One Day at a Time


"March is the month of expectation, The things we do not know,
The 'Persons of Prognostication' are coming now.

- Emily Dickinson

I'm not sure whether it's because I'm embroiled at the moment in working the Steps I love so much ... or whether the beginnings of Springtime are beginning to happen ... but there is a feeling that I have that "something" is beginning. The long winters of life have taken their toll on me and when I experience this awesome feeling of hope I am grateful.

If there were doubts of the promises coming true, March overshadows them. If the Spring and Summer times of program loomed large in the distance, they are no longer. Just the smell of a new Spring morning is enough to know that hope for spiritual, emotional and physical wellness abounds.

One day at a time ... I must forget the winters of my life and hold on to the promises of March ... and of my Twelve Step program.

~ Mari

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