Let yourself really hear, really feel, really see.
Let yourself be a human being …
Only when you are real with yourself
Can you find the right path in life…

Tom Luian (1988)

I'm truly grateful to my brothers and sisters of the First Nations in Recovery here in my community. They teach me to meditate with the help of nature. When connecting with HP we can use Mother Earth.

We can look to the . . .
North ~ the physical realm
East ~ the realm of knowledge, enlightenment
South ~ the spiritual realm
West ~ the realm of introspective thought.

The North is the place of beginning because it the place of rebirth. I make a decision in my life to stop physically abusing my body. Beginning today I will take good care of myself. I will regain a balance in my life; by developing an understanding of the important connection between the physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual parts of my existence. I will stop inflicting pain (physical/emotional) on myself and others. I will come to an understanding that change is a process.

The East is the morning direction. New day, new, light, new thought & resolve. Today I will reawaken to all creation & all of the beauty that exists in the world around me. I will release myself from a narrow view of life and begin to grow, learn & gain new knowledge. I will remember that I have a sacred right to live my life as I wish and need to bring harmony and balance into my existence by respecting the life rights of others. I will work on understanding the changes I must make in order to achieve personal harmony, balance and freedom.

The South is the realm of existence where we will make a connection with a Spiritual power greater than ourselves. Some may see this greater power as the collective essence of all people. Others may see this as being pure energy. What matters is that every recovering person connects with a Spiritual essence, a power that is greater than him or herself. I will come to an understanding of my special relationship to Mother Earth and release my pain to her. I will come to understand my relationship with Father Sky. Father Sky is wind, rain, snow, stars, thunder & lightening, stillness, movement, clarity & cloudiness. It can either take or give life. Father Sky can act as a reminder of the feelings within me; both gentle and destructive. If I watch & respect the ways of Father Sky, I will understand the meaning of balance & feel within me a sense of strength and ability. I will seek the connection I have with all of the universe. It teaches me to understand humility & belonging. I can continue to heal myself by sharing knowledge & love with others. Today I will reconnect with & nurture my own spirit. To do this I need to connect with my inner self, with that most private part of me. To acknowledge my fears, desires, emotions & feelings of distress.

The West . . .
Realm of Introspective Thought

This is the realm where I can look within myselfand be honest with what we see or find.

Today I will speak honestly with myself. This is asking me to stop suppressing feelings, stop turning off emotions and stop denying that problems exist.

Look at my problems and my accomplishments with a willingness to commit myself to positive growth & change. I will examine the ways in which I have tried to manipulate, control or manage the lives of others. I will make a commitment to stop this behavior. I will acknowledge that change in my life must begin with me. Just for today, dear God, I will take time to stop and reflect in meditation the best I can to acknowledge all,

. . . Addy

Addy and Jane
~ Living Together in Nature ~
Age Four

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