Welcome to the TRG KIDS website. If you've found us, it could very well be because you have something troubling you. And possibly it has something to do with weight. You may be overeating, eating the wrong kind of foods or even undereating. We are part of The Recovery Group and we understand eating disorders. Practically every member here has had the same painful experiences you may have had as a result.

You can get help for your eating disorder. By joining with other children who have the same problem as you do, by listening to what they have to say, by sharing some of your experiences with them, you will be amazed at what can happen.

KIDS is a place for you to talk about life, family, problems, joy and hope as well as eating disorders. This is YOUR Loop.

We want you to remember something ... What you kids can not do alone ... you CAN do together.

You can join us by sending a blank email to:
You will be welcomed with open arms.


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