Kids and Recovery

The Twelve Steps For Kids

STEP 1: We said we had a real problem with food and because of that problem our lives kept getting messed up.

STEP 2: We came to believe that there is a Power around that will help us to think straight and see the truth.

STEP 3: We decided that we would see if we could find out more about this Power and slowly let it help us. We call this Power `God' but it doesn't have to be a `God' found in a church or something. It can be anything I want it to be, so long as I understand what it is that's OK.

STEP 4: With the help of someone else called a `sponsor' or OA friend so that we weren't afraid, we had a look at our lives and all the problems we have and what might cause them. We also looked at our good points. We called this an inventory.

STEP 5: We had a little time with our Power called God and went through what we had found in Step 4, and doing this we saw it too and shared it with someone.

STEP 6: We were ready to have the Power called God remove anything that makes us feel bad about ourselves.

STEP 7: We asked him to remove them.

STEP 8: We made a list of anyone we had hurt and became willing to say sorry and especially to change how we treat other people.

STEP 9: We said sorry and began to change a little bit. We didn't rush around saying sorry though if it meant we might hurt someone.

STEP 10: Every day we kept on looking to see if any of our old problems were still happening and if they were, we did something straight away.

STEP 11: We carried on talking (or praying) to our Power called God and spent some quiet time to see if we can work out or hear what it is our Power wants for us to do.

STEP 12: Now that we feel a whole lot better, we try to help someone else and show them how we got better. We try to become better people.


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