~ ~ JTR Favorite Sayings ~ ~

Switching from one compulsion
to another is like switching seats
on theTitanic.

Only God can turn a mess
into a message.

We aren't bad people trying to get good.
We're sick people trying to get well.

The disease is progressive.
So is recovery.

You don't have a problem.
You have a solution you don't like.

If you want what the winners have,
do what the winners do.

If you feel like taking something to feel better,
take one of the Steps.

I was living in the pollution
instead of the solution.

It was one of those meetings
where they carry the mess instead
of the message.

I traded a lot of pain, fear, and despair
for my seat in Overeaters Anonymous.

If you're not doing enough for OA,
you're not doing enough for yourself.

My life is none of my business.
I just show up every morning
and report for duty.

If you're working your own program properly,
you won't have time to work someone else's!!

My relationship isn't my problem ~ ~
and it isn't my solution.

I'd better be careful when I say I'm grateful.
Gratitude can Only be expressed in deeds, not words.

If you want to see how grateful someone is, ask them to help you.
Some folks think God sets up the chairs and cleans up after the meeting.

We get a *daily* reprieve,
based on what we do *today*
for our recovery.
We earn today's abstinence today.
We can't stay abstinent on meetings we
attended last year,
12th Step calls we did last year,
Steps we worked last year.
We cannot keep what we have
based on what we
gave away last year.

OA didn't tell me what would happen
if I kept eating compulsively so much
as it told me what would happen if I stayed abstinent.

There's no problem that cannot become a crisis
and no crisis that cannot
become a disaster -- if I eat to try to escape it.

I was sick and tired
of the high cost
of low living.

If you'd rather die than go to OA,
you probably will.

Food never really made me happy ~
but it made me think I was going to BE
happy in about 15 minutes.

Once I admit that I
cannot manage my own life (Step One),
I relinquish the
right to try to manage someone else's.

A smooth sea never made a good sailer.

God loves me where I'm at,
but "he" loves me too much
to leave me there.

OA meetings are an archipeligo of sanity
in a lunatic sea.

I've been driven to a good attitude by being hit over the head by self-will.

You can complain about the same problem three times.
Then you'd better be in the solution.
If you have to talk to more than three people
about the same problem,
you don't want help,
you want attention.

If you're too busy to go to OA meetings,
you're busier than God wants you to be.

We have to change completely
when we get abstinent.
The me who ate compulsively
will eat compulsively again.

I get lots of messages from God,
but most are in my own handwriting.

The reason I don't say "no"
when asked to do something for OA is
that invariably I'm being asked to do something that might save my life.
If I say"no" often enough, they'll stop asking.

He gave his almost.

I came to OA not only to start living,
but to quit dying.

Gratitude is the hinge
upon which an abstinent life swings.

If I'm truly grateful
for today's abstinence,
I'm making a down payment
on tomorrow's.

I don't have relationships ~
I have Close Encounters.

Not everything that is supposedly "normal"
is appealing to me.
I'd rather be stung by wasps
than play golf!!

Instead of praying
"God be with me,"
I pray "God bear with me!"

od doesn't close one door
without opening a better one.

God doesn't close one door
without opening a better one ~ ~
BUT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
we've got to get our fingers
out of the closing door. The reason you're in
pain is because you have your fingers
in a door God is trying to close.

When in doubt -- don't.

I ate because I was depressed.
I ate because I was happy.
But mostly I ate because I was awake.

I was pole vaulting over mouse turds.

If you don't want to follow time-honored guidance, you're welcome
to shop around for an opinion.

You break bad habits
by breaking bad habits.
You form good habits by
forming good habits.

Just going to meetings
without working the Steps
is untreated compulsion.

When you smile,
your brain thinks you're happy!!

We'd be suprised
what people think of us
if we knew how seldom
they do!!

If you're going to pray,
don't worry.
If you're going to worry,
don't pray.

PAIN: The effort required to cling
to old ideas and old behaviors.

The only way you could possibly
get more ready to take the Fourth Step is
to keep eating compulsively.
An unwillingness to take Step Four
is a direct desire to eat again.

Don't place a question mark
where God has placed a period.

There are two kinds of people in OA ~ ~
those seeking the truth ~ ~
and those afraid of it

If you don't take a chance,
you don't have one.

Hatred destroys the hater.

If you like everyone in OA,
you're not going to enough
meetings!! :)

I may not be responsible
for being a compulsive overeater,
but I *am* responsible for my recovery.

Stop watering the weeds!!

It's really hard for God to guide you
if you keep running out ahead of him!!

How about letting three people off the hook today?

Anger may identify a problem,
but it will never solve one.

Gossip and criticism
do not belittle the other person;
they belittle me.

Sometimes we don't get what we want.
Sometimes we don't get what we need.
Sometimes we get what we get.

I was always comparing my insides
to someone else's outsides.

A person singing her own praises
is usually singing solo -- and out of tune.

Luck is living under correct knowledge.

I was giving permanent reality
to temporary things.

I need to stick with the winners,
not with people who co-sign my bullshit.

Any day above ground is a good day.

The MIRACLE happens when we get abstinent.
The MAGIC happens when we apply
the principles to all our affairs.

Letting go of others
will lift my own spirit high today."

The Recovery Group