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I was watching an old movie the other night, "The Lion in Winter" about King Henry and his Queen, Elenore, she was kept a prisoner in her castle for most of the year, but on Special occasions she was let out, she took her opportunity to try to overthrown the King.

Using their 3 sons, the arranged marriage with one of their sons (who would be King eventually) and that of a young girl, a French Royal, as a treaty for a province that was given to Henry. It had been 17 years and it was time to have the marriage or return the girl and the land to France... King Phillip (now 17 years old and King because of the death of his father are all in Henry's castle for Christmas.

The movie showed all the negotiations, the back stabbing, the conniving going on by Henry's boys and Elenore to try to dethrone Henry (or at least put herself in a position to have some control over him) and regain her freedom. She loved to travel and visit all parts of the known world, but had been kept from it by the King so she could not plot against him. She held Title to the most fertile lands of the Empire, called the Acquataine (sp) and so Henry could not just do away with her, as the land would then pass to someone else. It was her pride and joy, her "treasure" as she called it.

Hang on, I'm getting to the point that made me go. "aha!!!!"

In all the frustrations of the negotiations and each party wearing down, finally Elenore was ready to give up the attempt and return to her prison until another "special event". Henry, also worn down and trying desperately to keep his Empire intact after he was gone... offered Elenore her 'total freedom' if she would sign over The Acquataine to him.

Her comment was, and I paraphrase, "you offer me my hearts desire, and all it will cost me, is all I treasure."

Boy, doesn't that just about sum it up? My 'treasure' was what I was going to eat next, all my thoughts and actions were consumed with the acquisition of and excessive use of food, with the goal being to make myself feel better, to be happy, joyful, and free.

Then someone offered me those things for real, to live joyfully, and have purpose, and be happy, and all I had to do was give up the food as my Higher Power. For whatever I turn to in times of stress or joy IS my Higher Power.

And so, like Elenore, I had to be willing to give up my treasure to have my hearts desire...

It took me 10 years of "negotiating and conniving", but finally, Today I turn to a Spiritual Higher Power... it's working out a lot better. :-)

Stay Strong,

love and hugs,

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