromosomes won't miraculously realign themselves because it is a special day.

My brain function won't be suspended today, well, that may not be true, because I am not considering allowing myself the indulgences associated with this special day, and so THAT is the bit of control that I do have in relation to today. I can consciously alter the way I "react" to this special day.

I choose to celebrate this day by giving myself the greatest gift in my power to give... my sanity, my continued recovery, and so my joy of being alive and the awareness of my limitations. I give Praise and Thanks to my Higher Power for helping me whenever I am willing to ask for it. No matter what has preceded, HP is always there when I turn to Him. There is no greater Love than that.

I am truly blessed today and everyday.

Stay Strong!

love and hugs,

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