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The mission of the Pregnancy and Motherhood loop is to provide a place for those with eating disorders to come together in a safe environment to share their experience, strength and hope about various issues concerning their recovery program and how pregnancy can affect it. This loop is in TRG's Discovery Division; therefore, is more informal and less structured than the support groups in the Recovery and ODAT Divisions.

Pregnancy and Motherhood provides a comfortable place to work a recovery program and may even become a second home. Lifelong friends happen can happen here or you may choose to be alone and reflect on your life and your eating disorder. We offer anonymity and you should feel free to use an e-mail alias here. It offers serenity and peace as you work your personal program and gives you the opportunity to carry the message to others.

We are here together to build one another up ... to accept each other as we are ... and a place where we can focus on spiritual and emotional growth as well as physical.

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