The mission of the Anger loop is to provide a safe place for men and women with eating disorders to come together to share their experience, strength and hope about various issues concerning eating disorders. Anger is one of the most common, painful and destructive emotions we have. If we are compulsive eaters or have an eating disorder of any kind, anger can take the focus from our recovery program and exacerbate the disorder and keep us trapped in pain. If we don't have a safe place in which we can talk with others about our anger, our anger can grow and lead to depression. Many of us have not been given the freedom we need in order to truly discuss and explore our anger. Too often we've had to keep it inside and try to numb it by using food.

The Anger loop provides a safe place to work our recovery program. It might even become a second home. Lifelong friendships based on trust and empathy can be built here. You can participate in loop discussion, or you may choose to just listen to others share while you reflect on your life and your eating disorder. We offer anonymity and you are free to use an e-mail alias here. This loop offers serenity and peace as you work your personal program and it gives you the opportunity to carry the message to others.

We are here together to build one another up and to accept each other -- and ourselves -- as we are. This is a place where we can focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical healing and recovery.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will join us.


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