If you are here, it probably means that you are someone who is looking for something. Something more ... an intangible ... a more centered existence. A wholeness that you don't quite have yet.

We are making a personal journey to recovery. In one way or another we all are. The way some chose to make their journeys was serendipitously. Many have given up hope .... and found it in the strangest place ... in cyberspace of all places ... on a loop just like this one. And it can changed lives!

There are many ways that we can go through this life and find that same hope. It doesn't have to be on a computer screen ~ or in a book ~ or at a retreat ~ We've provided some links for you to begin your search for your own recovery.

For your own Hope ...
For your own Miracles ...
For your own Journey to Recovery.

Love in Recovery,
Mari and TRGAdm
The Trusted Servants of Journey to Recovery
The Recovery Group

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