The ODAT Special Focus support groups are in a special division in the Recovery Group Community. These loops are all dedicated to serving men and women who have eating disorders and who want to work the 12 Step program of Overeaters Anonymous with others.

The ODAT Group is made up of many lists and meetings. Our community is composed of religious and secular lists but our one common theme is the desire to recover from an eating disorder. As you get to know us, you will find that most of our ODAT support loops for compulsive eaters have a special focus. We find that by sharing our experience, strength and hope with others like ourselves leads to a quicker and more meaningful recovery and our mission is to provide a safe place to do that.

The only requirement to join our support community is to have a desire to recover from our eating disorder. By participating in our loops and working an honest recovery program, we will reach our goals one day at a time.


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