Sex, Love & Food Addiction
One Day at a Time

Dear Recovery Friends,

Welcome to the Sex, Love & Food Addiction website. The mission of our loop is to provide a safe place where compulsive eaters who are also struggling with sex and love addiction issues can meet together in a safe environment for mutual support.

Each of us embarks on a journey whose path is uncharted and whose destination is unknown. All we know is that whatever we were doing at a specific time in our lives was steering us off course. When we reach the goal of physical, emotional and spiritual recovery that used to loom so far in the distance, we want to maintain it at all costs. This program has changed our lives for the better and the joy of attaining this precious goal is well worth everything one has to do to get here.

We invite you to join SLFAso that we may continue to do together what we cannot do alone.


The SLFA list is a Twelve Step support group for compulsive eaters in search of support from s*x and love (or relationship) addiction or avoidance. It is a group for compulsive overeaters dealing with issues of s*x and love addiction, for compulsive overeaters facing s*xual/emotional anorexia, and for all those COEs in between.

Many of us recovering from one or both addictions have discovered through our recovery journey that the two issues (s*x/love addiction and overeating) overlapped each other, presenting unique challenges. Some of us, when faced with life's challenges, "acted out" either through using food as a coping mechanism to deal with our problems (or not to deal with them at all), or used s*x and love to cope with the feelings brought on by compulsively overeating. Either way, we found ourselves needing a special place where both issues could be addressed simultaneously, a place where we could again find fellowship, work the 12 steps of recovery and knew that we again would not be alone.

SLFA is a safe place to share your experience, strength and hope with one another. We encourage you to use an alias if you feel more comfortable, and hope you will join us and share with one another often. Dealing with s*x and love addiction and compulsive overeating is very challenging, but thanks to the 12 steps there is a way to recover and gain serenity ... one day at a time.

The only requirement to be a member of our list is to have a sincere desire to quit eating compulsively and to stop living out a pattern of s*x and love addiction or avoidance. If you are seriously looking for support in recovering from your obsessive compulsive actions which stem from this very real addiction, we encourage you to join us.

This list is restricted to members only and it is NOT a place to act out fantasies, or find partners with which you can act out. SLFA is about recovery from compulsive eating and s*x and love addiction/anorexia.

Welcome Home!

Yours in Recovery,

The Trusted Servants of SLFA
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