One Day at a Time


“Only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.”
Carol Burnett

For years I wanted to make changes in my life but I could never figure out how to do it. I believed that others had the knowledge and experience I needed and I thought they would help me, but that never worked. It wasn’t until I began to follow the Twelve Step Program that I started to realize I had the power to take action and make those changes myself. I discovered that I was the only person who could change my life.

I joined a Step study group and began to work my way through the 12 Steps. That led to a deeper awareness of my thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions. These Steps helped me to accept that change was needed and that I would have to do all the work. Recovery demands that I continuously change. And change requires effort.

It may be that I am the only one who can change my life, but I have a great deal of support in doing that. With the help of my Higher Power, my sponsor, my sponsees and the entire 12 Step fellowship, I move forward in my program by my daily efforts to make needed changes.

One day at a time...
Hand-in-hand with my recovery support team, I make the necessary changes in my life.

~ Cindi L.

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