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Welcome to the Strong Recovery support group. Each of us embarks on a journey whose path is uncharted and whose destination is unknown. We have come to understand that many of our past actions and behaviors have been steering us off course. We entered Program, and struggled to become masters of our fate - captains of our soul. Having finally reached this long treasured goal of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual recovery, it stands to reason that we will want to maintain this gift at all costs. Here at our loop - deserving members who have climbed to the top of the recovery mountain - those who have persevered and triumphed in attaining all their recovery goals - can safely gather to share, support, and inspire one another as they continue to meet the challenges of their daily maintenance goals.

One might think that when someone has reached the stage of recovery most members of STRONG RECOVERY have reached, that they might be now able to sit back and enjoy the promises of our 12 Step program. This, however, is not the case. Maintenance is one of the objectives of our loop and maintaining abstinence takes as much footwork as achieving it in the first place. In the Strong Recovery support group, men and women discuss how they work the program, the tools they use to maintain abstinence one day at a time and how to avoid relapse. Strong Recovery members do not think in terms of "goal weight." Many times when someone achieves their "goal" the diligence to program is lessened and this can be triggering for those who want to avoid relapse at all costs.

Another mission of Strong Recovery is to give service to others. Members of Strong Recovery have learned that giving service to others is one way to maintain personal recovery and it is to the members of this loop first and foremost that speakers, 12 Step and Big Book Leaders, Coordinators, Administrators and Meeting Leaders are found.

For those of you who have earned this precious gift, we have a loop where you can safely share your experience, strength and hope with one another as you work your respective maintenance programs. Strong Recovery welcomes anyone who desires to stop eating compulsively and are willing to put recovery first in their lives. We invite you to join Strong Recovery so that we may continue to do together what we could never alone. To join us, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are living the Twelve Steps and are abstinent, we have a place for you.

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