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The Diabetics ODAT Twelve Step support group is a place where those of us with compulsive behaviors towards food and who are also diabetic can meet with others who suffer from the same diseases and share our experiences, strengths and hopes with each other. What is nice about this place is you are accepted and understood and loved exactly the way you are. You will meet a bunch of "strangers" here, but you will find out that these strangers may become some of the best friends you will encounter.

The number one goal of a diabetes treatment plan is to achieve blood glucose control, keeping the blood glucose level in "normal" ranges. The treatment plan is as individual as the person with diabetes is. There are many influences that will cause change in the blood glucose levels, Compulsive Overeating is one.

If you are driven by Compulsive Overeating, even knowing the harm that it will cause in regards to diabetes control, this place is where you will find others dealing with the same problem. There are members on this loop who have been diagnosed with diabetes recently and others who have had diabetes for many years. The members of the Diabetes and Recovery Loop are not only dealing with diabetes but are in different stages of recovery from compulsive overeating and food addictions.

A newcomer recently diagnosed with diabetes, baffled by the control food has over their decisions, can share their frustrations and receive encouragement from other members of the loop. Individuals who have been in recovery both from diabetes and compulsive overeating can share your Experience, Strength, Hope and encouragement. We urge members of this list to respect the anonymity of its users. What you read here, let it stay here. We ask that you do not pass on messages without first getting the permission of the sender.

The Diabetics ODATLoop was NOT started to provide medical advice for those diagnosed with diabetes. All shares are the personal opinion of the individual sharing and do not represent the opinion of this loop. The Diabetes and Recovery Loop takes no position and has no opinion concerning diabetes. If you are in need of medical advice, it is important that you contact your medical team, doctor and/or nutrition nurse, or, if you do not have one, attempt to find one immediately.

Come join us and start your journey to recovery, one day at a time.


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