The Silver Recovery Loop is for those men and women who are compulsive eaters and over fifty. Young in heart and full of spirit, members of Silver Recovery want a safe environment to discuss their disease in a fellowship of others who have had similar experiences. We are a Twelve Step Recovery loop and the only requirement for joining is to have a desire to quit eating compulsively. Many of our members are also members of Overeaters Anonymous; however, we are not affiliated with that organization.

To those whose hair has just started to grey or perhaps just stumbled upon our band of young oldsters we say welcome. Some of us may remind you of a parent, grandparent or favored aunt or uncle. Sit and listen, ask questions, use us as your God intends. All are welcome here.

Most of us have been compulsive eaters much of our lives. In addition to living through a disease that has affected the quality of our lives, we have also reached an age where we now realize many of the things we did in our youth exacerbated that disease. The Big Book tells us that we should not regret the past ... and what many of us find ourselves doing now is using our past mistakes as learning tools and are the happiest we have ever been in our lives.

We hope those of you visiting our website will choose to join us. And when you do, we hope you will make yourselves comfortable and share often. We will be so very happy to have you here with us.

Welcome Home!

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