Living in the Moment

This morning I am taking Harley, our puppy dog, to Happy Tails. Happy Tails is a "doggie daycare" type of place. They have play equipment for the dogs. They romp and play and pee all over the place. Between 11 and 1, they have "siesta" time. They get a snack, the lights are dimmed and classical music is played. We take him once a month when it isn't too hot outside. He absolutely loves it and we do that because we love him.

This got me to thinking about how much Harley lives in the moment. He eats when he is hungry. He drinks when he is thirsty. He pees when he has to pee. He plays when he is playful. He rests when he is tired. The thing he does the best is to give love and joy to whomever he comes in contact with. Well, with the exception of the cat across the road or the squirrels that sometimes wanders into our yard. He loves to bark and chase them.

This weekend I experienced a panic attack. I don't get them much any more, but occasionally one will creep up on me. I thought I was going to get sick or pass out right in the middle of Juanita K. Hammonds Center. Because of where I was at, I felt penned in. The tools I learned at a panic attack seminar weren't working for me. I did the deep breathing. I prayed about it. I just couldn't get the picture out of my mind though of how embarrassed I would be if I puked right there in front of people I knew and a whole lot of strangers.

As I thought of the panic attack and Harley going to Happy Tails, I was aware of how Harley lives in the moment and how I didn't live in the moment during my panic attack. I was worried about "what if" and Harley simply enjoys "what is".

I don't think Harley feels fear very often. He gets a little nervous when there is loud thunder. When that happens, he finds Mike or I and gets close. We pet him and he quiets down. Other than that, there is little that scares Harley. He's living in the moment too much.

As I thought of that, I realized that Mike and I are kind of like Harley's "Higher Power". He knows we will take care of him. He knows we have always made sure he's fed and taken care of. I know he feels our love. We are his source for everything. I know Mike and I would do anything to make sure he is protected and taken care of because we love him so much.

With that thought in mind, how much more must our Higher Power love us? My God loves me so much that he wants to make sure I am protected and taken care of because He loves me so much. God is my source. Sometimes I forget and try to make "me" my source. That's what happened on Saturday. Should I have actually gotten sick in front of everyone, God would have still taken care of me. There would have been a lesson in it for me.

Today, I will work on living in the moment. Most days and moments I do that well. I will learn from Harley today. I will eat when I am hungry. I will drink when I am thirsty, I will pee when I need to. I will show love when I feel it. The only thing different that I will do is to smile instead of wag my tail when I am happy and drink out of a glass instead of the toilet!

Have a great "living in the moment" kind of day, unless of course you have other plans!


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