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My daughter sent me this, couldn't have come at a better time:

Preparation along the way . . .

The obstacles in your path are not there to stop you, but rather to prepare you for that moment when your destination is finally reached.

There's no use in getting where you're going until you're truly prepared to be there.

Think of how inappropriate it would be for a six-year-old child to attend college classes: it would be a waste of time and effort for the teachers and a frustrating experience for the child.

Yet after 12 years of the obstacles and challenges of elementary, middle & high school, homework, tests, etc. that person is ready for college.

So, the next time you encounter an obstacle, remind yourself to use that situation to learn something.

It may turn out to be just what you need to know along the way to where you want to go.

Learn whatever life has to teach you and don't be in a hurry to skip ahead.

Experience your own journey every day and all the richness along the way.

Then picture your dreams coming true: it will happen before you know it . . . and, believe it or not, you will be ready.


Hi all,

I'm back in my chair contemplating the wonder of this life, the simplicity of faith and trust, the trudge of the "work" to reach a goal, and the exhilaration of accomplishment.

I'm three days into my 11th month of abstinence and recovery, and yesterday for the first time since returning from the treatment center, I drove myself "out of town" to go visit a friend and help her with her computer. It's only 15 miles but it's the first time I've felt able and willing to extend myself in this manner in many years. I ended up being there for 2 and a half hours, and frankly it was too long, but I enjoyed the visit as she is a program person and we helped to reinforce each other, but my legs were hurting when I got back from sitting in a hard chair, so I did not go for my walk yesterday. I have been walking up to 5 times a week, half mile walks, and it was becoming comfortable, so I knew it was time to extend that a little as well, and today added another quarter of a mile. I chose a path that would not allow me to cut short and return home before accomplishing this task, and glad I did because as I got to the half mile mark, my body rebelled, energy dropped significantly, joints began aching, heart pounding, sweating increased and I probably would have quit if I were closer to home, but as it was I HAD to push on through, and less than half a block past that point miracle of miracles, the aches left, suddenly I had more energy, and the walk ended with me feeling really good, not totally exhausted as I thought I would be, but actually feeling like I could keep going. Granted, it was a small 'wall' I walked through, but none the less, I DID walk through it!

After resting a bit, I went out in the car to actually see how far I had gone, as I was just guessing, and it turned out to be exactly three quarters of a mile... the joy here is that I just felt because I was getting comfortable with where I was, that it was time to move the goal, time to 'force' a little more growth. I was ready, and yet there were those few moments when I would have given anything to quit, when I wished I hadn't chosen the path to walk that I did, that I hadn't left myself an "out", saying to myself, "you knew you couldn't do this, what the hell were you thinking?".

And at this moment, I am so elated that I did it, I DID IT!!! This melts into extreme gratitude to my Higher Power, knowing THAT is the source of all my accomplishments, all my strength, and whatever wisdom there was in choosing the path that would let me 'see' that I could do more than I thought I could.

There is joy in simple things, and miracles in the smallest accomplishments.

I just keep coming back and waiting for the miracles to happen... :-)

Stay Strong!

love and hugs,

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