"Do you struggle with abstinence due to your chronic pain?

Do you struggle to work your 12 Step program of recovery due to your pain?

Does pain stop you from regular every day activities?

Do people invalidate your pain?

Do you find it difficult to find others who understand because to them the pain is invisible?

Welcome to the pain loop where there are people who understand the struggles of working a program of recovery and coping with chronic pain. There is a solution and a way to recovery from compulsive overeating. You are no longer alone and there is Hope.

We offer the gift of acceptance and allow our members to share their emotional, spiritual and physical recovery from compulsive overeating along with the struggles of dealing with daily pain. Pain is a safe place for all to share and know that their anonymity will be protected.

When we speak the truth that is in our minds and hearts, we can truly begin to heal.

We hope that you will find the comfort, support and possible friendship here and know that what you say here, what you read here, remains here.

Thank you for visiting our website.

We hope you will join us.

The Trusted Servants of PAIN at the Recovery Group



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