Thank you for visiting the Homebound website. We are a member of the ODAT group and our mission is to provide a safe place for discussions about eating disorders. Many compulsive eaters have found themselves isolating from the world and in, in some cases, this isolation has progressed until we are now homebound or have been in the past.

We have learned that some of the causes of this disorder are weight related; however, not all. It is the mission purpose of this loop to find out all we can about ourselves by exploring this topic in safety and privacy with others who share this unkind disability. We didn't ask to be like this. We don't want to be like this. We intend not to be like this for the rest of our lives.

We look forward to having you join us and receiving your introductory letter. Please don't be shy. Each one of us is here because we isolate. Each one of us wants to rejoin the world that we live in and become centered and at one with it. Each one of us, by listening to and sharing with one another, can resolve these issues that have plagued us for so very long.

What we could never do alone ...
We can do together.


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