The mission of our Abstinence loop is to provide a place for men and women with eating disorders to be accountable for their abstinence with others.

Members of this loop commit to the food plan they've chosen to help them reach a healthy weight. At the end of each day, they write this list saying "I DID IT ~ ONE DAY AT A TIME" or share about your day in any way they like. The sharing, however, in this special focus loop is just about abstinence and how you did that day. Hopefully, by being accountable to others abstinence goals will be easier to to reach.

This list was started when a Recovery Group member wrote:

Hi everyone!

I don't know if this is a good thing to do or not, but I am getting desperate ... and I was thinking that, if anyone else was feeling the same way, maybe if we got together perhaps we could DO IT!!!

What am I talking about? Becoming, and staying(!), abstinent! :)

Now ... I know that right now, I can commit to a basic abstinence of three (moderate) meals a day with nothing in between except for diet beverages, water and/or coffee/tea. I will also allow myself a 50-cal. evening snack. Being abstinent, for me, today, will mean sticking to the three meals a day with nothing in between and eating as healthy as I feel I can at meals.

This I think I can do.

Does anyone want to join me?

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