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Dear Loopies,

One of our members is on a remarkable journey and over the past year I have been able to observe from the beginning something that personifies what The Recovery Group is all about. It's not just that this man has lost over 250 pounds ... it is the coming together of his emotional, spiritual and physical life. From the time he started this journey, he has kept a journal of this thoughts, feelings and progress and in reading these extraordinary journals, I see example after example of pure program. It's a personal journal of the life of a compulsive eater. His candid words have made me laugh. And they have made me cry.

I suggested to our dear loopie that this become part of the Recovery Writer's Series. He talked it over with his sponsors, prayed about it and has agreed to share his journal with you each week as he makes this journey. His only qualms were that you would think this was an imposition or that he would be viewed as someone who just thinks he is so grand as to send his ESH. This man is humble and I have assured him that sharing our experience no matter how remarkable it may be or how unremarkable makes us all better. I know this from a personal level and from a group level because by nature I am a journalist and know how it can make a difference in recovery.

So, dear friends ... beginning tomorrow, each week you will be receiving one of the most honest accounts of the life of a compulsive eater I've ever heard ~ a regular account of what goes on as we take our journey to recovery from compulsive eating. Each week this journal will be added to the Recovery Website so that this message will continue to be carried to those around the world who suffer from compulsive eating.

And as you read them, remember ~

Life is the journey .... not the destination!

Love in recovery,
Mari, Founder
The Recovery Group

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