One Day at a Time

The Fear of Failure

ďIt is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.Ē

I was full of excuses: ďI canít start a food plan. Won't it be the same as a diet? Iím a free spirit! I don't like such restrictions! If I canít do something perfectly, why should I even start? I do it perfectly, or I donít do it at all! I have gone too far to ever go back to being anywhere near healthy. I donít have time to plan my Food. I am young. I have plenty of time to worry about taking off the weight!Ē

These were my favorite excuses. Underlying all the excuses was the fear of failure. I did not know that true failure comes about by not ever having tried. My life circumstances never got better by ignoring my problems with food. Ignoring my condition began to complicate every aspect of my life.

This moment I have a choice. I dare to choose in the next few moments even one small thing that I can do to make my life better or more healthful.

One day at a time...
If I cannot think of anything, I will pause and ask my Higher Power to help me learn to choose.

~ January K.

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