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Welcome to the Recovery Group's Depression website. We are happy to have you visit us and hope you'll join our community.

A common theme among compulsive eaters is depression. Our disease seems to take us in a vicious circle. Are we depressed because of our disease ... or is our disease exacerbated because of depression? How much of it is clinical ... and how much is it because of the manifestation of compulsive eating? Will meditation help? Will therapy make it all better? Will we lose weight when we rid ourselves of the depression? Will the sparkle ever come back into our eyes? Will our spirit be restored by the Twelve Steps?

The Depression group has dedicated Trusted Servants who will help guide you and introduce you to the group. While we have therapists among our members, we do not profess to be professionals and the mission of Depression is to provide a place where compulsive eaters who have the added burden of a depressive illness can get together in an anonymous and save environment and discuss their experience, strength and hope with one another.

This will not be a place that will bring you down ... instead it will be a positive experience where hope shines bright among its members.

Welcome Home.

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